I keep tinder on my phone to remind me that I don't have a chance with 99% of women!


So there I am swiping left and right, and then all of a sudden a picture of a girl comes up, but this is no ordinary girl. Something clicks, I feel like I've seen or known her before, she grabs my attention like nothing else ever in my life.

I keep tinder on my phone to remind me that I don't have a chance with 99% of women.

I click her picture to read her profile, and holy crap, we have the same taste in music, like the same food and even have the same sense of humor.

This is it, time for me to swipe right, where do I take her on the first date? How can I not be nervous? Our time together will be amazign and I can't wait!

Swipe right...and nothing happens...just like that she's gone. Hopes up, hopes down.

But I still keep tinder, to remind me in real life that when I see a girl like that in person I have no shot, so I save myself the disappointment and heartache.

Thanks tinder, you're such a bro!

I keep tinder on my phone to remind me that I don't have a chance with 99% of women!
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  • front2back
    My experiences with women and dating sites mirror your's, however I don't look at it the way you do. My interpretation is that I found a "perfect" girl but I did not fit her "perfect". While disappointing, this is not an end all.

    For every "perfect" girl that rejects you, there are thousands of other girls that are just as "perfect", if not more "perfect" than her. So she might have rejected you, but there's thousands of other options out there.

    And having only a 1% chance with women is actually quite a sweet deal. There's about 3.5 billion women on the planet, and 1% of that is 3.5 million. So you now have the option of millions of women that would like you. Oh, but you want someone in the US don't you? Well even still, that's 160 million women in the US and 1% of that is 1.6 million women. You still have millions of women to choose from that will like you. Just in my TOWN, me only having a 1% chance with women means I still have 135 potential partners that would like me.

    Don't look at things in life with a scarcity mentality, look at them with an abundance mentality. There is plenty for everyone in the world, and there are plenty of girls that would like you. However, if you act like they don't exist, they won't since you can't see the abundance around you.
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    • Kalibie

      Omg you sound just like me, you are the only other person I've seen use percentages of population in this context!

      I always said that i don't exactly believe in true love, but that there's a sweet spot in the population that could possibly end in happiness. Which is why people shouldn't be upset over missing one chance. No matter what you choose in life there going to be that one percent, you just need to be open to possibilities.

    • Omg a match made in GaG you guys should seriously consider meeting... Omg you sound sooooooo cute...

    • Exactly. Even if "the one" is one in a million, there are like 4 million women in NYC alone, so there are four "the ones" in just that city. But I believe that the concept of "the one" came about when most people lived in villages and the biggest cities in the world were maybe a couple hundred thousand people, thereby leaving you with more perfect women, obviously. Of course you can change that to men, of you want. Applies either way.

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  • SilenRose
    Lol, what the heck. Get back up and move on. We've all been there. I used to talk to this guy who was totally my equal. We were even born on the same day! The only problem is that he was hung up on some other girl that didn't want him. But I moved on. Besides just because you have shared interest doesn't mean you'll be compatible.
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  • Bluemax
    Rejection is the norm.

    Most requests for a date end with a "no."
    Most first dates don't lead to second dates.
    Most second dates don't lead to relationships.

    I'm worried you're taking rejection from Tinder as a reason to never try.
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    • Anonymous

      Well yeah, tinder opened my eyes to the true rejection rate I'd face if I were to approach a girl I like in person. You're almost guaranteed rejection.

  • bloodmountain1990
    Dude if you can't handle rejection then don't date. Happens to every guy out there and anyone who tells you differently is full of shit. Sometimes you gotta go through a lot of rejection to get some. It's like working in sales.

    by the way rejection is nothing compared to being led on.
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    • That being said, I've met a few women off tinder and many off other dating sites and have yet to form something long term. I don't think dating sites are a good way to evaluate yourself and raise/lower your self esteem. From a guys perspective, there's so many women on there that get so many many messages from different men and they may not know what they want (which I've been guilty of) so you shouldn't be discouraged for shit that nearly everyone on those go through.

  • RationalMale
    Pal... seriously.


    You want to meet girls? Tinder is for when you're at work, feeling lazy, and decide to waste some time.

    You actually want a shot with an attractive girl? Grow some balls, go outside, and approach. Again, and again, as you figure out how to improve and become better at it.

    And while you're at it, make sure you're a guy good looking enough to get that date. Be fit, dress well, learn to socialize.
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    • Anonymous

      I've tried, oh well.

    • Getting women is like shooting handguns, winning videogames, getting jobs, or passing classes.

      It takes work, focus, and you have to practice. Sometimes, you have to try and try and try until you get it right and learn how to do it.

    • Anonymous

      probably easier to just get used to loneliness

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  • TheEroticJester
    Tinder was good until everyone found out about it. Plus if you're not fit/too busy with life to sit around swiping tinder then fix that first then you can think about women.

    The only guys who get to sit at home and masturbate while still getting women are ridiculously rich guys who inherited their money and drug dealers.
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  • DodgersGM
    You do realize that this happens to everyone, right?
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  • Bards
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  • DaddyRollingStone
    Tinder is shit, dating sites are shit. There is nothing real about them, and you will always be disappointed.

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  • KAZ-2Y5
    Well this is a awfully depressing
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    • Anonymous

      and true

    • "Only if you believe it is."

      ---The Mad Hatter

    • KAZ-2Y5

      Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one remembers to turn on the light. -Albus Dumbledore

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  • GreatnessPersonified
    That's sad, bro, but here is a little advise.

    Everyone get's paid and laid.

    As long as you are open minded and hearted, you'll get there.
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    • Also, shit like Tinder doesn't work.
      Meet women in RL.

    • zagor

      Just like the economy, it works for the 1%.

  • Riggers
    Tbh, Its likely she just rejected you because you weren't hot enough, And sadly looks are everything so yeah, I see nothing wrong with just giving up.
  • RajeshTheJeshter
    Could you imagine if you spent hours online looking for ho's on Ok Cupid?

    Fuck, what a waste. Next time you see a ho in short shorts at the coffee shop, say "hi".
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  • BruceJender
    Dating sites/apps are a waste of time. I got one successful date from them and it wasn't going to happen so I cut it off.

    You'll find that special someone.
  • Bombga1
    Don't get up or move on you know why because the process is like a damn loop it will keep repeating itself.
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  • BackInGame
    Tinder sexual market is even more saturated than every day sexual market; basically it's a place where 80% of woman compete for top 20% of attractive man and 80% of man is competing for 20% of least attractive woman. Basically you're in competition to get trash. Tinder is only useful for females to hook up with most attractive guy as possible and for attractive males, to have it more easy than in a night club.

    this guy summed it up pretty much, but there is dozens of similar studies:
    worst-online-dater. tumblr (dot) com/post/114619524524/tinder-experiments-ii-guys-unless-you-are
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  • YourFutureEx
    People are being so mean to you :(
  • HappyToBeAlive
    You are one pathetic dude.
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  • QuestionMan
    This is why I don't use tinder.
  • Nathand
    that actually a blessing 99% of guys hate their SO
  • Anonymous
    Dating is no doubt easier for women, but i have seen some pretty ugly guys score some pretty decent women, so you have more change than you think, unless you are horribly disfigured or something.
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  • Anonymous
    I love all the butthurt in this post and opinions.
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