Why I Don't Approach Women Anymore. 8 Reasons Why!


Hi everyone I'm going to write a few paragraphs on why I and many other men cannot be bothered with women anymore.

1. Fear of rejection:

Yea this may be a surprise to women men do fear rejection, most guys have experienced this numerous times, our view on females is she can get any man she wants by simply open one's legs.

2. You already have a thousand guys on the go.

Whats the point of chasing somebody if you already know they have half a dozen men at finger tip which could fuck the shit out of them that night.

3. Young and dumb

Most girls usually date the men who fall under the dumb shit category, I was very close to a female who was dating a drop kick who use to get high everyone night and drunk as a skunk.... Her response he's misunderstood and has a good personality. Now most girls date a dick head like this until their late 20's and finally realise o wait mum and dad cannot provide for me , I need a man who is secure and with brains and finally someone who treats me right. Now the gentlemen has finished his uni degree and starting to set himself up ( including myself (I have completed a degree in economics and now I am completing a masters in business law) by this time we don't want a female who use to be a community bike. Also another point the girl I was speaking about before has 2 kids and use to get beaten by her boyfriend , now the poor kids don't have a father to raise them and will probaly come to the conclusion that their mum couldn't do it correctly and will probaly treat women like crap which is a shame.

4. Money

while watching a YouTube clip yesterday an a experiement ( sorry bad spelling) was conduct on a mans attractiveness, men whom women would usually consider 8 or higher were given the description of a low income earner, while men who were considered not great looking were given a CEO's income and guess who was given the best looking guy votes ? Yep that's right money talks.

Another point I would like to mention is this.

At 19 years of age I lost my dad to Cancer and had to grow up pretty quickly.... I use to be a dock worker and get up at 3 am each morning and do hard labouring for 10 hours a day. I then completed a diploma in business and was accepted into an economics degree , finished, now doing a masters in business law. I didn't come from a privilege background and really had to rise and grind. Now another point I would like to mention is that I have had a family friend who was cheated on by his wife and the lying coward lied to a judge and got the house and kids and I'm sure those kids are going to be raised by a hateful parent to disrespect their father.

So why would I want to approach knowing this can happens after all the hard work.

5. Women only under other women

sound correct ? Well I just state they do understand each other and they f'ning hate each other.

6. Fear of physical confrontation

Now being in a situation can be difficult, I'm 94kg 5 10 and have 11% body fat, also I use to play 1st grade rugby league. However I never underestimate anybody. What has this gotta do with approaching women ? Well we don't know if the huge buff guy next to you is in a relationship ? Or if the handsome guy next to you if your boyfriend .... Or gay friend or just perhaps a good guy with a good heart ?

7. You're on your phone or don't show any signs

How am I suppose to chat to you if your always on your phone or don't even give a look... I remeber being at a club and my friend hooked up with a good looking girl , she was there with her friends .... One of her friends said she thought I was hot for a red head ( which I don't accept as a compliment, just like I hear someone say Jeeez she's hot for a black chick ??? Wtf ? Theirs Beatuy in all different looks) not once did she even look at me ( well when I looked i didn't see her respond).

8. I'm not the tall dark and handsome shinning knight.

Now im not physically weak , I can bench 135kg 3 reps and squat 170kg and .... Well I guess you get the point. However one thing I have noticed is women generally do not dig guys who have red hair (and to a lesser extent blonde hair men) I have seen fat greasy meatballs with gorgeous looking girls and just think wtf?. Now this is section is more personal for me as I am red head, why should I approach women whom I over head say yuck red heads are fuc*^ng disgusting. And seeing red head men get phrases such as should beat your child like a redhead stepson( but jeez if you say that about someone who's not white , watch the response) also yesterday watching a video yesterday saying she wouldn't have red hair children and if she did they would be up for adoption??? Wtf????

Here's a photo

Are red heads that ugly ??

Why I don't approach women anymore. 8 reasons why !

Why I Don't Approach Women Anymore. 8 Reasons Why!

Anyway that is my rant. Please leave comments below

Why I Don't Approach Women Anymore. 8 Reasons Why!
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  • thorthorley
    Well there seems to a lot of negativity and made a lot of generalisations and nitpicking at qualities which not all women would have.

    For no. 1, the fear of rejection is something that you must overcome. You have to build confidence in yourself to approach women since most women will not approach the guy. Whether thats right or wrong, who knows. But its a fact and you just have to get over it and approach otherwise you will get no where.

    A lot of the misogynistic comments you made dont apply to all women. You just have to go and find a girl which you do like and stop complaining for all the bad women out there. A lot of the time guys will complain about how they never get women and put the blame on them. When in fact its most likely a fault of your own. Its not their fault they aren't attracted to you. Its a biological response and can't be helped.

    So instead try to learn what women do want and be the best person you can be. And also find a woman which meets your criteria as well. People say that you shouldn't change yourself to please someone else. But in my opinion if you want to be successful with women then obviously you have to possess qualities that they like. If it makes you unhappy changing to someone else then dont come back and complain that they dont like you. You can't have it both ways.

    Fortunately for me i find great pleasure in being a great guy that women like and enjoy having going through improvements in my life to be better with women and to be a better man. If you hold a better attitude and work towards goals then you can see positive improvements and hangout with better people and move away from the negative and leave that in the past.
  • Wisenguber
    My friend smh... Shake off that fear and go get what you want... even if you get turned down, be a man and hunt... women love bad guys because they don't rant, and cry about nothing, they don't care... read my article "Women want what they can't have." You are not alone, many fugly women feel the same way... but I feel you should always talk to women, approach them because it takes practice, confidence, and ingenuity.

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