How to keep them Interested


Relationships are so precious, the sparks that fly at the beginning of a relationship are the absolute best to experience, but no matter how much the earth moves, the clouds lift, from the passion you are experiencing, there is chances that in many relationships that these spark can fade away during the course of time. This can happen over different lengths of time, it all fully depends on the couple. It can take as short as two weeks or as long to twenty years for this to happen.A lot of this is due to the fact that an individual in that relationship who once seemed like an exciting and fascinating romantic prospect, suddenly at one point finds themselves having nothing new to bring into the relationship.

How to keep them Interested 💡👫👬👭❤️

Maintain your Image. Being a lover and a partner needs to be successful, this has a whole lot to do with yourself and managing your image properly. This brings awareness into the picture, of how much you are giving of yourself, when your experience begin to run out and when you need to move on to create new experiences. This all depends on what stage of the relationship you are at, and how well you are at managing and controlling each stage. These are just a few tips that you can take to keep yourself looking interesting in your partners eyes if you really are worried, and at what stage of the relationship these should be adopted.

The Early Stage...

1. Make A Good Impression

This is an obvious one. A first impression is what is done withint the first few milli seconds of meeting someone. This is when you are practically judged, and is how you come across to other people through speech, manners and body language. What you're interestin in is the first date or even the first few dates, and this is when you need to keep maintaining the good impressions.

This is also to do with the thing in check like not pouring out your life story so fast, or telling them in depther about your fascinations, with all the glorious details. Hold your mystery cards to your chest, and maintain the conversation by making sure it all flows, and play the long game.

2. Save Your Best For Later

You may have climbed the highest mountain, studied in the heart a rainforest for months or bungee jumped somewhere, but with these lists of achievements, save them.

On the first occasion, please resist that urge to share all about your accomplishments to this potential partner. The reason being firstly: they are going to think you're showing off with all of this, and Secondly: what do you have left to talk about in the futre? Pick these achievements carefully, and make sure you have one for each occasion, this ensures that you also seem very interesting at every single meeting of occasion.

3) Learn what interests them

This is the researching time! Conversation is important, it's a two way street. Pick up those tiny little things that they profess to like but steer that conversation to elsewhere if possible. Then you can use that knowledge at a later date.

For example, if they mention cricket as an interest, but not as a topic of conversation, then avoid the temptation to make it so. Do make a mental note though, go home, do a bit of Google magic, and next time you’ll be armed and ready to discuss the achievements of some crickters in a performance of knowledge. Nothing is as interesting as someone sharing the same interests. But in saying this, please share the same interests without lying about it, if you really aren't interested in this certain topic then don't dangle on this topic for too long.

Mid stage, a couple of months in...

4) Keep listening

You’ve made a great start, kept your partner’s interest enough to develop that spark into a full blown relationship, and started a whole new and exciting life together. Now is not the time however, nor will it ever be, to start developing bad habits.

One of the worst bad habits in a relationship is complacency, and you should make an effort to avoid it all costs. How? Keep listening. Don’t turn on the mute button and stop listening to what they have to say or are interested in. Keep doing what you did in the early stages and listen to what your partner has to say, so that you can contribute to the conversation at hand. In fact, with all your best stories and achievements now used up, this is probably more important than ever.

5) Learn or do new things

So you’ve exhausted everything you know about cricket – so much, in fact, that if you ever actually met that cricketer, you’re pretty sure that you’d jam his high performance batting to ask him about himself. Well then, maybe it’s your turn to take the bull by the horns and start learning new things.

Get a new newspaper, one with a little more substance than you usually buy, or of a different political persuasion. Read some new books, watch some documentaries, do a little home study. You’ll be surprised how much free education is available out there. Then the next time you sit down at the breakfast table with your other half, you’ll have a whole new range of conversational topics to inject into an otherwise predictable array of verbal offerings.

6) Try new activities together

Similar to the previous point, try and find something that you’ve both never done but really fancy trying, and give it a go. Whether it’s knitting, hang-gliding or martial arts, there’s nothing better than a shared interest to make you more interesting: specifically because it is inclusive of your partner, and shows that you are making an effort, and are willing to keep your relationship moving forwards.

Later stages, A couple of years in..

7) Suggest new bedroom activities

A good sex life is so important to a healthy and balanced relationship. It diffuses stress, fosters a feeling of closeness and is extremely good fun! So if one day in the far future of your relationship, you realize that sex has become a scheduled activity, much like doing the ironing or going out for the weekly grocery trip, and involves a few moments of half-hearted groaning and a roll off, then things need shaking up.

8 ) Be spontaneous

The best way to be seen as interesting is to be spontaneous. However, in the later stages of a relationship, routine sets in and things just naturally seem to fall into a pattern. If you identify this happening in your life, then try to break that routine. Make your partner breakfast in bed, if that’s something you don’t normally do, surprise them at work with a bunch of flowers or by turning up unexpectedly and taking them for lunch. There’s a whole host of things you can do to surprise your partner and stop them from taking you and your habits and ways for granted.

9) Shake things up

Now’s the time in your relationship to start making the big changes. You’ve settled down, got your careers, perhaps a mortgage, maybe children, and life seems to revolve around paying bills and performing to society’s expectations of a good solid citizen… *yaaawwwwnnnnnn!*. So many relationships break up because one or both of a couple decide that they want more from life, and they start heading off in a different direction.

The most important thing you and your partner can do, is to communicate! Without communication, hardly anything will get done and you would not know what the other person is feeling. This is your partner we're talking about, the person you love, the thought of communicating with them about what you feel shouldn't feel awkward, it should feel normal and right. So go for itttt! :) <3

How to keep them Interested
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  • HookingSwan
    Amazing take

    I certainly try to do this with my boyfriend. But thank you so much for the new tips. A little over 1 year down in a relationship certainly needs some shaking up and different things should be tried as well. Even if in my case we are long distance, which limits us a bit, we do try our best to never ever get tired of each other.

    I love him so much. I am always looking forward to maximize the romance!

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  • MarkyyG123
    NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR... communication... pfft... what even is that :"") hahaha <3
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    • excuse me, do you really think i want to communicate with you? <3

    • MarkyyG123

      Well damnnnn Gurl, that cut... wow... deep is an understatement :'( </3

    • it's okay i got band-aids and superglue, you're in safe hands <3

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