Tips To Keeping Any Girls Interest In You

Guys, we women really aren't that hard to figure out. We're just a little tricky. Follow these tips to keeping any girls interest in you...

Guys, we women really aren't that hard to figure out. We're just a little tricky. Follow these tips to keeping any girls interest in you...

Sure we say we want a guy to love us but don't be so pathetic about it! When y'all act all gaga then we know we've already 'won' you and thus have you by the balls. And ain't nothing more disgusting than to have a mans balls! We don't want that shit and will drop it fast! Stop acting desperate and be the prize in our eyes. The harder we have to work for that prize the better it will seem once we get it. So save it and make us work for your affection. Its the only way you're going keep us!

Guys often times make the mistake of giving up everything they had once they get a gf. Then suddenly have no time for anything else but their gf. Stop doing that shit! Don't forget about your friends just cuz your gf's calling! If you're with a friend when she does, tell that bitch to wait (& bet you she will)! This will give your gf 3 very important impressions about you... 1 that you're not a pushover 2 that your friends are important to you (just as important as she is) 3 if you're a person who values their friends then you'll also value her!

But not to the point it becomes offensive. You wanna do it just enough to show that you're sexy, attractive and potentially wanted by the opposite sex. Doing this will make you more desirable in her eyes cuz she'll figure if other chicks like and want you then you must have something good and she'll want it too! Making her a little jealous isn't rude, its healthy competition and as long as you're not married you're allowed! So don't forget about your best girls who are friends and continue to spend time with them! Plus its true that absence DOES make the heart grow fonder so give her a break already. Don't give all your time to your gf and allow her to miss you!

Don't make it all about her all the time. We hate that cuz even we get bored with ourselves. We want something new, something exciting. We're sick of us that's why we look to you for something different. So be different! And stop giving up your whole life for our sakes.

That in turn will make us feel more valuable to you as well. We view how you treat others as how you will eventually treat us. And if we see you're able to treat others with respect then chances are good your someone worth spending our time with. Someone who's not going to eventually kick us to the curb if and when someone more important should come along. Show that you value your relationships with others! Otherwise you'll look like that lame guy who forgets everything and everybody just becuz he has a girlfriend now. Girls hate that! It puts too much pressure on us and we just want to run away from those guys. If we suddenly become his whole world then we'll think how boring his world must be! So don't do that! Be confidant, know that your worthy and she'll believe you are!


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  • I respect your views, but I am just going to be myself. And, if she doesn't like it or loses interest then her loss.


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  • Honestly guys just be yourselves. One of the first things my guy told me on our date was how nervous he was, he confessed that he had got his hair cut, bought new clothes and everything for our date, it was the sweetest thing. We've never played any games and he is the only guy I've ever fallen for.
    If a girl doesn't like you for who you are then what's the point? Someone else will and that'll actually mean something.

    • so basically he flattered your ego and reassured you his world revolves around you

    • YES! Thank you for adding this Feliciaaa because ABOVE ALL ELSE, this IS TRUE! I'll admit that when I posted this I was at my wits end with a few 'pushover' type of guys and so just had to get this off my chest. As I see some have gotten my point and others took it way out to left field. Which was not my intention with this. Just be yourself guys and show you have a backbone and know how much your worth!! Confidence is sexy! NOT ARROGANCE - you left-field players! lol I said confidence! ;)

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  • > we women really aren't that hard to figure out
    You list 5 things men need to do in order to attract women that involve playing mental games. If women were really not that hard to figure out everything would be straight-forward and concrete.

    You just proved why girls are hard to figure out.

    • Could you please take just a few to explain YOU GUYS? Cuz y'all aren't exactly circle and square (easy) puzzle to put together either! lol

  • Im trying to sharpen myself to be more interesting to girls, i see tips on what to do but never seen or was shown hiw to do it. Im funny but only when its called for for. Im confident but not dominate, im needy, clingy, desperate only when i want to show that im her obe and only. Instead of her thinkin im jus wan to get in her pants.

    1. Well that make since i dont do that anyway.

    2. Some how i know this.

    3. Ouch! Im not good at it. This girl that likes me wants ti take it sl o w but she's biring me. We hardly hang out, i ddone things a bestfriend would do. She get jealous when i talk, do things with girls and not her. But she string a sentence to talk to me, give proper hugs or nothing. She said she's insecure but im not going be pput on hold cuz she's jealous but does nothing for my attenti o n but hit me. I dont like her no more and she still likes me. Soo im stuck.

    4. i am artistic so my mind flows, i dont take ladies to fancy places, art museum, kayaking, or something. I am a dj, guitar player, i do animation, and much more so im golden.

    5. Dont i always. Lol.

    • Be honest with her about how you feel. Just make sure you do it in a nice respectful way and in all in all she'll appreciate it more than not telling her. As she may later feel like you led her on if you don't say something. As well as make her feel like a fool.

    • Strange, I just did. She was wondering why me and her talk less, I told her how she hurt my feelings when she told me she don't care, while we were speaking. Like I talk to her about random things like tmobile vs charter, right in middle she said she don't care. Then she turn to other people and started talking with them, this wasn't the only time she said this. told her she fall asleep on me while we text a lot and plus we don't hang out, so what am I to do. You like me but you putting up these insanely high walls for me. Soon I'm just going leave her alone. But I want to give it a fighting chance. So she said we'll talk about it torrmorrow after saying sorry. And we left on kinda good note, I told her I miss her, then she call me tiny, then playfully told her she's mine, and she said I'm not going to do nothing, I'm not scared of you, told her uh-huh you better not run, she texts lol, go to bed, then texted her night, then a minute later I told her I'd miss her already, she texts lol.

  • This is perfect, I hardly dated till the last few years and since then I have been dating a ton. The biggest thing I have realized is women lose interest extremely fast if you show emotion too soon. Especially if you do it over the phone or text. I can not say how many girls I had eating out of my hand begging me to hang otu or texting me hearts. The minute you say you are enjoying your time all interest is lost. It makes sense things get boring when you win the game and on top of that someone who wasn't interested and suddenly is can seem off. Its all about flow and pacing.

    • This was the point I tried to make with this - for guys NOT to prematurely show too much interest. Inspired after seeing a friend bend over backwards for women who'd only offer him the crumbs of their affection in return. And explained how it was his eagerness to always be at their beck and call that made it easier for him to be taken advantage of. And a guy who's let a girl know he'll ALWAYS be there for her dooms himself into becoming her last resort when it comes to who she'll spend her time with! Why? Because she already knows he'll be available whenever she wants him to be. So when and if an opportunity arises to spend time with a guy who may not be (available later) she's going to accept his invitation, since (as she see's it) might be her only chance to! Thank you for understanding this and the positive feedback! :)

  • 3|4
    • "I love Katie Holmes" -Tom Cruise on family guy

    • In the courting stage of a relationship YES THIS IS RIDICULOUS! MOF the day this show aired was the day every females' crush on Tom Cruise died. I myself threw up in my mouth a little bit when I saw it! And best believe had he not engaged Katie Holmes already by the time he acted like this... he'd never had gotten her to walk down the isle and GUARANTEE its has something to do with why theyre divorced now! lol

    • Oh no!! THIS WAS REAL!!! This wasn't just on the Family Guy that Tom did this. He did it Live on The Oprah Show - Ewe... I just threw up in my mouth again, gross! ;(

  • Wow... I actually disagree with every single thing you said. So sorry but this is shit

    • You're 46 years old! Of course it doesn't make sense to you! Im 42 and it doesn't make sense to me. But to a 23yr old... he could be on to something here!

    • And I say that becuz we older folk are more genuine when it comes to our feelings (cuz we're more mature). Yet back in the day when it was all for that roll in the hay... c'mon you remember how it was! These youngsters affections change like the weather and could take all but the laws of physics to figure out! Much harder to hold down!!

    • nope. I disagree.
      I went on dates with 5 women before meeting my ex wife and we were together 25 years.
      I only had more then 1 date with 2 of those women. for 1 and 2 i did exactly the opposite and I still do.
      Nobody should ever be jealous or act jealous. If I have to worry about her being with other guys then we should never be together. So I have never been jealous. The only time I felt jealous she was actually cheating on the guy so my gut told me the right thing.
      In hindsight i guess I can agree with number 4. But it shouldn't be a lot. You should be spending most of your time together.
      and the last one I only have 1 friend. I never had friends growing up, ever. I really don't know how to make friends. So I have nobody around me other then family. Doesn't make me defective. It means I will spend my time treating her like a queen.
      I was an overweight nerd with sweaty hands. Maybe those asshole "pretty people" were as fake as this "take'.

  • Yes finally a chick that speaks the truth

  • I would say this only works in a limited amount of relationships. Many relationships would crumble under this advice.

    It's best that any reader simply cherry pick, and use their best discretion to decide if this is right for their relationship.

    It should in no way be considered general advice. Rather, it is tactical advice for a limited set of relationships. In most cases, the reader will probably be employing this advice in their relationship by the time they read this.

    The only thing I could call general advice in this is 1. And even then I'd reword it. Aloofness doesn't always work. Sometimes making your attraction known goes far.

  • All that applies, mostly, to girls who are divas.
    Some girls like attention, care and sacrifice.
    If you confuse goodness with weakness: something is wrong with you.

    BUT! I can understand certain angles of your post.

    • Yes! Peer into them angles -as that's where im coming from. Thanks!

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    • I know! And thus is why we have so many therapists making good money (and staying busy) shrinking peoples heads, lol.

    • I agree!

  • 2, 4 and 5 is the only good relationship advice. But 1 and 3 are horrible. If a guy is considering listening to this don't, I repeat do NOT do that.
    Being obsessive can be unattractive yes, but being appreciative of what you have is something you want to do. If she feels appreciated she will feel happier in the relationship.
    And you should never actively try to make your girlfriend jealous. That's good dating advice to get the girl, but horrible relationship advice. You should make other women feel jealous because she's got a man that is strong, loving and respectable. Why be in a relationship just to make her jealous of other women? That doesn't sound too happy if you ask me.

    • 1 applies more to those desperate guys and 3 definitely needs to be done with much caution and moderation. And donejust to show the guy is still seen as attractive by other women. Certainly NOT to be confused nor done in a way that would make him seem attracted to other women!!

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    • I do agree that a bit of jealousy is a good thing in relationships. But if it happens naturally. Otherwise it's just manipulative, controlling behavior. And that shouldn't be your goal. Not if you plan on having a happy relationship

    • This take isn't for guys in a relationship as they've already gotten the girl! Im talking to the younger adolescent to young adult guys who might be interested in a girl and aren't sure how she feels about him. This take offers possible ways he may be able to peak her interest in him. You didn't agree with #1. Altho hv u not ever liked a girl who as soon as she finds out your interested she makes u the center of her universe? She then calls u 2much, wants 2spend ALL her time with u... cuz ur the greatest thing since sliced bread in her eyes! Dont get me wrong we do want people 2like us but not so much tht its overkill cuz thn they seem 2needy, clingy &start 2feel like we need our space! Plus we want that thrill of a good chase &place more value in things we work for over that which is simply handed over to us. Such easy gotten things tend to get dull fast and we just dont appreciate it as much! This was my point with #1. So by all means show you're interested, just don't overdue it!

  • I agree with number 1 to an extent at least in the early stages but my thin with that is what if a girl is constantly chasing you but then they flake the moment you show a little interest back. To me that's bullshit because it's like they're more interested in the chase than the catch. At what point do you give in and quit feeling like you have to make her constantly chase you and still like you for who you are,

    • DING DING DING DING! This guy gets it! He see's what Im saying people!! And I thank you! Altho to answer your question... as it is a tough one bloodmountain1990 and to be honest with you, ya really can't stop making her chase you until you know you've got her! :\ Usually once you've gotten to know each other better you have some idea whether its going to work out for the two of you. At your age... it is a lot tougher to know tho. That's something I should have mentioned is as you get older this type of play dies down because as you mature you become more comfortable with yourself and have more confidence. You know who you are (more so than when you're younger) and people thus have the ability to act and simply be MORE REAL. Sorry I couldn't come up with a better answer for ya. Good luck to you I know they could teach college courses on this subject, lol!

  • Stop giving fks to other people and all people (not just gf but everyone) will start giving fks to you.

    Golden rule of thumb!

  • 1.) if its what you want then it shouldn't be pathetic
    2.) then stop saying you want a guy who makes you his everything, hypocrite
    3.) if you have to show her what she can't have to make her want it then she doesn't deserve it in the first place
    4.) no one is or ever will be exclusively interested in you. if you can't see that he has any other interests, its probably because you didn't ask and / or you're a narcissist
    5.) anyone who respects himself would know better than to date someone like you.

    • Wow you really went ROGUE with your opinion didn't you? 'D Calm down and listen... these are simple suggestions of possible tactics that when applied MILDLY could work. And I speak from my own (A WOMAN's) opinion. I in no way am suggesting a guy go balls to the wall on each and every one! So relax, take a chill pill or go back to anger management class ya pathetic, hypocritical narcissist!! ;D HEY... I was just kidding!!! lol Don't come kill me!

    • as much as i'd hate to disagree with you, these things would probably work on most women. which is why i don't respect most women. generally, you are a bunch of vain self absorbed double standard having jealousy spewing divas who don't know what they want and dont respect themselves enough to be with someone who actually respects them. but for the sake of those girls who aren't yet gaping black holes of unreciprocated attention who actually care about someone other than themselves beyond the context of how he can change himself to better serve her, i resist the notion that its somehow just female nature to be this way, but a choice, and on the grounds of that being a choice, i find your choice of what you choose to let work on you utterly repulsive. and i'll continue to feel that way until i no longer have examples of the female race from which to prove you wrong, and on that day, i will become a misogynist, just like you.

    • Id like to hear you say that with a banana in your mouth. ;) lol As Howard Stern used to ask the girls he'd have on his show who liked to move their mouth about stuff, "Can you say that with a banana in your mouth?" lol Thanks for your opinion none the less.

  • Thank you :)

  • 2|3
    • Duck Dynasty... yeah very dumb! Just kidding! I love them QUACKS!! (shave the beard tho!) ;P

  • 1. should only apply if the girl doesn't have any interest in the guy as a whole. If the guy is physically attractive and has a good personality and values/interests etc, then just because he shows his affection for a girl (without going to fast) then that shouldn't make a girl lose interest. And if it does, then that girl is not interested in the actual person, but rather interested in the cat and mouse game, which is a red flag that that girl is not relationship material. If she has to work to earn something it might feel more valuable for a period, but whats the guarantee she won't be bored anyway eventually once she has won the guy over?
    Girls who need the push and pull game to maintain interest are not worth pursuing.

    • I mean obviously a guy needs to adapt a bit to the level of affection the girl shows him (The guy will initiate and casually flirt but after that the tempo at which it progresses is determined by the woman), but if a girl has given the guy a good reason to show his affection, then she should not lose interest, unless you she where only interested in the chase and not the person to begin with.

    • Yes, I can agree. I mentioned in reply to a previous comment that it tends to work best when the couples feelings are parallel with each other. In other words a guy should show he's interested in a girl only as much as she shows interest in him. And let your feelings (and expression of such feelings) be mutual and happen naturally. Or at least make it seem that way.

  • be yourself and be different in a positive way

  • You just described the beta male. lol

  • Playful teasing gets her laughing

  • Waw thank you for the best information for the guys. You explained it very beautifully .

    • THANK YOU! And thank you for understanding it in the rational manner I intended! ;)

  • Sounds like things you do for a girl. Thankfully, my girlfriend is a woman.

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  • We'll if they were trying to make me jealous by messing around with another girl. I wouldn't even bother continuing to talk to them.

    I hate people like that.

    • If you were attracted to the person then you would do anything to talk to them. Hate is an emotion, indifference isn't.

    • I didn't suggest they go as far as to try and MESS AROUND WITH another chick as that would definitely be offensive and so suggested that what they shouldn't DO! Thus they create the (monster) psycho-bitch (while they be bullshittn)! 8\

    • @citationmustang okay I can finally respond.

      No people who act like that make me hate them. It's instant hate. Trust me I went through it before. I found out the guy I was talking to was texting another girl at the same time and i dropped everything. I hate that dude. I'm not an object.

  • this is good, although a little general, but i can see ur intentions, so good effort.

  • All valid points - very true. =)

    • Thanks LittleSally! I needed a girl on my side to help back this up! ;) This really didn't even dawn on me myself until I just got so fed up with seeing men make such a fool out of themselves drooling over women like... it disgusting!! Theyre like this

  • This is a good take

  • Yeah somewhat

  • Seriously!
    I'm not even sure a girl wrote that. I think an isolated guy made it all up in his head.
    It doesn't even start to make sense.

    • That sorta sounded sexist. Maybe i read it wrong... how was it supposed to sound?

    • No, a woman wrote it (me) but it more geared towards the younger generation of those who are just starting to date. Just some things I've noticed in the way they act as well as some of my own experience. The main thing is pacing it properly. Not to show any more (or less) interest than the other person and maintaining that even keel in interest for each other. You're age is between 30-35 and definitely well passed this kind of 'game-playing' when it comes to forming relationships. Yet think back to high school and how some guys would act if you showed too much interest - its when they usually lost theirs. And I can speak from my own experience that if a guy became prematurely affectionate to me - made him a goner as for boyfriend potential as I would just lose interest in him.

  • 1 is silly, whentf do guy "gush"?
    2 if he valued his "bitch" just as much, he wouldn't think of her as bitch and he wouldn't blow her off. I'm not saying ditch your friends everytime she calls, but realistically making her wait everytime, or even just frequently will make modt women feel unwanted and uncared for.
    3 I don't play those stupid games with the guys I date and I don't want them to play them with me.
    4 agreed.
    5 I view (or rather expect) how a man treats his mother as how he will treat the woman he falls for.

    none of this will keep a woman around.

    • 1 A lot of guys gush especially the desperate ones.
      2 He hopefully doesn't think of her as his "bitch" that's just something I call y'all. And I didn't say he should blow her off but just that he shouldn't trade in his 'friend time' to be with her all the time. And to value both equally - if he makes plans with friends, he should honor those plans and not cancel out just cuz she suddenly became available. We girls do that too - I just don't think its healthy for the relationships we have with our friends or partner.
      3 I can somewhat agree as I know head games aren't fun. Altho this isn't to be done to the extent it becomes a game. I just mean he doesn't have to shun other female attention if he's so lucky to be getting it. Yet as I said, he can be friendly (which wld probably be enuf to turn us a little green) but not so friendly that it disrespects us. And c'mon, you know we tend to get more protective and territorial over a guy when we're jealous. Makes us want to claim him as OURS!

    • 5 Not sure why you find this only applies to his mom - cuz Id say if a guy treats all his ex-girlfriends like shit, then its a safe bet that if and when you become his ex-gf, he's gonna treat you like shit too. This might even apply to the way a guy treats ANY woman really. Its all about respect and its easy to see how much people have in the way they treat others. When eventually he may come to see as well as treat us the same way.
      Of course any guy who did all these things to excess no woman would put up with it but in the beginning of a relationship (the courting phase) when we still may be considering our level of attraction for someone, these are simple tactics that (may not work for everyone) but when used accordingly (and not overdone) can be effective in maintaining a woman's interest in a guy. Its worked for me anyway.

  • this is the best way to show a guy how to date a girl