3 Ways To Get A Girl's Attention!


Hey...guys! So i have decided to share some of my attention grabbing secrets! Lets start!

1. Eye contact

3 Ways To Get A Girl's Attention!

The first time you see a girl and you find her cute! Just keep glancing at her...and this will make her look at you;when she catches you doing that..just look into her eyes and smile to her! Then break away! This will freak her out!

2. Your Attitude

3 Ways To Get A Girl's Attention!

When she is around you, just ignore her presence! Act the way you always do! If you are reading a novel or something and she shows up! You dont greet her or anything just look at her once and continue doing what you were doing! This makes her think that she can't grab your attention...but you smartypants already got her's!

3. Dont talk too much!

3 Ways To Get A Girl's Attention!

This is definitely helpful! When you see her just dont start a conversation! But when everyone is discussing...just say the smartest possible line! And when you talk to her just...umm..keep the convo short and use some of your best wits in that! "Like people around are discussing about news channels...and someone asks you that when do you see the news just...say untill i dont get the tv remote!"

Hope you guys enjoyed reading it! !

PS:- This is not for getting a girl to like you but just to get her attention.

3 Ways To Get A Girl's Attention!
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  • performerwannabe
    Here's a 4th way to you guys because I love you and I don't want you to get laughed at. Talk to her. Find some things you guys have in common and keep going. Girls prefer men to be straight and honest... I don't think enough girls would pay attention to a guy that just glanced at them once and then just ignored them. #Nohate
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    • luvme56

      Well this is how i live! :) and i never had crush on anyone yet... but i dont know why... without trying i have found out that 5-6 girls have a crush on me! So anyways... thanks for being polite! :)

    • If you do, don't go your way because she won't be that much impressed..

    • luvme56

      Okay... but i can't change its kinda me!

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Most Helpful Guy

  • RandomStudent
    So stare at her, and don't talk to her... I should have girls lining up at my doorstep by now.
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  • rocksongwriter
    1. “This will freak her out!”

    Yes, because freaking her out is the goal. Wait, I thought NOT freaking her out and getting her to go on a date with me was the goal. Was I wrong all along?

    2. “When she is around you, just ignore her presence!”

    This is brilliant. While you ignore your dream girl’s presence, I can swoop in and actually strike up a conversation with her and build rapport and get her phone number. I like this plan!

    Sarcasm aside, let’s imagine two scenarios. Guys, let’s see how well this 'ignoring presence' strategy works on *you* if genders are reversed…

    It’s summer and you arrive at the pool and you sit down in a pool chair next to... Yvonne Strahovski! And you notice she’s even better looking in real life than on t. v. or in the movies!

    She’s laying out and reading a novel. She doesn’t greet you or anything, she just looks at you once and continues doing what she was doing.

    You arrive at the pool and you sit down in a pool chair next to Yvonne Strahovski! As you sit down she turns to you and says “Hi! I’m Yvonne. What’s your name?”

    Which scenario would you want?

    Ignoring a girl’s presence is an excellent way – to communicate that you’re not interested in her. Some guys try to act all hard and be a challenge and hard to get. There may be a little something to that…at least in that you are not acting desperate/needy/clingy when you distance yourself. But I think completely ignoring her is too extreme. Find the middle ground. Don’t be desperate, but do be approachable. Do you think your dad won over your mom by ignoring her? No!

    3. “Don’t talk too much!”

    I actually agree with this one.

    What do you think of my overall analysis? Ladies, am I right?
    • luvme56

      Dude... its about attention... not to get her to like you!

      Scenario you described.. There we actually switched roles... which however is beyond the scope of this take... it about male's behaviour!

      And the second part is all about being yourself! If you try to think! If you try thinkin of her... and stop doing what you doin it would just boost her ego not get you her attention!

    • luvme56

      It would freak her out in a good way! It is simple eye contact!

    • luvme56

      If this much is not enough! Then read this..


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  • GirlScoutsRevenge
    I wouldn't bother with you at all if you did that. I'd think you weren't very interesting and that's why you don't say much when there's a conversation going on, if you ignored me when I came up to you I wouldn't bother coming up to you again.

    All these things seem like silly little games. Wouldn't work with me at all.
    • luvme56

      It does not apply to everyone... But anyways... saying or typing is totally different than doing!

  • Izzex3
    Not a fan of the eye contact thing.
    If a guy ignored my presence then that wouldn't make me interested.
    I'd just ignore him too and not think twice about him.
    Also I like people who talk.
    Sounds like your telling guys to be cold, which I disagree with.
    • luvme56

      #2 is just to catch eyes of attention grabbing women or it is another way of telling guys to be themselves... when they see you they always start acting awkward!

      And i never said to ignore your presence... he looked at you once... which means you he knows you come there!

      #3 is to make guy's word count!

    • luvme56

      Oh... sorry... i did ! I guess i shouldn't have written that there! :(

  • CincinnatiRedsfan
    Usually, I'm a skeptic when it comes to dating tips but this is actually true.

    Contrary to popular belief, girls really don't like being approached. Every time I do it, I'm labeled "creepy" and they tell me to back off. I'm not just speaking from my experience either, many guys I know go through the same thing.

    It doesn't seem like it makes sense but if you don't show girls you're interested, they like that better. It sucks for me because I'm a direct person.
    • luvme56

      Its... just all bout tricking her! Without even talking to her!

  • AllThatSweetJazz
    1. Look at her until she wants to talk to you.

    2. When she tries to talk to you, don't acknowledge her.

    3. Only speak in group settings, when you can sound smart and further make her feel like furniture.

    Got it.
    • luvme56

      Ok... i guess you can explain things better than me (not a sarcasm) but... really i guess now on i need to ask you how to type! Lol!

    • I'll concede that you're using English , but for the life of me I can't decipher an unequivocal meaning from that sentence...

  • lumos
    Ehhh, no. If a guy did that to me, I would make a subconscious mental note that he's not interested, and then I basically wouldn't pay any further attention to him at all. The type of girl who falls for games like this is the kind that seeks attention from literally EVERYONE, which is why she might notice that he's not giving her any attention. But if a guy barely gave me any attention, I wouldn't even notice him. I wouldn't notice that he's not giving me attention, because I wouldn't even see him in the first place. If you go out of your way to make yourself invisible and to give people as little attention as possible, don't be surprised when they actually don't notice you, or care about you.
    • luvme56

      Welll ok... The #2 is actually to get guys being themselves! Because of the famous line "just be yourself"...

      And doesn't #1 make you think he is interested! Why are you guys giving the #2 more importance? :(

    • lumos

      "Just be yourself"? What if a guy is being himself when he says hi to a girl when she walks into the room? Or what if he's being himself by putting down his novel and striking a conversation with her? Then you're essentially telling him to NOT be himself by acting aloof and as if that girl doesn't even exist. And like I said, you would be going out of your way to ignore her just to "grab her attention"... that's not being yourself, that's playing childish games.
      I don't know if #1 makes me think he's interested, that completely depends on how well we know each other. And besides, #1 and #2/3 are CONFLICTING each other. You're sending out mixed messages. One minute you're making a lot of eye contact and smiling, and the next you're ignoring her and pretending that she barely even exists to you? That's really annoying, and I would definitely forget a guy if he did something like that to me. Super childish.

    • Star_Lord

      @Lumos , Hey why I always feel you insecure?

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  • LittleSally
    1. - true, you get her attention, but after a while you just start bothering her and she'll try to find a spot where you can't see her anymore xD

    2. - ignoring her - only if she's 18 or younger... or someone who's a masochist (or if she's so used to guys always fawning over her that that would be something different - but remember not all hot girls get hit on - not at all...)

    3. - true. But if she's not that big of a talker either (more of a listener) the conversation will get awkward and she won't be able to wait to get outta there...

    Those are generalizations you can't make. It depends on the personality of the girl you want to chase after. And you won't know any of it until you actually meet her.
    • luvme56

      Well me being a teenager... i would only know about teen girls (they are mostly immature)... so for them i guess this works well... i have tried!

    • Yep, yep, I get it.
      But still, the shy girls would never go for this...

    • luvme56

      Well they did... there is a shy girl in my class and she actually after 4 months sat really close to me and made herself soooo... obvious that she wanted to talk! Lol

      Actually the above take is actually the way i live my life lol! :)

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  • KLTheErudite7229
    That sure is a way to get girls attention in a way that creeps her out.
    • luvme56

      Its about getting attention... it depends upon you!

    • Good attention or bad attention? It's up to you really, you're 15 and you have time to think. :)

    • luvme56

      It can be good or bad... it's all about the way you do it... if girls already know that you are a jerk, selfish person, or somebody infamous they won't care about you anyway!


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    here's my 3 that has worked for me

    1. workout and get swole

    2. attitude and vibe comes from being at peace with your conscience, live well!

    3. dress with fashion in mind
    • luvme56

      Hmm.. thats what i do too! But i guess this was the major factor that gets people attention!

  • PhiOmega
    I ignore a lot of immature girls i don't like,

    I'd say yea it works, either that or they just don't understand i don't want anything to do with them

    But, those aren't the girls i care about, just the majority of one's i run into
    • PhiOmega

      I don't know if i have 3 rules, or i do, but they're for chicks i like, sweet beautiful women (not the salty stuck up chicks)

      I don't know if i could even call it rules tho, just... show her a little attention, smile, it's ok to be glad to see her

      If any of the above gives her fatigue, or she can't bother to respond /is rude

      I accidentally mistook a salty b! tch for a sweet chick #Swerve

    • luvme56

      Well... i think this take is useless for you! This take is just for guys who want attention! Sorry dude!

  • DarkHumorRUs
    Note: if you continue this for weeks and she never talks to you, then stop being a pussy and go talk to her.

    Yeah, I've rarely been able to test this but the new girl at work talks to me all the time because I ignore her a lot. I mean, now that I know her a bit better I'm starting to pay more attention to her but sure I guess this Take works.
    • Luvme66

      The idea is all about being mysterious!

  • PsyNoodles
    Man you are fucking SPOT ON with this take! The first one is what I have been doing since I was in high school haha. I'll be talking to myelf in my head like when I glance here or there, thinking "please look.. please look!" haha. And then if I can get her attention with eye contact I like to smile but also sometimes wave being friendly <3
    • Luvme66

      Well i am in highschool still! Lol

  • Honey7
    the ugly truth behind all these tips and websites and experts of dating.. they don't told us the first condition to get girls which is "you have to be good looking - dressing well and have eatiful face"

    i you do all the steps but you don't have that condition just do't try
    • Luvme66

      I agree with... u... if we can't care about ourself how could anyone expect from us to care for them!

  • ThisGuy42
    Nah. That has never worked for me. You can't get someones attention by ignoring them. If you stare at someone like that they laugh about it with there friends and and take pictures of you. And make you look like a creep. And if you dont talk then that just makes them lose interest.
    • ChebMami

      That's because you're 13 and have a Link avatar

    • ThisGuy42

      Well I'm 14... And the guy who pit this up is only 15 so... I don't see your point. And Link is awesome. And my avatar has nothing to do with girls in real life. :-)

    • Luvme66

      Dude there is a difference between being lame and myaterious!

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  • dthdhdghadh
    You should probably add, that when you talk, to make your words count.
    • luvme56

      Yup... i couldnt find that word!

  • HappyToBeAlive
    Whats the point of being around people if you're just going to ignore them. These silly tricks DO NOT FUCKING WORK. Stop posting stupid things like this. Be a nice person who is just enjoyable to be around. There isn't some sort of button or a cheat code that you can use to get a girl. Brains are too complicated to understand as it is and if you combine that with ovaries and estrogen, you get something more complex than a fucking quantum computer on adderall. Just stop!
    • zagor

      But if you are an exceptionally attractive male (like top 2%) then they will definitely work. But then so will standing on the street corner picking your nose.

    • Luvme66

      Agreed... BUT being lame and mysterious has a difference!

  • ncannon18
    Wow never thought of it that way. But I do not like doing things for attention, instead I just try to be the best that I could be without making myself look like a complete full in front of any girl.
  • Meee97
    Hmmm... Well, it wouldn't work for me... I'm a shy person, so i'd go for someone, who's chatty and willing to join in conversation... Besides, if the guy wouldn't seem interested, I wouldn't bother the interest in him
  • Icyfire101
    I've found that throwing bricks at the female species also gets their attention pretty well.
    • Luvme66

      Dude... being lame is wht you are showing here!

    • haha! you definitely have a point #Icyfire101 . The guy should have mentioned that these were supposed to be the ways to get a girl's attention without sending her to a hospital. xD

    • @Icyfire101 . I am used in putting hashtags everywhere and when I meant to press this->@ I pressed this->#.

  • miserybusiness
    If you stare at her too hard, you'll come off as creepy JS hahaha
    • luvme56

      Did you find this take stupid?

    • Honestly... yeah, this might only work for little kids. But, for adult women, you'd be annoying & they'd probably just ignore you ahaha.

  • Krushhbrownies
    Thanks bro... Chicks are flocking to me like I'm their mother chicken XD..
  • Scrambled
    Or... if you want her attention only, you could blow up a balloon, sneak behind her and pop it BOOM. That will get her attention.
    • Luvme66

      Well why not a firecracker?

  • Keyspirits
    Lol nah nah, numbahs ne isn't good enough. Only if ur good looken. Other than that, they will freak out if u stare at them too hard lol! Numbah one only work for good looken Gus cuz they can cast their LUV spells into her eyes by the sparkling effect. Lotsa naive cuties sure fall for that 😍😍😍
    It gets their heart pounding like 💘💗💓💖
  • Aud_Queen
    #1 definitely works if you can come off as fun and playful with the eye contact.

    If you do #2 & #3 I'd probably think your not interested.
  • Shrooms
    What you just said pretty much sums up for high school girls..
  • Phoenix98
    Funny I've been doing all of these things for years without even giving it a second thought. Though my own way of doing it is slightly different. This would explain a lot though.
  • Shutupman
    3 ways to make a girl think you're a jerk :p
  • HashtagHashbrowns
    Not all attention is good attention. I could run down the street nude and get all my neighbors attention. But it wouldn't be the kind I want...

    In general though, good points.
  • Chris011
    I talk a lot when around a girl I am interested in lol. When I am with my friends and I see an attractive girl, I will speak up louder in hopes of catching the girls attention haha!
    • RAWBball

      Same I don't know y

    • Chris011

      Good to know that I am not the only one lol.

  • JustinX9
    It only works if you're attractive if not why would she even notice you?
  • been_waiting
    #2 is not true. No one catches my attention by ignoring me.
  • Misunderstood07
    This is crazy because I'm a shy guy and I've been doing these things my whole life. And I've wondered y so many females r attracted to me and approch me. But now I know it's because I glance at a female I like. Then we might lock eyes then I'll look away. but after that I pay the girl no mind. So basically they just want my attention. So they fight for it. i knew it wasn't just my looks it was my I don't give a fuck attitude. But tbh I just acted like I didn't care becase I was to shy to apporch them.
    • Luvme66

      Finally someone understands the results of this take

  • Drake
    its on point, makes her feel like you can't be touched or something
    • Luvme66

      Be mysterious thats what it is all about!

  • Agrojag
    The real list: Be rich, be hot, be rich. In that order.
  • devilINSIDE
    Short and nicely explained but non of those points were new I have been listening them for years
  • blackeagle007
    I disagree. A guy has to look like a model to date women these days.
  • grashopper
    #1 and #2 contradict each other.
    #2-> she thinks you are not interested. She loses interest too.
    #3-> easier said than done.
  • YourFutureEx
    Good basics :)
  • JackKerouac77
  • joey3tearz
    Nice tips bro
  • Metlahead
    You forgot step one: Be really attractive.
    • And also know how to dress - Not to overboard, but don't look like a looney toon.

    • The eye contact part only really works if you're somewhat attractive.

    • Scrambled

      Also rock up in a Porsche wearing an expensive watch... that always does it.

  • Amreet
    Great!!! :D
  • deActivator
    This message is approved. Agreed.
  • 2014raser
    Why did you delete your old account? @Luvme66
    • Luvme66

      Personal reasons! Thanks for your concern! :)

    • 2014raser

      Just looking out for a fellow GAGer! :D

  • GoldCobra
    I like that quote at the end
  • Anonymous
    If you really want to know how to get a girl's attetion, then ask a female. That is all. Males just can't guess off the bat & think they're correct.
    • Luvme66

      Come to think of this my take which i wrote when i was 15... i think... it was a total idiot back then!

  • Anonymous
    Nope doesn't work
  • Anonymous
    LOL, bad boy. the girls will stone you to death.
  • Anonymous
    nice way not to get her to noticed you this thing really works!
    • Luvme66

      Ofcourse if you sound more lame than mysterious!

  • Anonymous
    My problem is I talk too much.

    Sometimes I go in with a game plan and give myself a pep talk in the mirror 'Just listen to her...'

    Then it happens and I end up saying too much again. And even say to her 'I think I am talking too much...'