Signs that he does not want a relationship with you

These are some signs that I think that a guy does not want a relationship with you Signs that he does not want a relationship with you

1. He immediately brings up sex before you even start to date: You are just talking getting to know each other and he's already talking about condoms, sex positions. While you want to get to know him he wants to get to know what you are wearing under your pants

2. He does not introduce you to his parents and he makes no long term plans with you: Pretty much he has not introduced you to his friends or parents at all

3. He only wants to see you at night. You see that word ONLY. He wants to hang out at 2am when you know damn well nothing is open at 2am for a public date.

4. You never been out in public with him

5. He talks the talk but he never walks the walk: He says things like "oh I want to wait before we get physical" yet he is no where to be found when he says he will be there.

6. He says things like, "I don't believe in labels" "I don't know if I want a committed relationship right now" if you stick around you will be only seen as an option or a rebound.

7. He just got out of a relationship yet he wants to hang out with you. If he says any words like "experiment" "friends with benefits" "It's just sex" he's just using you to cope and as a rebound

Hopefully if you encounter a guy who seems like an asshole you will tell him to fuck off


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  • Also you never meet his friends or go to family/friend functions with him