10 Signs He's Just Not That Into You


Ladies, are you ready for the truth? These are the signs he's just not that into you... #8 is hillarious

Posted by Girls Ask Guys on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

We’ve all been there. You’re crushing hard on a guy, but you get that subtle feeling things may not be progressing as you had hoped. Whether it’s a hint from a friend, the lag in text replies, or the dwindling dates, eventually you have to face the facts: he’s just not that into you.

We often make excuses to justify these feelings and rule out the harsh reality, but with the advice from the GirlsAskGuys community, we need to realize that if he likes you and wants to see you, he will make it happen. If not, time to regain your pride and walk away. Don’t be the girl that lingers.

Check out the top 10 signs from our GAG users that show he’s just not that into you:

1.) He’s accommodating, but not engaging

2.) You generally initiate conversations

3.) He waits a long time to reply to your texts/calls

4.) He is secretive about his phone

5.) He doesn’t want to meet your friends

6.) You rarely hang out in public places

7.) He never compliments you

8.) He shows no affection outside of the bedroom

9.) You are the one initiating sex

10.) He doesn’t make plans to see you

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10 Signs He's Just Not That Into You

10 Signs He's Just Not That Into You
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    Sounds like my ex!! 2 works both ways, I don't think he can always be expected to initiate the convo but neither can she. 3, ok if they aren't busy with work or anything and you haven't been texting essays it shouldn't take that long to text back. But some guys hate texting! 4, everyone's allowed privacy but if he purposely hides it from you all the time, that's dodgey. 9, both should initiate it but it's usually the guy. 10, if he never wants to hang out with you and vice versa then of course he's not into you. My ex purposely tried to avoid me when he knew I was in town if he was too, that's just not right!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • takumii
    I like the way you link other takes on same topic.
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What Girls & Guys Said

  • DarkHumorRUs
    How can someone be "in the bedroom" with someone they're "just not that into". He's LITERALLY into you at that point.
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  • fiego
    I understand where you are coming from with #4, but there can be a lot of other reasons for being secretive.
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  • dominiquois
    You don't even need 10 signs. If you do you're probably just really stupid or in denial. Men are usually blunt about such things.
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  • Kuraj
    One Sign that he is just not that into you
    1) He says it.

    We are not women.
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    • Seriously have no women ever said "You are like a brother to me" to you? Never?

  • bloodmountain1990
    Same applies for women too, just saying.

    But regardless I agree with the points
    • 2 and 3 are not really true for females, they tend to multitask all the time.

    • 3 is a lie about both genders, that's just called privacy.

    • I mean 4 is a lie.

  • WombRaider
    Don't care about the Take... Drew Barrymore is fit.
  • Cwis333
    The initiating conversation part is a bit off. Generally guys are pressured into making the girl to start all the talking to keep them interested. Being today's society guys are pressured into not seeming interested so they don't seem needy. It's total bollocks in my eyes but if a guy doesn't start the conversation he might still be into you.

    The case with initiating sex, He might be shy you don't know! And I know some guys who will fuck anyone, just because he's trying it on doesn't mean that he's completely into you, he may just be Horny.
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    • Ananon

      "The case with initiating sex, He might be shy you don't know!"
      Hear hear. I myself was raised not to be selfish, not to push whatever I want, and to be respectful (which I interpreted as to be passive due to reasons).
      With my ex, I knew I was the one with the highest libido by far. As she voiced how she was glad I wasn't pushy, I rarely even tried initiating sex. I loved her, cared deeply for her, and if it were up to me we would've had many a hot and sweaty nights. Of course she never initiated either and after a few years she broke up with me, I guess she thought I wasn't that much into her either.

      As for first sexual encounters with someone, I'm the kind of person to take it slow and make sure she actually wants it as well instead of coming across as just trying to get into her pants. Plenty of us are taught that if we want something serious, rushing anything sexual is a bad thing.

  • IceEverest
    Great take...
    Point 9 not necessary... someone has to initiate
  • Stacyzee
    Thanks so much for the mention :)
  • Yeahno12
    Wise words!
  • ArtDent
    The phone one is pretty stupid.
  • 1john23
    i don't agee wid that text thing..
  • james_mark
    I want to add, Less compliments
  • Helghast_kitty
    I don't agree with number 3
  • milenabraham8
    Thank you for sharing this
  • Anonymous
    What if in my case the guy I liked but no longer see, the only numbers that applied to me are 2, 3 and 4. Does that mean he still not into me?