Obvious signs that he's not into you!


When we're with someone we miss the obvious signs that they're just not into us. Some guys are too nice and don't know how to tell you while others just string you along. Here are some obvious signs that he doesn't want you.

1. He hardly initiates conversation

He never texts you and when he does it's a one sided conversation. He only answers questions you ask him, doesn't care about elaborating or asking you questions.

Obvious signs that he's not into you!

2. He makes excuses not to see you

Oh, your car broke down? You're busy? Out of town? He will make up lies just to avoid you

Obvious signs that he's not into you!

3. You're always initiating sex

He's not that into sex. He's not all over you. Sex seems boring to him. It almost feels forced, like you've been married for years.

Obvious signs that he's not into you!

4. He doesn't care what happens to you

Remember that guy from the Wedding Singer? The one who refused to switch seats with her because he wanted a view? It's little things like that. Don't let little things like that slide. That's your brain yelling at your heart to abort.

Obvious signs that he's not into you!

And lastly, I leave you with this

Obvious signs that he's not into you!

Obvious signs that he's not into you!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • RandomUsername3464
    I refuse to play such games. I did troll girls when I was younger by ignoring them and giving little signs that I was interested then ignoring again, but now, that's over. I'm sure women would appreciate a guy being a cold, honest person and cutting off at the source rather than a guy leading them on for months or years and causing them emotional trauma.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Rockstar06
    This pretty much sums up every guy i have ever liked
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  • godfatherfan
    Well obviously you have never been married or had a shitty one for such a ridiculous comment like "... like you have been married for years.." I was with my ex wife 25 years. sex was always something that worked with us. and it was never boring or a chore. Every couple has up's and downs. esp with children. So that can slow it down, but not just because you have been together for a while.
    • That was my thought completely!

    • Anonymous

      I see your point. When I think of marriage sex I think of that song Pina Colada and how sex turns into the same old boring routine

  • Olivia89
    This is hilarious to me because it basically sums up me and my husband relationship 10 years ago. I was 16 and madly in love with him and he was 22 just minding his own business avoiding my fast and underaged self.
    • Anonymous

      You guys got married?

    • Olivia89

      Yes 3 years ago

  • Hannah591
    This is why I had to drop this other guy. He didn't initiate conversation and made excuses to not meet me. Even though I was excited, we got along and I found him attractive but I had to accept that he wasn't making the effort and move on. :(
  • MysteriousFlower
    I experienced most of these things from different dates or that communication stage. I'm currently in that early stage, and a notice a drastic difference in the texting stage. Others' were like "Im doing this and that.. I'm so busy to catch up" crap like that. Whereas the present guy asks how Im doing, my day and genuinely wants to meet me soon. Great Take 😊
    • Anonymous

      I would be weary of this guy because some guys are too nice in the beginning and then lose interest when they "get what they want". Probably not your case, but I would still be vigilant

    • I am, that's why I haven't gotten into a relationship yet and we know each other from social circles but I'll take it as a grain of salt :)

  • Hidden_P
    I get where you are coming from. But my ex was extremely shy when it came to sex.
    Whether new, loved, old, or not he never changed. It was always me.
    Lack of sex doesn't mean lack of approach. It means lack of confidence.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm with someone new who has the confidence to take me but there are some out there without it.
  • "He hardly initiates conversation"
    Maybe he's just shy and waits for you to start one?
    "He makes excuses not to see you"
    Maybe he's just shy and afraid to freeze and ruin it?
    • Anonymous

      A woman will be able to sense the difference.

  • zagor
    For #1 he may just be quiet or shy, even if you've been together for a while.
    • Anonymous

      The guy I was talking to was VERY confident and he texted me a lot in the beginning. That is, until he got sex.

    i don't understand what that person meant by being ”realistic about who or what is meant to journey with you long term.”
    how can we be realistic about our unforseeable future? isn't that just selling yourself short or settling?
  • Words_and_Wisdom
    I always have to initiate in conversation. Texting or just trying to open a conversation in person. And when I do I get bored because of lack of reciprocation, therefore losing interest.
  • Gommers
    Look at this whole list of things that doesn't happen.
  • Kirssi

    Thank you for the special picture you gave to us as advice, I love it and saved it. :)

    The very same goes to you! <3
  • NoClueFrau
    I really really needed this kind of take.
    No sooner did I read the words "You cannot rush into what is not meant for you..."
    Thank you. :)
  • ObscuredBeyond
    If I'm genuinely not into a woman, I tell her outright. I feel she has the right to know if she's wasting her time on me. Of course, there was this one gal my senior year of high school who was a proficient stalker and couldn't take a hint. I was seeing a different gal at the time, wasn't writing letters back, I refused to hold hands with my stalker even though she constantly offered, and I tried to hide my winter coat where she couldn't find it.

    But somehow, she always found it. She learned my thought patterns until she knew me better than I knew myself. There are few things scarier than being hunted by someone who can predict your every move. And she had chlamydia, and couldn't understand why I was grossed out.
  • puertoriguesa
    i was madly inlove with a guy and i didn't initiate conversations, and i've always made excuses when he wanted to see me,,,,,, sooooo
  • sp33d
    The first picture explains the situation pretty handily. I wouldn't/couldn't/can't/won't like someone who just can't help but stare at their cellular phone.
  • babu_001
    If he is not into you then it's a relief than "he is only into you for sex".
  • JessikaSky
    Thanks for this :(
  • WhatTheHellAmy
    Yeah, that fucker is not into me lol
  • pavlove
    Pretty spot on.
  • BumbleSuperBee
    Great myTake! you go girl!
  • luvstoned4him
    The truth ;)
  • sweetkiss99
    These are all facts.
  • littlemermaid89
    love this take :D
  • PippiL
    That #3 though. Always a sign of things to come.
  • K-Cool-Dude
    To the point!
  • Yeahno12
    Guys are just too confusing...
  • dudeman
    yup why did this need to be a take?
  • Ashely_Princess
    Nice MyTake
  • candyaurora
    Nice take especially the last message.
  • 05candyman
    lol this is funny
    • 05candyman

      if i wasn't into a girl, i wouldn't be having sex with her. how do you force a boner? and why?

  • BackInGame
    sounds like being on a typical hot guy carousel.
  • Nahidpie
    Nice take 😀😀😀😀😀😀
  • Shareena
    that last quote tho
  • Anonymous
    Some women just don't get it.
    • Poppykate

      I agree with that!. I have made a fool of myself several times. Such is life.

  • Anonymous
    Isn't this what the average male goes through when contacting girls/and or trying to initate sex?
  • Anonymous
    I thought girls hate it when guys ask for sex.
    • sp33d

      Hypocrisy :D

    • Anonymous

      I'm sorry, myTake owner. I didn't mean to insult you. I was being honest...

    • Anonymous

      Nice, myTake. I really liked it.

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  • Anonymous
    Hmm, my boyfriend sucks at 1. He's terrible at making conversation, though that's not just with me. I always thought he didn't care, but I guess he doesn't realize himself that it comes across like that.

    3. He likes to cuddle, but is definitely not always over me. He was a virgin too, so maybe I'm not that sexy to him?
    Somehow I don't think that's the issue...
  • Anonymous
    I'm a submissive. Unless he pulls it out and shoves my head in his lap I likely won't do it. Lol. I'm turned on by sexual aggression (as instructed) if out the gate I met him as sexually aggressive thats a turn off. Anyways... I've seen this a dozen times over. I'm dead stoked he actually likes me
    • Johnagain

      Now wait a minute. I'm not sure I understand this in the English in which it is written.
      You said, "I'm turned on by sexual aggression (as instructed) if out the gate I met him as sexually aggressive thats a turn off."
      It seems you made 2 contradictory statements. Can you explain?

    • Anonymous

      No I didn't... if a man is naturally aggressive towards me that is a turn off. m. you can't be sexually forceful with a woman and she not instantly think of rapist, after I know him I allow him to do what turns me on.

  • Anonymous
    I wish girls would initiate sex with me I dont know what you're talking about
  • Anonymous
    What if the only sign I can tell from the guy is number 1, because the others never applied to me and him. Was he still not into me?
  • Anonymous
    This describes what women do to me. Never initiating. One sided conversations. Making excuses. I never even get the opportunity to do this to real women (not including like internet chicks or gay/stalker men)
    • Anonymous

      Some guys seriously don't deserve chicks.

    • Johnagain

      Some chicks assume certain guys are the type they don't need to affiliate with and don't even know enough about them.

    • Anonymous

      I think you just got turned off by me describing other girls not being interested in me. You see, the female mind works in mysterious ways. For example, if I were to describe how so many women love to ride me and how I like to take turns performing oral sex on trains of women, that might seem hot to you, even if I would never ever give you oral sex. But if I were to describe my desperate and hopeless pursuit of trying to get women to like me, I doubt you would find that hot. That being said, I think some chicks don't deserve dudes.

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  • Anonymous
    We don't affiliate, with the people we don't like, why should we?
    • Johnagain

      Some chicks assume certain guys are the type they don't need to affiliate with and don't even know enough about them.

  • Anonymous
    I have had a similar situation the guy never texts first when he does it was something stupid and when I initiated the first text he would not respond right away I mean I understand sometimes guys get bust hanging out with the buddies but two days later get the fuck out of here. He texted me and acted like it was okay and I was cool about it but then I was lime who's this he hasn't texted me since so his loss.
  • Anonymous
    texting first is always hard because we are thinking the same thing, would she be interested in me?
    • really? do you think like that if a girl you like text you first, and then you could not reply her text because you're still confuse?
      I really want to know about your opinion.

  • Anonymous
    I get #1 a lot. I thought it was because he's shy but that's not the case. He was texting other girls at the time
    • I almost never initiated conversations with my girlfriend, when we were in flirting era, this is because i was afraid that i was a burden for her, and that i was wasting her time. When she starts the texting i tended to continue until it was 1:00 am. Believe me sometimes is not because we are not into you. Too good my girlfriend never saw this or we would never get along.

    • Silverware

      @MrPresident it's different when a guy has always been the type to never initiate texts. I think what her take is focusing on is the guys that initiate at first and then stop or drastically slow down. That's a huge sign they've lost interest.