5 Clear Signs He Is Just NOT Into You

1. He doesn't call when he says he will

Simple, if a guy doesn't care to hear your voice and see how you're doing, then it is a clear sign that he really has no interest.

5 Signs He Is NOT Into You!

2. He is too "busy"

If he has time to see his friends, go on a guys camping trip and even watch the game, but is too "busy" to spend time with you- then goodbye!

3. He would rather see his friends than you

If its Friday night and his preference is to spend time with his awesome friends rather than take you out on a date, it is a clear sign.

4. He is flaking out on you all the time

If you guys make plans and he is always canceling then you are not a priority.

5. He never initiates

If a guy never initiates dates, and you find yourself constantly planning, meanwhile it doesn't seem that he even cares that it has been a week since you've had a face to face, RUN!

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