5 Reasons Why To Date A Matrix Fan!

5 reasons why to date a Matrix fan!

Unlike LOTR or Star wars (no hate ;) ) we actually look badass! Suits, sun glasses, you name it, we look cool af!

We are Flexible! Which means we can pull off some crazy shit in bed! We can keep Sex interesting!

We're good with Technology! I don't know about you but to have a partner with brains is a good thing, just look at all the productivity we're capable of.

We can Fight! Not only are we Smart, but we can Fight! We can bend the world to our will. We can protect you if need be. Not to mention those badass guns and slow mo we're capable of.

And finally...

We can make a damn good couple! No matter what happens, we will have each others backs, we conquer together. A true power couple, love is the greatest power to vanquish evil.


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  • Good to know.