My life at the moment


My life at the moment.

See this girl here? Well she's my ex. And this is why i clicked 'no'

Despite her good looks, our personalities didn't match. We had two relationships. One in High School and one after it. The first one only lasted for a month or so, so i wouldn't really count it. The second one which was now close to a year ago (I've been single since February) lasted around 6 months. Now god forbid if she's on this site lol. Out of respect i won't go disrespecting her, sure i don't Love her now, but i once did. This MyTake is written now to tell you guys and girls on how to know when it's over. After my last break up i ran into her once in real life, we sat across each other on the same carriage of the train, thankfully not close together but close enough to make eye contact. Which we did but i didn't want to engage a convo. So nothing happened, i got up and was standing at the door waiting for the doors to open, i felt her looking at me, or did i imagine it? Who knows, and then i got off, as i usually do and switched trains.

Since then, on my nights of loneliness, even though i knew we didn't match i used to have a quick snoop of her profile to see what she's been up to, wondering if she has already found someone.

Now getting over relationships are easier with friends. However, i haven't got any. Yes i talk to people in real life and i can hang about with family. But for someone to have fun with or hang out with.. no one. I used to have good friends in high school, I'm not some social outcast. But i guess I've beem unlucky recently? Or my priorities have changed. I don't know exactly where my life is going, but i have some indication. And i know where it won't go.

So what does a guy do if he can't hang out with anyone to get over his ex? Video games used to be the answer. But unfortunately it's not my thing anymore, so i had turn to something else. Something like Gym.

Now fast forward one year to the present day. Here i am at 3.32am writing a MyTake. I'm lonely but damn have i got a good body, I'm much more independent, and much more experienced when it comes to people. Thanks to real life and the Internet. The problem is, i don't know how i got over my ex. I just did. Could it be gym, or some new courses? Or is it because she is now on Tinder, and i know she's looking for another man? Am i jealous? No. Honestly if i have to be straight out i don't know what the future will hold. All i know is i'll study some course and keep going gym, maybe I'll meet people. Not sure. Whatever this final stage is, and why i got it, i know because i clicked no. As if Fate was giving me an opportunity to go back to her. And i changed my Fate. Again. Honestly the fear of self doubt or lonliness really drove me to writing this, so i can get messages from random users whom I'll never meet in real life.

What is the point of this MyTake then?

I haven't got a Fucking Clue. Maybe i want to share my story, that i don't know what to make of yet. So thanks for reading this, and getting an idea of what happens to a lonely guy. It's a little insight to my confusing mind. I could go on, but i won't. Ta.

My life at the moment
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  • aficionado
    Good that you got the burden off your shoulders through this myTake!

    On a different note, I don't really find that girl attractive at all.

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