Hair and Makeup: A Primer for Guys

I took these photos from the blog . This is why I think when guys say they don't care about makeup or hair color, they don't realize what they're saying.

Makeup example #1:

Hair and Makeup: A Primer for GuysMakeup example #2. I think the fake tan is a ltitle too strong, but overall the effect is really good.

Hair and Makeup: A Primer for GuysMakeup example #3: Covering blemishes is really important for self-esteem, both ours and yours. Meaning, you don't want to be seen with a spotty girl.

Hair and Makeup: A Primer for GuysHaircut and color example #1: Long, grown-out cut and color needed updating, to brighten and frame her face. Hair and Makeup: A Primer for Guys

Hair color example #2: Not only was a damaged blonde color fixed with a brunette color, that's a much richer, more light-catching brown than she would have naturally.

Hair and Makeup: A Primer for GuysHair color #3. I love this one because it's so fun. Most white women have a naturally dull, boring brown or dark blonde color. However, in six weeks dark roots are going to show, which is why we have to keep it up.Hair and Makeup: A Primer for Guys


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  • thank you. i laugh when guys on this site say that shit! i'm not a makeup-ologist, but i realize the girls "without makeup" usually have something on. although, the 5th and 6th chicks look better on the left than the right to me. not by much, though.


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  • Interesting Take! I remember talking to a few guy friends, and when they say they don't like make-up on a woman, they are meaning more of the super contour looks some women have these days. Some subtle make up to make your features pop, they liked.

    The first example is basically me. I just enjoy doing my eyes and putting a lip balm on.


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  • There was only 1 I preferred with makeup on in this list (the obvious.) The rest either did nothing to add or I just preferred their natural look.

  • I think woman wear makeup for their own pleasure most of the time.

    • Do you really think we have zero desire to attract the opposite sex?

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