A Lesson in Makeup … For MEN! Part I


If you all remember my controversial take Dating & Makeup – False Advertisement or Not? then you’ll know that I feel strongly that makeup is a representation of style and a highlighter for natural aspects of beauty (if done correctly, of course). But in my many months as a member of the G@G community, I have personally witnessed a lot of odd opinions and ideas about makeup that leave me baffled in regards to where this misinformation came from. Predominantly, these odd opinions seem to belong to men. I’ve heard such terms and such thrown around like “Makeup dependent”, “Makeup has chemicals in it that do x, y, and z” with no source of information attached to it. Then, of course, we’ve all heard the general consensus that wearing makeup is “false advertising”, “lying”, and my favorite: “fake.”

So instead of getting mad and chocking it up to men being idiots (as I do not believe such) I came to the conclusion that there just isn’t enough information out there about makeup that is geared towards men.

No wonder there’s so many hilarious Boyfriend does my makeup tag! videos on YouTube.

So today for you gents I am going to debunk some myths and misconceptions about makeup. This is only part one of this take however! There will be a part II of this makeup lesson that teaches men all about makeup applications, what they do, and how to spot them so no one can ever complain that a girl “lied” to a guy by wearing flawless makeup. Because, after all, if you know nothing about it, no one can blame you for being surprised that your girlfriend can go from this, to this:

A Lesson in Makeup … For MEN! Part I

(Both are beautiful, btw!) #nikkitutorials

Without further adieu, here’s a lesson in makeup for MEN.

Makeup will prematurely age a woman/cause skin problems for a woman

Do you remember when I brought up the term “makeup dependent”? Well, essentially the term suggests that if a woman wears makeup every day, that her skin will require it to look good and youthful. Of course then it extends into the age-old theory that makeup can and will prematurely age your skin if you use it regularly because it contains harmful chemicals that can cause various skin-related issues.

I’m here to tell you that this is not entirely true.

First and foremost: makeup has to be approved to be skin-safe before it hits the shelves, so it isn’t just this toxic fluid that is going to turn your twenty-something-year-old girlfriend into a hag raven by next month. There are definitely some chemical traces that can be found in a lot of makeup products, but with the advancements in the makeup industry, these especially harmful chemicals are being seen less and less. Such as Parabens, BHA and BHT, coal tar dyes, even parfum, AKA added fragrance. In fact, a lot of makeup brands are known to actually enrich their products with many different essential oils, vitamins, sunscreens (which helps PREVENT AGING) and other compounds that are good for the skin.

A Lesson in Makeup … For MEN! Part I

The issue with makeup is that it doesn’t replace proper skin care, even with the addition of healthy compounds. The only time you’re really going to see premature aging in the skin would be as a result of makeup is with constant overuse in the absence of proper skin care. You can wear heavy makeup all day if you properly care for your skin: that means proper makeup removal and a skin care regimen that is geared towards your particular skin type. A healthy skin regimen for an avid makeup wearer would ideally be:

- Proper makeup removal
- Cleanse
- Exfoliate
- Tone
- Moisturize
- Sunscreen (if entering the sun at any point)

A Lesson in Makeup … For MEN! Part I

Of course, adding an anti-aging night cream or oil serum are both good ideas as natural conditions can cause premature aging as well. So guys, don’t be so concerned if you get with a girl that’s all glam, as long as she takes care of her skin, she isn’t going to resemble your scrotum 5 years down the road, alright?

Natural is ALWAYS better! (Insert a picture of a “naturally” beautiful model here)

Okay obviously this is a matter of opinion, but nothing tickles me more than when I see a gent say this and post a picture of a “natural beauty” from Google who looks a little something like this girl:

A Lesson in Makeup … For MEN! Part I

Naturally flawless, right? Wrong. This girl actually IS wearing makeup. Not very much, yes, but she is wearing some. This is the thing guys: humans are imperfect and the cards don’t always work in our favor. Women are more prone to have troubled skin (acne) due to hormones for starters, and like everybody else on the planet we probably don’t get enough sleep. Pair that with beauty standards and you have 100 reasons why you SHOULD wear makeup. Of course, it’s not all about looking great believe it or not; wearing makeup says a lot about you, the main thing is that it gives off an appearance of vibrancy AND that you take care of your appearance/are put together, which are generally desired traits. So yes, while you may still love us without our makeup on, we still have to attract you initially, which is why even the more natural girls will still reach for a BB cream and a little concealer once in a while.

On that note though….

Girls wear makeup for attention/for men

I wrote a whole take on this subject that should be linked above, so I won’t dwell on this subject too much. But let me tell you something: any time I have ever done my makeup I have NEVER asked myself:

I wonder if guys will like this makeup look?

It’s a style choice, meaning that we rock it because we like it and we like how it looks on us. You saying that we wear it solely for attention is like suggesting every article of clothing you put on that you simply just like is begging for female attention. It’s a little hypocritical.

I’m sure there are women who wear makeup to get attention from dudes, and in some respects there’s a time and a place to put your best self forward to pull a guy in. However, to suggest it’s the one and only reason is some fuckery.

A Lesson in Makeup … For MEN! Part I

Girls who wear makeup are ugly/insecure

Going along with the “natural is better” trend with the guys, there is this consensus that if a girl wears makeup (especially more heavy handed makeup) that it means she has zero self esteem and likely isn’t naturally beautiful.

Of course that isn’t the case 100% of the time.

I wear makeup, not every day, but regularly. I am just as comfortable leaving my apartment without makeup as I am with it on, because ultimately I look how I look and I like the way I look. Don’t get me wrong, I like the way I look with makeup a bit better (because I personally like makeup) but a good makeup look requires a good canvas. Yes, there may be acne or less pronounced cheekbones underneath the foundation of some girls, but when you think about it, makeup can be used to simply remove the imperfections that obscure your natural beauty.

A Lesson in Makeup … For MEN! Part I
Another beautiful YouTuber with or without makeup. #loeylane #YouTube

They aren’t truly a part of who you are, they’re just an ailment that isn’t quite such an easy fix. The same can be said for women with no eyebrows, or who get red in the nose a lot – you get the gist. Sometimes we don’t have everything that we want or too much of what we don’t want, and if you can correct it, why not? It’s like presenting yourself the way you’d look if you didn’t have those particular imperfections, it doesn’t make you hideous or horribly insecure. Just human.

Naturally, I know people will dispute this to the very end of time, but the way I see it, is that if you can see how beautiful someone is without the imperfections then you may be able to see them as just as beautiful with them. If not, well, time to move on I suppose. I can’t say I blame you since everybody is entitled to their preferences and I don't demonize anybody for it. Unless you're a piece of shit about it.

A Lesson in Makeup … For MEN! Part I

Alright so that’s the end of part I of this makeup lesson for men. I hope you gents found it at least sort of insightful and not too much like an attack, as that wasn’t my intention whatsoever, especially given that men typically don’t have a ton of knowledge about makeup to begin with. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and stay tuned for part II!

#makeupformen #TGIF

A Lesson in Makeup … For MEN! Part I
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  • aliceinwonderland69
    Often guys say they don't like make up but don't realise that the natural look takes a lot of make up. They say you don't need make up but then if you don't wear make up they are like 'are you ill?'. What they mean is they don't want it to be obvious ur wearing make up or it spoils the illusion from them. They want the exact right amount of make up. Not that men's standards are unrealistic or anything!
    Is this still revelant?
    • Dipsy

      Yeah lol. It's hard for a guy to detect makeup. If the 'natural look' is done correctly, it looks as if you didn't use makeup (to guys). I like that best. Lol.

    • MarkSXV

      Women are unrealistic in their standards of men.

    • tynamite

      Women are unrealistic in their standards of men.

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  • Pampered
    Um -- sorry, but those girls aren't beautiful without make up. They're average at best, which is why they pile it on. Get off the body acceptance crazy train. You're delusional. Women look their best when they're fit, healthy, and when (for most women) they wear light make up. Genetics definitely come into play for whether or not you need a lot of make up but the fact is, not everyone is born attractive. That is reality.
    • Girl6486

      You are very young. While being fit and healthy is very important for yourself being a genuinely kind and caring person is far more important. I don't know you so perhaps you really are a beautiful person but your comment did not reflect that in my opinion.

    • Lol. This made me laugh.

    • Pampered

      So did your misguided take.

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  • Riggers
    Im actually rather envious. How girls can just slap on a bottle of something and go from a 4/10 to a 9/10...

    Sucks that if chicks have a skin condition, They can just rub something in and hide it, yet, If a dude has a skin condition, he's just completely fucked and will get judged for it...
    • *slap on a bottle of something* 😂😂 do you realise how difficult it is to actually get makeup to look really good, and flawless... it's practically an art form

    • Riggers

      @aoifeislovable I do not deny some will be better than others at doing it, but. At least all females have the option to do it.

    • Hey men can wear makeup too.

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  • Humping_Tornadoes
    True, I know shit about make up and I don't care much tbh, but I always thought make up was meant to make subbtle effects on girl faces, so I think is good as long as it is modest. It's obvious some girls take it to extremes and end up looking either plastic or clownish.
  • vishna
    Thank you!!!
    Guy "I like you when you don't wear make up"
    *doesn't wear make up*
    Guy "You're breaking out"
    Girl "No, I was just wearing some concealer over my acne scars last time."
    Guy *secretly prefers perfect skin he himself doesn't have*
    • Forgive me, but this is a lame way of looking at things. It actually says more about you (the insecure girl) than it does about him (the demanding guy). Even if that scenario were to be true, why should you put up with it? I understand that the hypocrisy exists, but what I don't understand is why would someone succumb to it.

      In a way, it is like when guys complain about women demanding a kinder and more sensitive guy, and when they do express their emotions, the woman is turned off by that and wants to break-up. Again, same lame excuse from men in this case. Why would you allow yourself to change something substantially about you to meet someone's criteria? And if you genuinely wanted to change (be it not wearing make-up or opening up more), then why would you care about someone else's reaction to that change?

      I truly think this mindset has everything to do with the person who is doing the complaining/criticism, or as they would call themselves: "the victim".

    • vishna

      @TwistedLogic First, I'm not a victim, and I'm not saying I am. And I doubt many of other women would call themselves a victim in this circumstance. I would wear the concealer or foundation because it's fun to do on a Friday, dress up, feel good. My current boyfriend is awesome and doesn't make me feel like I have to have perfect skin (something he doesn't) And if he made me feel less than, I would dump him. But my other boyfriend didn't make me feel like it was ok to be a perfectly imperfect hot mess :) But also, my school has a lot of glam glitz girls, so I don't see acne scars very much. And I find that a large percentage of guys on campus are most receptive to pretty girls, and I don't mean receptive as in like me, I already have a boyfriend, I mean receptive as in moves aside so I can walk on the curb or listens to me.
      Regarding sensitive men, I don't want to deal with a whiny bitch, but I like a gentle empathetic guy, always have, always will. Some women do, some don't.

  • Jersey2
    I like make-up on a woman. First, it is feminine. Secondly, it can look great! Third, people wear nice clothes, have their hair done-up and wear perfume so make-up is just one more nice touch to looking great.
    • SakuraChii

      This is the first time I've seen this.

  • NJ_Casanova
    Just shows women lie more than men, take a 9-10 home and wake up next to a 4;-( Fake looks, fake boobs, fake eyelashes, wearing corsets/girdles, lying about her age her weight, # of partners.

    Hell, that's as bad as a guy lying about being single, LOL;-P
  • Hopefuldreamer8
    Makeup can only help so much when it comes to looks. So I don't get how it can be considered false advertising. If someone has acne or a skin condition, that does not make them ugly. It's the facial features that make them ugly. So a girl isn't really being fake by covering up. When the makeup comes off, she is still going to be pretty but you'll just see that her skin isn't the best.

    I am an actual ugly woman. I have a great skin, and I look young for my age. Most people guess I am still in my early 20s. I get told that I have a healthy glow. Unfortunately, I have masculine features so it doesn't matter how good my skin looks or how young I look. I am still ugly. Makeup does not help me. I don't wear it much, but in my younger days, I used to go for makeovers all the time. I can wear layers of makeup but it doesn't change my face shape or my features. When my makeup comes off, it's not that different.

    So I've always disagreed when men say makeup changes so much. It really doesn't. If you're pretty without makeup then you're not lying when you're pretty with makeup.
  • Spiorad_Aisce
    I do sometimes sit back and wonder at the ferocity of the debate about makeup between the genders and their preferences. I haven't fallen for any of the myths you have stated here. I try to give a qualified statement on my preference somewhere along the lines I prefer light/subtle/nude/natural/no make up that gives the most natural to no make up appearance. Another thing that you have to realise as a male is that sometimes it helps cover skin blemishes such as spots etc and make the girl more confident which is a good thing.
    Also there will be guys who like the bright and bold colours some girls wear as make up but I think there may be some truth in that preference being higher among women for some reason. Why the acrimony though - to me, it is like there are people who like milk in their coffee and those who like it black. I find the whole generalisations like men do this, women do this a bit bizarre. Like for example I could meet someone and fall in love with her, post a pic of her and if someone knew what my preferences were from my other answers on the site goes "She is the exact opposite of the woman you were describing as your type", who am I to disagree but you never know who you are going to fall for.
    What am I getting at RJ in a roundabout way is that your take is a valid response to some of the ideas expounded here but at the root of them are sweeping generalisations which could be viewed as nearly as insidious as all whites/blacks/asians are..., all christians/muslims/jews are..., all hetro/homo/bi are... so what do I encourage is well everyone take a chill pill, step back and view everyone as individuals.
  • Hans222
    Haha I learned a lot here, thanks for this extensive and nicely documented take :D
    Gosh it's only know I realize how little I knew about it :o :o
  • rgb008
    I used to be super insecure about my acne scars. I would wear makeup every day and take so much time after I worked out every morning to put it on after a shower before class.
    Honestly, I'm too lazy now and I guess that laziness has helped me become more confident in my skin. I don't feel like I NEED makeup on to go to class. But I still enjoy it from time to time.
    But I love going full out glam for fancy events. That's my favorite lol
  • Relentless_Hippie
    I used to work in the cosmetics department for very big makeup brands even though I myself have never worn makeup and never plan to. I've learned a lot about makeup products as well as skin care products and they're all bad for you. The skin around the eyes and the skin around the lips are very thin. Constantly manipulating those areas causes premature aging and wrinkles. Wearing foundation, especially one with an spf blocks the sun from reaching your skin leaving you with a very dull sickly looking skintone. Skin care creams for anti aging, increasing elasticity etc are bad for you. Your body becomes dependent on them and actually looks worse if you stop using the products. I've received hundreds to thousands of calls a day from over thirteen cosmetic brands from women of all ages and walks of life, the majority of them were extremely insecure and reliant on beauty products for confidence.
  • AnnVdB
    I never wear make up cause I just dont feel like it and I think I look ugly with make up on XD lol. But I wanted to add that make up can age your skin I think, because when you have to remove it, especially when it is a lot , you often rub and tug on the skin a lot which is not good.
  • Panay
    Nice points, I think this'll clear things up for a lot of guys out there.
    The main issue I have with makeup is when it's horribly overdone and just makes the person look like some sort of deformed barbie doll
  • dragonfly6516
    My sister is 5 years younger than I. She has worn makeup, dyed her hair weekly, and tanned weekly (with natural sun or a bed), since she was 16. Most people guess her age between 27 and 35.

    I never wear any makeup, dye my hair, or get tanned. Most people guess my age between 17 and 25.
    • Tanning has actually been proven to damage the skin and cause premature aging. You can wear makeup without experiencing any issues so long as you properly care for the skin. Dying your hair weekly is only unhealthy if you are using permanent products instead of paint based dyes...

      So essentially your point is kind of irrelevant to what I'm talking about here.

    • Makeup ages the skin and teaches the skin to need it. It's addictive. And she would change her hair color using permanent dye colors almost once a month, and use permanent color treatments on her roots in between.

      And how it is irrelevant when I'm pointing out that someone who does these things regularly look much older than someone who is older but does not do these things?

    • It's funny because I've been wearing makeup since I was 16 and my skin is in great condition because I take proper care of it. If you don't care for your skin you'll notice issues, and if you use the wrong products. But if you do make a point to care for your skin, makeup isn't going to cause you any issues.

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  • Bitterpill
    I really don't understand what all the fuss is about, I don't feel deceived by women wearing make up. I understand that they will look a little different without it but that doesn't worry me at all, with or without the make up is cool with me.
  • SweetHomicidalQueen
    I honestly love this. If I could I would save it so I could reread it just to feel better about myself. I hate how I look without make up, I never leave the house without it unless I'm sick, and even then is rare.
    I hate the things people tend to say about girls who wear make up. Yes I'm insecure but I don't think I'm UGLY ugly. The only make up I wear is eyeliner and mascara, and sometimes lipgloss. It helps accent the things I like about my face.
    Guys tell me make up is false advertising, yet I look the same w/ or w/o make up, my eyes just may look bigger/brighter w/ it.
    Also, the "natural" thing is WRONG. So many guys hate the way girls may look without ANY makeup and they call her ugly or tease her, but then they say they love natural because they see pics of girls with natural looking makeup on.
    But thank you so much for this and I'm sorry, I had to rant a little. I feel strongly on this topic.
  • musicbrain5
    Good take! As for myself, I only wear makeup because I feel like it's expected of me in order to look presentable to other people outside of my social circle. Sad, I know, but whenever I go without makeup people always point it out to me in some form or another (that I look tired or sick or something, when I clearly don't). I generally only wear mascara and eyeliner. Foundation and most other things applied right to the skin always give me rashes, plus I just can't be bothered rubbing it all over my face, lol.
  • Satisfyd
    I said it's fake cause it's not really who you are or what you look like. The reason you wear it is important though. If you wear it only when others will or may see you that's being fake. If you wear it always even when by yourself then it's what you enjoy like a comfortable shirt.
    • Felinegirl

      I prefer always wearing it but don't when Im home all day in order to care for my skin better.

  • Nik1hil
    Lol good thing I ain't a girl,.. I am already short on time, how would I manage time for make up
  • SakuraChii
    I love your takes 😍
    I've gotten lazy and haven't worn makeup for months. The last time I wore makeup was for pictures, to look good in general (like the first day in school), and for this guy. I do agree/disagree with the reason on why women wear makeup since sometimes I wear makeup to play around with it or because I like the way it looks while other times I do it to just look nice and general which gives me compliments. I noticed that some of my friends do the same thing I would like to also mention that majority of girls in my school who are upperclassmen don't wear makeup while 9th or 10th graders usually do because of time and work. There is this one girl in my grade who wears makeup, pumps and a cute outfit everyday and I think she already has a guy who isn't around so that shows that some girls do actually just do it because they like it like you said.
  • AhGojira
    I didn't read your article, but the first set of pics didn't change her level of attractiveness from no make up to make up... She was pulling zero attraction from me both times.
  • brain5000
    Thanks for this Take and for all of the good information. My favorite look is the "natural" beauty whose photo you posted, the one wearing makeup but you can barely tell. She's augmenting her beauty, not masking her ugly. That's the best kind of makeup, IMHO.

    Of course, I always like to see someone in and out of makeup before I can fully emotionally commit. Women are often beautiful with or without makeup, that's what I want. Makeup can be like putting on a cocktail dress vs. wearing jeans; done in degrees to suit an occasion.
  • WhatTheHellAmy
    omg these girls scare me, I hate makeup, I wear some shit in my eyes and then I look like a raccoon

    then the lips, my lips are big, I put something red and I look like a clown

    also, the sweat, cancun is hot as fuck
    also, my age, no thanks, I wanna look 20 when I'm 20, not 30
    also, that's cheating lol If I date a girl and she shows up looking gorgeous I'll be like "great, she's hot", but then when she takes the makeup off or when I wake up next to her... I don't wanna be scare to death

    my started using makeup at her 30's, I believe I'll do the same, or never wear it lol
  • FatherJack
    I used to wear make up... in various shades of green , brown , blended with bits of black !!
  • YourFutureEx
    Pro tip: when you talk about your old takes, embed a link in the text.
    It helps
    ●Readers to easily redirect to that take
    ●in getting more traffic
    Personally, I don't care at all about that make-up bullshit. I'm a guy, I rock without make-up. There are some girls who don't need makeup & there are girls who need makeup to look good. That's THEIR problem. Why do they wear it? How much self-esteem they got? How much is too much? Could they be deceptive? This is nothing but a western BS by media and pop culture. Those debates are limited to internet only (generally). Irl, I don't see guys giving enough fucks as much as it's talked about on the internet.
  • DarkHumorRUs
    I normally don't see girls who look that shiny so...
  • TripleAce
    I didn't read all that BUT just from a quick glace what I can see is how a girl's look can be modified significantly
  • bluenose1872
    Next lesson in make up for men, don't do it for fucks sake
  • thelittlelostbear
    I love this, thank you! <3
  • ElissaDido
    Loved this!
  • Ialexwonderful
    WTF? where is make up for men?
  • Anonymous
    man... fuck all these bitch ass women faking what they really look like to men. Shit i might as wel put on make up to look like someone else then take that shit offf and look hideous. FUCK ALL THESE FAKE ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS BIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS
    • Lmao!

    • lovelywiz

      lol haha

    • Oh wow! Are you okay?

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  • Anonymous
    Aww, I was hoping for a full-on make-up tutorial.
    Not that I need one lol.
  • Anonymous
    I dislike natural makeup a lot. I have mentioned this in many other posts. I feel that makeup should be a creative outlet and a natural looking makeup style necessarily hides insecurities. It blatantly tells other people which parts of yourself you wish looked different. If you are creative with it, it shows confidence because you take chances and take artistic liberties.

    At the end of the day I am never tricked by makeup, I am experienced and smart enough to know its effects. I understand that I need to take a girl in two forms. And believe it or FUCKING NOT I DON'T CARE, that first girl you showed, I rather be in bed with the version of her on the left than on the right. This is probably not a feelings shared by most, but that is why I win at life and I get all the ladies. (decided to go anonymous here for bragging)...
  • Anonymous
    I always think it's funny when guys claim make up is "false advertising" or equivalent to lying... do they honestly think smoky eyeshadow and winged eyeliner is natural on anyone? How is it false advertising? That's like seeing someone wearing a hat and calling it false advertising.
  • Anonymous
    My girlfriend wheres makeup for confidence I think. If we werent leaving the house in a given day she would wear no makeup. If we go out she'll wear some makeup. And if its a special occasion like going out with friends she'll wear a fair bit of makeup. However much she wears she always looks very gorgeous to me. And if makeup gives her more confidence in public than that surely is a great thing.
  • Anonymous
    Men are clueless when it comes to makeup stuffs. I remember dating some dudes who claim they love natural beauty and two of them left once they saw me in the gym working out :O
    • I also don't understand why some wear makeup to the gym. It's clogging pores.

    • Anonymous

      @AlwaysBelieving You don't get my point at all. I was saying I didn't wear any make up so they saw the real of me doing some heavy workouts. They stop talking to me since then.