TMI Alert: When You're Sharing Too Much Information

In dating and general, some of the biggest hot topics people are worried about asking/being asked, especially early on, are how many partners you've slept with, are you a virgin/inexperienced, past/most recent relationships, etc.

People might fear some of these questions being asked as their answers could make or break how well things go with a person they like, just started seeing. They're afraid it might scare a person away which is understandable. Like a girl who has a high partner count might worry a guy will be turned off and deduce that she's easy while a guy who is a virgin/inexperienced might worry that a girl will think something's wrong with him and run away. Generally these questions never end well, if you've seen Clerks then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

TMI Alert: When You're Sharing Too Much Information

Now you don't gotta lie when asked these questions, but at the same time you should never volunteer that info.

A month ago, I had a tinder date with this girl who acted as overly sexual as possible that it was a deal breaker and I didn't ask for any of the details she shared. I am not one to slut shame by any means but there's a fine line between being sexually active and acting like a sex object.

This girl showed up to the date all high and drunk. When I was trying to talk and get to know her, she was cutting me off, blabbering and started showing me nudes in her phone that she took over the years. She even asked if i thought her friend was cute, it was weird. It got much worse after that. She also asked about my number of partners and once i gave my answer she's like wooooowwww that's so little, I would have expected more than that. Mine's way way higher, wanna hear it? I'm like no, thanks.

TMI Alert: When You're Sharing Too Much Information

Then she talked about how she had sex with her ex 2 days before we saw each other, how her and her ex were sex addicts, how long he lasted in bed. I was just thinking Jesus Christ, why the fuck are you telling me this shit, especially when I didn't ask? She even asked me to smack her ass at the bar, if how i like girls to go down on me, if id finger her while eating her out. Then she says oh that bartenders name is Eric, I've fucked two Erics before. And then ironically, she got worried and was like you're clean right? It's like never mind me, are you clean? She then sent a snapchat with her ass out, saying sun out, ass out. Then another of her topless saying tanning my tits.

Again, I'm not slut shaming people but that was just way too much information, especially for a first date. I don't think it's OK for guys to do that either.

Overall, regardless of your experiences, whether you've slept around, are a virgin, or only have a few partners, etc you shouldn't volunteer that info. You should impress someone with who you are, not your sex life, history, or lack of. Only time it matters to me is if a girl has an STD or cheats.


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  • I think in this particular experience, you should be grateful that she shared too much. lol! Better to find this out on the first date then the third. Wow! lol!

    But yes, I agree, generally speaking someone can share too much in the initial stages of dating. Whether it is about past relationships, past sexual conquests, family drama, friend drama, work drama, etc.

    But I will say, it is also good when people share too much because you get a chance earlier rather than later to get rid of the people that are not good fit for you.

    • Yeah I see what you're saying. But what bothered me is her attitude and how she talked about it. Her attitude screamed "yeah I get around" and that she uses sex to get attention and what she wants. That's destructive behavior and usually leads to people disrespecting them.

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    • Or even a guy who's a virgin or had a long dry spell. There's just no reason to put that kinda stuff out there, early on.

    • I totally get what you are saying. lol!

      I think you dodged a bullet with this one. I can see why you would not want to date her and why many other men would not want to date her. She is a very bad risk all around. lol!

      Thankfully, most girls are not like that. At least I do not think they are. For your sake, I hope I am right. :)

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  • "I don't think it's OK"

    Good, you don't THINK something is okay. When did you jump on the PC police force?

    No one has to censor themselves because you don't "Think" it's okay. Long live free speech and being as raunchy and as fucking offensive as possible. Tear down the iron curtain.

    • Way to totally misconstrue my post. This has nothing to do with freedom of speech. I mean people can say whatever they want, but that doesn't give them the freedom from criticism.

      Nothing to do with being PC

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    • All I'm saying is revealing all that kinda info that early on, isn't a good idea if you're trying to attract the person. Let's just say you met a girl who said and did all the things I mentioned in the take, how would you feel?

    • It's not about being super open but super open about certain subjects.

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