3 Ways You Can Finally Get Him to Commit

So you told him you want a serious relationship, but he does nothing? Try these steps!

1. Be less available, go out more

Instead of spending all of your time with him, tell him that you have plans with friends. Go out and enjoy your life. Don't sit by the phone and wait for him. Get him used to the fact that there is a life outside of him, and that if he wants to be a part of it- then he needs to show more.

2. Let him see that others guys compliment you

When you're out at a bar or perhaps a dance club, allow him to see that others men are looking at you, or flirting with you. Let him see that you are a high commodity, and that you chose him, when in essence there are many other men out there that would be lucky to have you.

3. Show him what a life without you would look like

If necessary, take some time apart from him. A simple "I'm sorry but i need some time to think about what I want for the future, I'll get in touch with you", will certainly make him worry and question whether you would walk away for good. Sometimes you really don't know what you have until it's gone.

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