Why He Should Pay on the First Date

1. Gentleman

Nothing is more attractive to me personally than an old-school gentleman. One that opens the door, offers to pay and actually cares what the woman has to say, versus loving to hear himself talk.

2. Time, money and effort

You ever hear the popular saying "he stood me up for a date, what a waste of makeup!"...? Well, in my eyes, it is true. A woman will spend tons of money on getting her nails, hair, and makeup done. Not to mention buying a new outfit? The least a man can do is pay for her coffee, or at the very least offer?

3. You can pay next time?

What is so wrong with a man paying for the first date, and then perhaps the woman can pick up the tab the next time around? No big deal.


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What Guys Said 1

  • "and actually cares what the woman has to say"

    who cares what a freeloader has to say? Respect is earned not given. That goes for everyone. And you automatically are in the negative when you expect things to be handed to you like free dinner. Your time is not worth more than the guys so why is he buying your time but you're not buying his? The key to get a guy to go out with you is you have to get him to like you. If he sees that you think your time is worth more than his then guess what? He's not going to like you.

    • Also women buy make up do you have any clue how expensive a single suit is? Like any kind of suit that doesn't look like it belongs on a homeless person is expensive. So don't give us that makeup and getting dressed costs money crap. We have to spend money on aesthetics too. You just don't realize that because you're self absorbed and only see the effort you put in and not anyone elses effort.

What Girls Said 2

  • goodd takee

  • Does that mean u want a guy who will not have sex till marriage and want u to b a house wife? Or just a guy who believes he should pay?
    We buy our makeup and get our nails done regardless of whether we have a date or not lol.
    Taking turns is the best idea when ur first dating, totally agree!!! Or even splitting.