Where to Find Your Love!


A lot of people on here complain that they date aholes and a lot of men and women on here agree that settling is a big part of finding a partner. I think nothing could be further from the truth.

The thing is when we're young we want to explore and are attracted to things that are different. However, sometimes that can estrange us from our core demographics. I don't mean this to say you need to appeal to the person you're talking to--actually the opposite. The key to finding people you're going to be really happy with, who you're going to get a long with, who's going to have a lot of similar interests you can talk about do together...

Where to Find Your Love!

9I think one major thing we should get out of the way is that pursuing a romantic life chiefly out of sexual desire is a mistake way too many men make. Women aren't guiltless--being physically sexy is the chief way they go about meeting men rather than putting their interests on the forefront (then are upset we don't have a further connection.) No need to blame anyone though, the point is sexiness is a not something that should be a primary goal unless you feel you are very good looking and that is something you enjoy having in common with others you're close to.

You already know your interests you just don't think about aligning them with someone else yet. If you love Church you should meet people there, love politics you should get involved and meet someone at a rally, love sports don't go to a gym join an amateur league in your area. And if your interest is solitary, I've heard of a lot of relationships happening over videogames (though geographic becomes an issue.) Or if you don't live for music but you have a band you're really really passionate about what could be better than meeting someone who's obsessed with that band as well?

This way you don't have to push so hard to "screen" people. Also, since you presumably like that stuff then going shouldn't suck or be awkward since you'd actually want to go anyway.

This to me is very important to people who want relationships but even hookups to me are a lot more fun when you at least mildly like the person you're hooking up with. interests are such a chief thing that bonds us initially thats why many of the most popular people seem so bland. they can adapt to the interests of who they're talking to a lot of the time.

I would even recommend talking to someone on this site if they live in your area...clearly you have something in common with frequently going on a site like this. This site might not only answer questions but give you something as well...

Where to Find Your Love!
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  • cupidkisses
    i want someone out of my country to exchange culture n lang.
    • pavlove

      Can you travel? Also consider couch surfers

    • i can't travel for now :( but i have many friends abroad and i really enjoy talking them