Confident Girls vs. Prideful Girls


Too Much Pride

Confident Girls vs. Prideful Girls

Pride, is a defense mechanism of insecurity. It's the opposite side of the coin of timidity. Even though it seems arrogant and attention--seeking and to a few even like confidence, pride is more about having a fragile sense of who you are and how you really measure up and an oversensitivity to someone trying to throw you off that place. I've noticed with these girls they act like they really love themselves and yet the things I say seem to carry this great weight to them. I make a joke thinking I'm teasing them in a cheeky way and they get REALLY offended. I have pointless arguments simply because innocent questions are taken as attacks. I sometimes will even ask "why are you getting so defensive over something someone who doesn't even really know you you not like yourself?" they respond " OH I LOVE MYSELF I LOVE MYSELF" This is not self esteem. This is a desire to be seen as "ok" and possessing superior confidence. And yet, your actions or rather your reactions give you away every time. A truly confident person wouldn't even understand the question as it would be so self evident to themselves that they wouldn't have had to form an opinion on it. At the very least, someone comfortable with themselves but not super confident would at least say "well some things I'd certainly like to work on and change

Men, stay away from girls who come off as really prideful in a way that for some reason makes you feel really unpleasant around them. The reason you feel turned off rather than inspired by their confidence is because it's not real. Prideful girls are usually plain in looks as a way of overcompensating but not always. And don't try to help the girl make a breakthrough that their pride is BS for obvious insecurity. That's something they need to work out on their own.

Confident Girls vs. Prideful Girls
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  • peachblossomluck
    I know what you mean! I see these types with the way overdone makeup and hair. It just screams TOO MUCH! You can tell they are trying to be the hottest one in the room and they give off that creepy vibe.
  • Evegon1994
    my boyfriend needs to read this