Sex Versus The Mind!

Sex Versus The Mind!

I recently ended a 7 year relationship, that was extremely toxic. We didn't get along, we fought on the daily, we really grew to be quite incompatible, but you know what kept the 2 of us together? Sex. Plain and simple. He was good at it, he knew my body, I had feelings for him, his tool was the perfect size, and in my eyes he was attractive... Well after our last fight, we decided it was time to end things, because sex couldn't fix our problems. No matter how good it felt, my brain said "NO".

Sex Versus The Mind!

A few months later, I met an incredible guy! He was passionate, loyal, understanding and treated me like a queen. I honestly, felt like I was lucky to have him in my life. He would emotionally fulfill me to the point where I was so looking forward to the physical part. It was intense and I couldn't wait. Finally after a month of dating, we did it. Now- I know that the first time it is always awkward. But after the 7th and 12th time... it was just "blah". He didn't know what he was doing, although his tool was small I thought hey- maybe it won't matter, but he also didn't know how to use it. I tried to guide him through it, but it was just always such a routine...

Sex Versus The Mind!

So, I was stuck in a rut. Good sex, or a good fulfilling, happy, emotional relationship? Of course after the drama that I had gotten out of, my obvious answer was "happy relationship" over any physical fun. So people wonder why you have to choose between one or the other? Can't you have both? I'm sure you could, I just haven't gotten that yet.

Feel free to share your experiences below!

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  • That's why you cheated on him?

    • lol hiding under anonymous hahaha

    • Doesn't change the FACT that you cheated on your boyfriend.


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