4 Uncommon Tribulations in Dating That Intelligent Men Have

Dating as a man is hard enough, you have to go out of your way to attract a mate who generally speaking desires some nonsensical equal yet greater partner who they want to submit to only when they feel like submitting and then turn around and be dominant any other given time, but when you're gifted or greater it gets significantly worse. Here are four reasons why that is.

1. You Give What Is Wanted A Bit Too Well

Contrary to the popularized stigma highly intelligent people tend to be able to read people better, not worse, than their average kin which means in turn that learning the ropes is both quicker and less difficult. This means that both the male and female can get bored quickly because being everything someone wants is just as boring as those romance tropes that people refer to as being perfect but would want nothing to do with in real life. Ironically the complexity and difficulty in understanding another person who allows relationships to flourish because the conflict itself shows effort meanwhile the opposite, accommodating and applying appropriately, almost seems robotic and ultimately dismissive.

2. You Don't Expect Much From Her

The odds that you will meet someone who is just as intelligent as you are of course as rare as your own existence so that leaves a lot to be desired. Generally speaking this means that your understanding of what is to be attained from these arrangements and social contracts tends to be at a higher level so you've transcended the whole element of just emotional comfort and can assess far better what you want. If you only want emotional comfort you know you can get it from many sources making the choosing process harder, if you want sex, same thing though it makes it easier to leave behind the described individual should they not measure up, and ultimately it becomes a rather dull selection process. I forgot to mention that this is all while you are male so you're not "choosing" so much as choosing among those who chose you, which of course is even worse, albeit turning it on it's head is not rocket science and you're actually capable of rocket science so it isn't impossible.

3. Sex Sucks (And You Can't Admit It)

Sex three times with the same person equals "figured it out, puzzle over". The concept of intimacy exists, of course, and it isn't so much a matter of a lack of physical ability as it is just the fact that the male will bore easily. After all it isn't rocket science and honestly it is less and less intriguing the smarter you get; perhaps at first when one is a teenager it is exciting however by the time you achieve a rational accumulation of years countable to the point of being "old" you just literally wait for it to be over with. Of course in a sex craved world where men are essentially beasts with the sole purpose of breeding on their minds and high achievement is merely a vehicle to such you can't actually state that you find sex boring without people becoming quizzical and confused mistaking physical pleasure for mental engagement and interest.

4. The Title Problem

This one is fascinating to me because I have experienced this quite closely; I do not have a PhD in anything yet I am often mistaken for being an expert in multiple fields that I speak on. This attracts very intelligent women but some refuse, based on the lack of a PhD, to consider me even though I can more than keep up with them in their own field of expertise! Now this doesn't bother me as it is simply a weeding process that handles itself; the person may or may not be pretentious but at least I don't have to find out but it is strange that such weight is placed there. This circles back to the rather dull state of the equal but superior male dating stigma; the culture totes things such as looking deeper into a person but ultimately globally your social clout (title) is worth far more than your ability or anything else for that matter when it comes to dating.

4 Uncommon Tribulations in Dating That Intelligent Men Have


Most Helpful Girl

  • Um, Hello, Mr Intelligent)
    As much as I like to flatter myself thinking of me being an intelligent person, I may not be the best judge of the situation, but all the problems on your list are sounds like you never met the right person, who'd accept all those perfections and flaws of yours.

    First of all, everything's TO PERFECT? Are you kidding? If you aren't arguing - it couldn't even be considered as a relationship) And that person is clearly no mate of yours. If you do believe in soulmates of course, (in which I myself don't believe) with all that cynical rationality)

    Secondly, if you're waiting from her something that she couldn't give you... Then why on earth you even started dating in the first place? Without any shared interests or real attraction between you?

    Thirdly, sex is boring? As I already stated before, it only indicates lack of attraction, passion etc (whatever) ... It could be my naivety, but I personally have a strong belief in monogamic relationships :)

    And finally, title? Seriously? It is too much of a hypocrisy to even consider such "clever" women to be worthy...

    So, my conclusion is that you either can only do casual relationships (or hookups) or you just haven't met the right one yet! Just wait and see, maybe someone will steal your heart, without boring you to death) Good luck!

    P. s. I still found your story quite interesting, much of it similar to my situation.

    From Russia with love!


Most Helpful Guy

  • A person who is truly intelligent would know how to write sentences that are succinct and to the point.

    • Would a truly intelligent person use the definition of a word right after the use of the word?

    • He would if he believed the reader were not as smart as he thought he was.

    • So you support an extended explanation when you fear the audience will not understand?

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What Girls Said 2

  • I like this myTake. I am not very inteligent, but I'm not entirely stupid either. I like to talk with inteligent people because I learn something, but some inteligent people look down on me because I ask or don't understand what they mean. I like inteligent people, but not all like me though...

  • interesting


What Guys Said 2

  • I once had a girl tell me that I was intimidating to girls because I'm "like, super intelligent"...

  • It's like you observed my life. i've had all of these problems and sex as it is nice from time to time is very boring. My reading abilities could use a touch up here and there but I tend to get to know people fast. Though yeah good take.


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