How to Know If They TRULY Love You!


Often I find that people here, especially people of my own age, typically misunderstand the meaning of love and how people demonstrate it in there lives. I myself have delt with many guys who has interpreted my actions to mean more than they really do. And I’m pretty sure there are some girls and guys here who do the same thing. So let me clear the confusion, I will list some actions that someone would take that truly mean love or at least care.

How to know if they TRULY loves you!

Spending Time

Time is a valuable thing, some if someone has chosen to spend plenty of their time would you, then they must really love you. Although it has to be time that is well spent, and the event must be very pleasing to both parties. If you leave knowing more about your partner then when you met, thin that was time well spent together.

How to Know If They TRULY Love You!


Not just the typical romantic gifts like flowers and chocolates(although there are people who like those too), what I really mean is a gift that is special to the person in mind, a gift that means something to your date or even better, one that resembles your relationship itself

How to Know If They TRULY Love You!

Showing Care

Does the person in question care about you. No I mean really care about you. Does he or she ask about your day or recent events that has happened in your life. Honestly do they care! If they love you then they should.

does the person in question listen to the stories that you tell. Not just sitting there waiting for you to finish or interrupt to say something that they find more important. Does this person look at you when you’re talking or is he/she looking at some portable device.

How to Know If They TRULY Love You!

Common misconceptions


Don’t always assume that if someone is staring at you then that means they like you. There are many reasons why people stare. People often stare at things that are weird or out of place to, keep that in mind. Also they may be staring at something behind you.

How to Know If They TRULY Love You!


A shy person is always just shy because they have a crush on you. But maybe there just shy, being around new people is always awkward for them. Don’t make it about you.


Again some people are just really obnoxious. They like to be the center of attention. Again it most likely has nothing to do with you. They like making a name for themselves, want to be talked about.

Toughing hair

Some people are very self conscious. You know, the people who are worried about their looks too much. They would tend to pet their hair or adjust their clothes.

How to Know If They TRULY Love You!

Thanks for reading

I hope this take helps you better understand how to tell if someone truly loves you. Next time you’ think someone is in love with you, think of this list and see how many of these apply to the person in question.

— Heartcrusher

How to Know If They TRULY Love You!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • ObscuredBeyond
    I tried sending her a gift. It got lost in the mail. I wanted to help her by helping her boss track down a thief. He got away. I've set up dates for us. She goes jogging after work and completely forgets about the day after. But gets some interesting photos of stuff around town.

    I've tried helping her by helping her company with marketing. They shoot down half my ideas, just because they can't account for where they got the ideas from, and not because they're bad.

    Before I know it, she becomes ridiculously popular on Facebook, and other guys disrespect the relationship and begin openly hitting on her.

    She is happy to see me, but hesitant to do much.

    Some days, you just can't win. To be fair, she's from China, and her getting serious with me is still culturally taboo.
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    • Well in my opinion you did truly show that you care about her, and that’s really great. Honestly though, I’ve never dated. So it’s not like I can make a take called “ How to make your relationship stay perfectly intact forever”

      Like you said, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. There are other variables that will interrupt a relationship like carrer, friends finance or just bad luck. There are lots of things that are changing in her life right now that are unintentionally tampering with your relationship. Especially if it’s long distance.

Most Helpful Girl

  • FreshStart_2018
    Great take. I’d also like to add to this you know when you’re in love when you’re actually trying to figure out how to solve arguments not to loose that person and find a solution that helps both to grow.
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  • Jmcmanning
    I don't quite agree, even thought you had some good points. There are several different types of love and all of these types of love have these charactertics. There are additional items that need to be mentioned for a "romantic/intimate" love. Yes, I do realize you did not specify the type of love you were discussing or if love in general. However, I truly love my son, I truly love my family and close friends and boyfriend but each of these "truly love" are different from person to person.
  • milettescheepers
    They take care of you. Not financially but if youd end up in a wheel chair theyd love to look after you forever. You won't ever have any doubts when you meet this person
  • Chaoseverywhere
    Now I know why I got dumped.
    Good points on spotting real signs, sounds legit.

    Need I just need to fake them better next time. lol jk

  • HereIbe
    I knew when she kept talking about marriage this and marriage that and marriage the other. Fortunately, that was what I was hoping for, so I asked her to marry me.

    Now she's my wife.
  • inviolable_lungs
    Hey I knew someone who was very good a faking all the signs
  • -Beonkia
    True love doesn't exist
  • Emma_240302
    This would help me when I get a boyfriend
  • coolbreeze
    Very true and you makr great points
  • Auctor
    This is a really good read
  • Pastuccid
    Very useful
  • N23SA
    He doesn't love me
  • burnitdown
    I dont think so
    l can tell? always
  • vanco22
    Great useful article 👍🏼
  • Anonymous
    Good read.
  • Anonymous
    Thank you