Why I'm Scared To Date- A Day In The Life Of A Noncommittal Girl

Why I'm Scared To Date- A Day In The Life Of A Noncommittal Girl

I want to date people.

I want to LOVE people. And I do. But, as soon as they ask that one question for me to be their girlfriend, I feel like chains have been tied around my neck. Countless excuses jump out of me. "My parents would kill me!" "I'm not in a good place right now to date." "We aren't close enough." "Our friendship is more important." "I'm trying to focus on school."

And so many more.

I want to date them. I dream of being held by a dreamy guy, looking into each others eyes with romantic gleams. It's just suffocating to be in a relationship. What if I fall in love with someone else? What if I stop loving them? What if I accidentally cheat?! WHAT IF THIS IS ALL A MISTAKE?!

I love flirting. I like the feeling of sexy whispers, holding hands, and sneaking kisses with mischievous smiles, because for a few hours, we're each others.

But, for a lifetime? That's scary.

I want to date people! But I'm terrified! I've dated one person in primary school, and immediately broke it off. I feel suffocated, scared, and possessed.


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  • I was the same way for a long time. It wasn't until several months ago that I started feeling comfortable with the idea of being in a relationship. Don't worry about dating right now. I'm sure when the right person comes along you'll become more open to commitment. It may take you a long time, but you'll get over this fear eventually.

    • Glad to know you got over it!
      Thanks for the advice. <3

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  • Wow, that's rough. Some day you might end up changing your mind when you are older. Whatever the case, I hope that your life turns out well.

    • Hopefully, haha. Thanks for the positivity! :)

    • @ LegateLanius

      that's what i thought too... still the same if not worst :(

  • This is an accurate description of me


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