Why I Don't Date

why I don't date

why I don't date

1. Teen boys are not mature. I mean they still think making fart noises with their underarms or think it's great they finally got a pit hair or thinking thair top dog because they got that ugly line of hair on their lip

Why I Don't Date

FUCK I HATE THAT SHIT just shave it.

Why I Don't Date

2. most don't know what they want there more listening to their hormones.

Why I Don't Date


Why I Don't Date

Why I Don't Date

4 they still do that stupid cat calling and inappropriate joking that's not even funny speaking horrible about girls they don't know just because they think they are being cool.

Why I Don't Date

5. gifts. look we are teens most of us don't really have jobs maybe a part time or something so I know they don't have the cash to be getting me flowers and shit and they know it but they do it anyway because they want to win her over but id prefer you don't

Why I Don't Date

6. my dad would probably shoot there ass

Why I Don't Date

7. if not my dad my cousin will has already threatened to kill him

Why I Don't Date

8 won't last face it as soon as you at of high school your gone rather it be college or straight to work one of you is leaving

Why I Don't Date


Why I Don't Date

11. face it you never going to be as sexy as anime.

Why I Don't Date
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  • BrittBratt2416
    1. Yes teenagers are and can be very much immature. However not all of them are this way.. i really don't hear guys make fart jokes anymore even if they are teenagers.. then again I'm 25 and been out of school for quite sometime
    2. This is true-ish. Guys do reach a sexually peak in their teen years do horomones.
    3. I'm gonna have to disagree with this, growing up there was more drama between girls than anything.. take it from me, I got into a fight with best friend at school.
    4. Some do.. I guess but sometimes they really are just giving us a compliment and we end taking it the wrong way.. even if its not sexual.
    5. Okay women have got to stop doing this! It don't matter if he has a job or not, if a boy brings you flowers out of kind of his heart you accept it. Women are always complaining now how their man never does anything romantic or sweet.. you keep chastising him for it then that man/boy is never gonna want to do it again. Then one day you'll look at him and say "how come you never do anything cute anymore.. you use to bring me flowers all the time".
    6. Well at least you have a good father but trust me that is going to get annoying quick when you finally find a boy you really like and your dad won't even let you see him
    7. Again.. it will get annoying. Every boy you like will be to scared to come to you cause your cousin is huge cock block and they don't want to get wrecked over some girl
    8. I agree with this. High school relationships rarely last, its better to focus on your education.. however if you do decide to date.. just take it as a early leaning experience.
    9. I have no idea how you forgot #9 so #10 will be #9. Yeah its kinda true. Highschool girls loose it sometimes cause we tend to fall " in love" so fast with a guy we only been dating for 2 weeks. Girls be making plans saying "omgosh we're celebrating our 2 weeks together!" girl chill the hell out... and calm down.
    10. yeah lol anime guys are pretty freakin hot. I'm telling you if anime dudes were rule I been jumping them quick.
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    • soulbabe

      1. still, every school I went to every boy there was a major prick but then again I was home schooled a lot so people getting right up in my face piss me off because you're in my bubble if i can touch you your to fucking close.
      2. i was not just referring to boys when i said that just most teens.
      3. never said there wasn't drama between girls i live with a bunch of drama mamas everything all the time Kait kait kait kait bitch bitch bitch omg it wasnet even my mess get off my ass your helling at me while fighting your sister what the fuck and my male cussins go ape shit crazy over little tinny things im the only one in the family has a grip on my temper.4 i don't normally mistake it i normally know what they are saying pretty well just from being around my cousins and there friends all the time. 5, its not just boys just ingernorl i dont like getting gifts from anyone it makes me uncomfortable unless i have something i was giving them first 6. my dad can't really stop me from doing any

    • soulbabe

      anything my dad doesn't scare me he's about as scary as a teddy bear.7 my cousin won't do shit just because i have shit on him to so its pretty much i dare you half pint.
      did not skip 9 it just got cut for whatever reason. 10 i dont mean im crazy in that way im just out of my bloody mind.11 yes yes thay are can i please just live in anime come on ill give up an eye

Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    After reading through all of this, I came back to your item #1 (teen boys are not mature) and just laughed hysterically at the irony.
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    • soulbabe

      What u mean? And if you say I'm not mature I never said I was

    • Anonymous

      You're not mature.

    • soulbabe

      I'll say this one more time just in case you read it WRONG I never said I was mature. Besides your one to talk at least I don't hid behind a Anon sign to insult someone so before you start judging me you better make damn sure you're perfect yourself

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  • JoeSchmoeCool
    Soulbabe, you said "im not bitter" yet you moan about people making fart noises with their arm pits. You even state that you are willing replace someone's "shampoo with tar." As others have told you, you are in no position to judge what makes a person mature. You even stated that you never claimed to be mature yourself and I believe your dialogue on this site is evident of that.
    • soulbabe

      I said I never said I was mature. I'm teen with vary adult problems so I suggest you go pick at some other walking carcass you over grown Ravin

    • Hypocrisy isn't exclusively an adult problem, soulbabe. If you don't act like a walking carcass, there's nothing to pick at :)

    • soulbabe

      im referring to my whole life falling apart around me. hay with the way you talk your profile pick should be this cdn.someecards.com/.../...6f2ba474a43568dd6cb7.png or this i.ytimg.com/vi/sm5LICn-9CM/maxresdefault.jpg

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  • I was invited to share an opinion and my honest opinion is I don't give a fuck about your reasons you don't date. If you don't wanna date, that's fine for you but if you spend your time legitimating it to the internet I feel like your inner self is rather troubled by this decision a you are not so in tune with yourself about it...
    • soulbabe

      nah just had nothing better to do

    • by the way I don't think one of your listed reasons is a legitimate good reason to not date.

    • soulbabe

      whats that?

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  • Unit1
    1. Boys are boys. Just let them be boys because they won't have that later in life anymore once they men up.
    2. Fair enough.
    3. Dramatic? I am not sure but I got the feeling, that girls are more dramatic. But if the boys in your area are dramatic, then I have nothing against it.
    4. Why that picture? I don't really get it. If that's catcalling then I don't know what seeing someone for the first time is. But jokingly getting girls attention in an inappropriate manner isn't pleasant, I agree.
    5. It's alright but I have been taught by redeyemindtricks, that gifts are best to be accepted since those were put into efforts and expecting nothing to return. But I agree, winning girls over with gifts and materialistic stuff is pathetic.
    6. Ouch!
    7. Ouch!
    8. Especially true!
    10 (9). Yes, you are :>
    11 (10). So what? I find most women sexy as sex! I am even thinking how women are such sex-godesses. Women are blessed with their irresistible sexiness! We don't have that as often.

    Now my reasons why I don't date:
    1. The biggest reason of all is cultural differences. I am a migrant from Germany in a place I rather not disclose and the cultural differences makes it unable for me to connect with girls.
    2. I'm a broke bloke
    3. I am too Depressed
    4. Some girls care about money so much, that my view on women got warped.
    5. Unrealistic high expectations from females
    6. Drama and throwing a freak show over something as stupid as a digital like signal on social media on other girls. Oh wait, I don't have social media :>
    7. I'm busy. Really busy! Studies and work got me occupied.
    8. Girls probably can't keep up with my extremely high sex drive and I am close to satyriasis (except I'm a virgin). Girls may think, that I am using them for sex, which isn't entirely true. It's just the maintenance I need in order to be in a happy relationship, so my best match would be a near-nymphomaniac girl.
    9. I watch porn and my little pony. I will not quit at will.
    10. Most girls smoke, which is a dealbreaker for me.

    There we have it :)
    • soulbabe

      What u talking about my dad is still a major goof ball never said they weren't dramatic but I'm not really in real life. 4 because it's the pic I could find that discribe it.10 like I said I think anime boy's are sexy not real boy's

    • Unit1

      Fair fair.
      I find anime girls sexy also but I also find real women just as sexy 馃槏馃槏馃槏

  • KnightCross
    that feminist girl with rainbow coloured arm pit hair was hilarious as fuck :D :D :D

    but still ur last point is not valid: real boys may not be perfect but at least they do exist
    • soulbabe

      anime boys are still better and it is to valid point 10 im crazy as fuck

    • anime boys are still better? huh? probably because u haven't see guys like me yet ;D

    • soulbabe

      I have meet people consider hot but I still think anime boy's are sexy

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  • JudgmentDay
    Only date if you really want to date. Otherwise it really doesn't fucking matter at all! Am I right @Unit1? Anything only has as much importance, meaning, value, worth, or matter as once perceives, think, feel, desire, need and/or believe that it has or does.
    • Unit1

      Yep, exactly. Only do it if you want to. Only do it if it matters to you.

  • Jay_Lauren
    OMG YASSSS. I have seen all of those AMVS!!! Sexy anime boysss sighhhh. Take me now plzz. Anyways tho, I'm fine with some immaturity humor wise, because even as a teen girl I like to make stupid dirty jokes and stuff. Then again, I'm the type of girl who loves video games, and anime, and watching gaming lets plays on YouTube... so I find my personality to be somewhat boyish in that department. But otherwise I'm actually very girly. I've never dated, only because I don't really talk to people. I want to, it's just that it takes me a bit of time to warm up to a person and become my normal, crazy self. And people usually stop talking to me before I can warm up to them, maybe because they think I'm weird, or because they think I'm a snooty bitch. But I'm not sighh. All in all tho, I'm just waiting for the right dude who is chill, funny, and most importantly who I can watch anime and play video games with. :) Wow I just gave you like my whole life story so you're welcome. B)
    • soulbabe

      I don't mean immature as in roughhousing and stuff they just act like babies

  • xXiTacoXx
    11. face it you never going to be as sexy as anime. <- 2D husbando's are best husbando's.
  • shyblonde
    Honestly it's better at your age not to date, focus on school instead and worry about dating later because you're right, young guys are very immature. School and figuring out your career path is more important than some pimply horny replaceable teen guy because "love" won't pay the bills
  • Riggers
    I think you're generalising an entire group of society based purely on your bad experience with a minority, can't say I've ever met a teenage guy who finds "armpit farts" funny or is anywhere near as aggressive or dramatic as you make them out to be.
    • soulbabe

      Your also in England I live in Iowa

    • soulbabe

      so yah here they are really dramatic and immature i have literally had my cousins friends come in my room hen im sleeping and fart under the blanket to wake me up like WTF

    • AL3XUV

      " so yah here they are really dramatic and immature i have literally had my cousins friends come in my room hen im sleeping and fart under the blanket to wake me up like WTF "

      Thank you stranger of the day, you just made my day. haha.

      On the serious note I do not find it funny.

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  • SammOlives
    Yea , just go out and meet more people. join an group or even start a group with your friends. young boy surely do stupid things all the time, may be spend more time understand men more first, since we need to learn that women are also an annoying creature. All you need to do is just get used to it and the impression to men may change over time.
    • soulbabe

      first off I don't have friends the only friend i have is my cousin. trust me i know girls are anoying

  • MarkGerrits
    SO after taking the while to see all of it ;o. i'm left with one question. What made you become this bitter :P? it's part of life... ^^ If you won't have this shit at age 16-21 you will lack the experience when you are "ready" to get serious ;P.

    i wanna know did you have a relationship gone bad? or why do you think this way ;)? If not, then how can you be sure this kind of stuff would happen with ur relationship ;P?
    • fack forgot to add my naruto signature xP

    • soulbabe

      im not bitter

    • until proven different, that's gonna be how i envision you by posting this :P.
      +thats not a answer on the question :3

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  • Dim1213
    Nice reasons but for guys the reason they mostly won't date in highschool is 1 women are crazy as fuck and 2 they are not ready to try and tangle with a crazy lion in their life on a regular basis yet. 3 They sick at flirting still.
  • sp33d
    I had a good laugh :D You're doing much better making content like this than wasting time dating, anyway.
  • F媒rdracaD贸cincel
    Hmm. I don't know why, but I'm thinking this opinion requires a special soundtrack.

    1.) Where do you live where the percentage of guys who are like this is higher than 20%?

    2.) I hate to say it, but girls are way worse with controlling themselves than guys are. Way worse.

    3.) Refer to point #2.

    4.) Honestly, some girls like it.

    5.) Just accept the fact that he bought the damn things already. Jesus.

    6 and 7.) Then defend him. Girls who can't stand up to their family in situations like this aren't worth their salt.

    8.) This is reasonable.

    *Skipped nine*

    10.) That's what they all say.

    11.) Yeah, oookay.
    • soulbabe

      1. all over the country 2. never said they were good at it. 4 dident say the dident like it. 5. um no 6 AND 7 dont have to he don't exist 10 yah but i really am. 11 refer to point 10. and i never said it applied to other people just me

    • Are you drunk? You're not yourself right now at all.

    • soulbabe

      im not drunk

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  • _lauren_
    I know people who have been married for years despite being high school sweethearts. It's unlikely, but I wouldn't think about it assuming that you're going to break up.
    i don't date people because no one wants to date me lol.
  • nevermoregirl7
    Girl, anime is not going to satisfy for long. But honestly I didn't start dating till I was 24, now I have a boyfriend for over a year. You have plenty of time and it's good you recognize that.
    • soulbabe

      Don't know what you talking about anime kept me happy for several years know.

    • soulbabe

      It's pointless to date at my age

    • It wears off. Trust me. You are only 17.

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  • OrdinaryGentleman
    I think that it's up to you to live your life. I whole heartedly agree that most teenage boys are base and vile, partially because their fathers never instilled in them traditional values of respecting women, but rather ignored them... so they relied upon peers and see those peers as the better alternative to learning. Sadly to say they don't know jack.
    Good call.
    • soulbabe

      i have literally had boys get in my face and call me a vial name 9 was skipped on the list i dont know why but it said i have a bad temper the name calling got thair ass stomped im not going to be disrespected by some punk

    • Good gal, find a boy who isn't stupid

  • Mr-Kabuki
    I'm sure you'll look back at this and cringe a little.
    • soulbabe


    • Mr-Kabuki

      You don't think you'll feel weird about writing a post where you talked about how attractive cartoons were?

    • soulbabe

      Nope not in the slightest

  • Listening5
    I didn't read it, I like the pictures tho.
    If you dont wanna date then dont date, its cool. Sometimes its better to just make friends. If one day you wanna date then you will know, for now its all good.
  • America1st
    Always remember, there are a lot of good guys out there. At your age, it doesn't seem like there are any, but never give up.
  • Topkek1
    Yes, i bet a 17-year-old girl is SO much more mature! You only deserve the best, my lovely princess!
    • soulbabe

      I never said I was mature number 9 was cut I said I'm only part time mature and have a bad temper.

    • soulbabe

      Before you criticize me you better be fucking perfect

    • Topkek1

      The typical self-centered, entitled modern women that think they know everything and are better than everyone. Get over yourself, you're pathetic.

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  • Browneye57
    Yes. You're simply not ready yet. Give yourself time to grow up a little more. Do group things, have lots of friends. This is what well adjusted teens do.
    • soulbabe

      fuck friends I don't need friends I never had friends my whole life so i dont need them now either

    • Browneye57

      Ya, fuck friends can be good too. ;)


    • soulbabe

      o haha haha

  • Heartcrusher
    1-2 Yeah don't expect high/middle school dating to be serious it's all just a game at our age. 99% of people are immature at high/middle schools. And I hear maybe 80% are not much better in college. 3. Drama the definition of teenagers girls and boys 4. yeah sex jokes are annoying to me just don't talk to those types. Flirting isn't bad or mean, if someone flirts with you just drop the flirt boom back on them their reaction is priceless. Anyway you have a point don't get serious intell you got your own job and house
  • BlondeBlueEyes84
    Because White men don't want you, never hit on you and ask you out, and you're sick and tired of settling down with ugly Black and Brown "men".
    • soulbabe

      first off not true secondly don't make this about race 3 a cute boy from my old school asked me out a week ago I said no

  • Latinlove
    Why are teen girls so much drama, Jesus, no older guy is going to date you with that attitude neither, you act way too childish.
    But these are the effects of puberty anyway.
    • soulbabe

      I don't want to date anyone because I hate all people equally. I fully intended on being a hurment living in the middle of nothing with my dog fuck the world

    • Latinlove

      Wouldn't expect anything less coming from an anime fan.

    • soulbabe

      Excuse me leave anime out of this first off a lot of people who like anime have a SO. So what do that have to do with it

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  • thelastvalkyrie
    You think teen boys are immature? Wait until you get into college they are even more more immature in college
  • JadeTea
    This sums everything up! I couldn't say it any better!
  • Ahmed_Sy15x
    1. yeah that's not mature but we do it cuz we won't be able to do it when we get older, so we're just enjoying our childhood.
    2. Yes, but that's true about 13-15 girls too, not only boys.
    3. That's the way we are.
    4. we do it to those girls who wear sexy things that make them look like bitches.
    5. I thought girls like that?
    6. yup, a traditional protective American dad.
    10. not gonna lie, you are.
    11. Come on, you're talking about Japanese cartoon characters which were designed based on whites... except their hair.
    • soulbabe

      Not sure where u are getting u can't be childishly when you are an adult. 2 na that's thair whole life till 60 3. yes I know 4. not entirely true I have had them do that when I have a hoodie 5 time's my size and Jean's. 11 yes I know I just like thare personality and the way they look don't judge me you can't tell me thares not like 1000 people who have topless anime chick's on thare phone wall or PC

    • I'm not judging you, i have a sibling who is crazy about anime and all that Japanese stuff... but I can never understand how he could jerk off to those cartoons.
      yes they look cool to me too but what I'm saying is you can't get married to a cartoon character can you?

    • soulbabe

      I'm not crazy eghnofe to but actually you can in this day and age I can marry a flower and Mars. but me and my cousin are addicted to anime a lot of people are

  • naraku
    I think if this is how you feel and perceive thing's then you should be supported with how you feel.

    In the past I dated more to build myself and learn about me , but also how to interact with females in different ways than you learn or are exposed to at school.

    Instantly one thing comes to mind that would eliminate a lot of the negative points you listed : older guy.
    He doesn't need to be much older just one that might have a job and be a bit more mature.

    Again , if you don't want to date I think it's your choice so take it as that.
    Good on you for making this choice right now.
    • soulbabe

      doesn't matter if i want to or not im never around people close to my age

    • naraku

      why , you don't go out much or something?

    • soulbabe

      online school

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  • Whatthefluff
    True lol
  • AdamThomas
    You didn't really need to add point 10.
  • ShadowUnicorneTears
    They only get worse :/
  • NajemEddine
    okay just shoot the guy in the head :p
  • Viranda
    What are you, thirteen?
  • Blitzkrieger
    You like 2d husbandos better.
  • CT_CD
    Guys are more mature than girls
  • Benk111
    my grang parent met when they were teenagers
    • soulbabe

      i never said men were complete ass holes. and they from a different time

  • GayHowellMeme
    Very weeabo of you 😁
  • red07net
    i like the ripping to shreds part
  • Sabretooth
    ...''wrong crowds''...
  • Anonymous
    teenage dating is stupid. but guess what we live in a society that glorifies stupidity and the casual behaviors of the many dictate whats normal and whats not.
  • Anonymous
    i don't date because i don't want anybody in my life
  • Anonymous
    If you still think of guys' facial hair as "ugly"" then t's probably best that you don't date.
    • soulbabe

      i dident say facial hair is ugly i think when teen boys are trying to grow it and have that icky little line

    • Anonymous

      Do you have memory loss? You literally said facial hair is ugly.

  • Anonymous
    I think it is hypocritical to expect a mature man when you aren't really mature yourself. Go watch more anime!
    • soulbabe

      Your one to talk of maturity sense you have to be Anon to mock someone. You also don't know my maturity level with out knowing the real me and I never said I was mature

    • Anonymous

      I never said you said you are mature. My choice whether I want to go anon or not and has got to do nothing with my age. If I need to know the real you to check your maturity level, you need to know the real me before you speak about my anonymity.

    • soulbabe

      i never said he had to be mature just not an idot a lot of guys ar not mature even in their 30s, for instance, my aunt's boyfriend Big Luke is a pain in my ass ill be trying to cook and he will move shit so i can't find it he put cranberry juice in my cherry Pepsi the son of a jackass shaved my cat. my dad is a big goff to he growls like a dog hell me and him still make sparkler bombs i don't have a problem with being goofy i have a problem with being a jackass

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