Why I Don't Wanna Date in 2017!


As a single 26 year old woman, living in a big city- I am a New Years Resolution: NO DATING IN 2017.

1. I am so done with modern dating

I don't wanna sound negative or even cynical, but I have had enough with modern dating. The common ideology that I have discovered is that many men do not wish to commit to one woman and would rather go around playing the field. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? I am tired of wasting my time, resources and energy on men that don't take relationships as serious as they should be.

Why I Don't Wanna Date in 2017!

2. Love happens when you least expect it

I have to be honest, in that my last 2 serious boyfriend happened in this manner. I ran into one on the public transit, and the other I was introduced to via a friend, when I was sweaty and on my way home from the gym! So honestly, maybe it is time to stop looking for love and let it happen, whenever it happens.

Why I Don't Wanna Date in 2017!

3. Focus on me this year

I want this year to be focused on learning about myself and what I want and don't want. I need to spend time working on being the best me I can be, and perhaps more time working on my health and fitness. I have put men in front of my well being for a long time now, and I hope 2017 will be a different outcome- but that is up to me.

Why I Don't Wanna Date in 2017!
Why I Don't Wanna Date in 2017!
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  • Taleygirl1998
    Why does it seem like everyone is on the same page as me 2017?😍🙌💪
    The idea of dating, or even liking someone bothers me. I've been hurt so much and struggling with guys for as long as I can remember. It's really time to focus on myself and let me be in control of my own emotions. Vs. a guy making me give way to tears every other hour. Im so over it
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  • godfatherfan
    I did that in 2016 to a point. First off, I feel the same way about women. I think most men want just one woman. But while women refuse to make the first move and ask guys out or pay for dates, they do want to date other men and never want to just be in a relationship. Seems they just figure they will fuck every guy. I have never met a guy (and I am very serious about this) that wanted to "Play the field".
    After getting screwed over by yet another woman, I realized that when I started dating WAY too early after the divorce I did not want, I took time to get myself "ready to date". That is, I took 6 months off from dating until my head was ready to date after 3 months of disasters. But what I never did in the 2 years since the divorce is take time for me. I dated someone for 66 days. I was with her 56 of those days. It was very much like how I met my wife. Actually what was funny is both were named Amy and Both were blonde / blue eye's.
    Anyway, I took the rest of 2016 off. I got into bowling big time. I just did things to make me happy. The only thing is not having sex really sucks. Women are lucky in that they have toys that completely replace a penis. Your toys look, and feel better then the real thing. but guys have are Fleshlights. They are better then our hand but far from the real thing. And to use them right, you have to heat them up in water (so simulate the body being warm) and that is such a pain in the ass, it is easier to just get it over with.
    Anyway, a woman I dated for 8 months in 2015 texted me. She offered friends with benefits. So we hook up for just sex when we can. She lives 40 miles away so it is only every couple weeks.
    The issue I have had is that this whole last year, I am so torn about dating. I keep unhiding my account on POF, okcupid, tinder etc., then hiding it. It seems I really want to be with someone. I just don't know if I can ever trust a woman again. Seems woman just lie, cheat and only care about themselves. I haven't come accross any yet that have made me think otherwise. WOmen in their 40's are like men in their teens/20's. All they want is sex. And while they won't take that first step in dating, they go after it fast and that is all they seem to want. Me, meh. I don't have a huge sex drive.
  • GraveTruth
    1. If you'd pick guys to date for reasons that are not stupid such as "he's tall" then maybe you can find a meaningful relationship.
    2. Being a woman, yes. You don't have to do anything to find a boyfriend. They will come to you. So therefore it's easy to say "I'm gonna stop trying" when it'll just work out for you anyway.
    3. Yes, that's fine as long as you don't self destroy yourself with loneliness as I have and millions of other guys and woman have done.
    • Lol when she gets to your age then she will have to start trying by then

  • Mrwoo99
    "I am tired of wasting my time, resources and energy on men"

    You don't waste anything! Us men have to do the approaching, go through numerous hostile rejections, pay for your dates, lead the interaction, spend time chasing and messaging women and work our asses off mind gaming so you can feel attracted to us because female sexuality is so dam complicated and retarded.

    What do you do; sit there and open a tinder account or just wait somewhere in a bar.
    • Meh, you ain't lying. I usually notice a good chunk of the chronically single girls I know is because of something really fucking stupid. Like their ideal man is 6'6, a lawyer who models and plays the french horn. Guys on the other hand, it is a project in itself, like you gotta take him clothes shopping and teach him how to shower.

    • Mrwoo99

      @spoonman2014 it would be cheaper and hassle free to pay for model escort. At least they're guaranteed sex and to be smoking hot.

    • I don't think it's that easy for women but yeah I get it.

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  • Unit1
    That's totally fine! We are not to judge.
    Some of us guys also have the exact same reasons, why we don't date women.
    In particular for me it's the entitlements, that turn me away from dating.

    If it's not worth it, it just isn't.

    Enjoy your 2017! Good luck!
  • spoonman2014
    I want to take the middle approach here and say this. We as a gender need to accept our own faults. Like how dumb is it that men will cheat on their girlfriends but her boss gives her a promotion and he is ready to blast the guys brains out? Or how dumb is it that a girl will say she wants a guy who will treat her right but because he didn't get you a dime bag and a 40oz it is took much for you?
  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
  • cth96190
    Thank Feminism, which has resulted in divorce law that is so loaded against men that only a delusional lunatic who had a death wish would want to cohabit with, or marry, a woman.
    Thank Feminism, for child-support law that makes it too dangerous to touch a woman.
    Thank Feminism, for sexual harassment rules and laws that can criminalise just asking a girl on a date. Look up what has been happening in Nottinghamshire, England.
    Thank Feminism for the false rape allegations, which make it too dangerous to be alone with a woman.
    Western women had better get used to being alone, because a lot more of them are going to spend their lives alone. . . aside from their cats.
    Thank Feminism.
    • Spot on!

    • @AviationMonk I guess that ends up with everybody being lonely then!

    • Jager66

      @eyesofdesire It sure does, but it's still true, sometimes the truth just plain sucks.

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  • NyomiMcClinton
    This was a nice read, I feel the same way. I am focusing on myself and my goals. I dont want to go out in search for someone. I believe the dating scene has changed a lot.
  • dolemite68
    I think you're expectations in number 1 are a bit delusional. How does monogamy really benefit anybody but women? number 2 is sooo true. It's never the nights you specifically go out to meet people that turn out great its always random nights. That's why I think its lame when guys go out to bars and clubs specifically to get laid. I've always had much more success with girls when my goal for the night is i'm just going to go out to have fun.
  • Love_Is_Eternal
    Who cares? A lot of men feel the same about women and arestaying single. I am a MGTOW and I have saved thousands of pounds as a result of staying single and the best is yet to come. Stay single, I doubt men will care if you do :)
    • "focusing on me this year!' Ahhh the ramblings of a woman approaching the wall at breakneck speed. Shit that women with full inboxes never say.

  • Loadedgamer
    All you have to say was "I am a single women whose broke, so I need to focus on getting my financial stuff rather than cock."

  • LittleSally
    That's the best way to be overall in my mind.
    It's the healthiest. Why would you waste your time with 'dating' when you have better things to do...
  • gbjackalope
    Definitely agree with the whole 'focus on yourself' thing. The key to a good relationship is to be in a good relationship with yourself first.
  • Sara413
    Nothing wrong with that!

    In fact, it's healthy to learn to just focus on yourself for a while.
  • fuuuark
    RESOURCES? Women don't waste resources on dating (and rarely have them anyway) The famous saying "prostitution is the worlds oldest profession"(coined by Runard Kipling) refers to women in general for a reason!
  • tyber1
    1) have more to offer

    2) sometimes, you're really gonna rely on random chance though?

    3) should have been doing that from the start
    • tyber1

      Actually, you're a girl so you probably relied on random chance anyways. If you were a guy, you'd be setting yourself up for a long period of celebacy. Scratch number 2 I guess.

  • Liisjak
    I'll never understand people that run away from problems, it's like the easiest thing to do, also it shows no character and it takes no effort. Though, your life your choice.
  • PlacentaSalad
    Well, it's true. Many men aren't willing to commit. But this is because many women around your age are not done partying and drinking every weekend and will give themselves away easily. You quoted it yourself.

    It's either that they're promiscuous or they're too focused on school or a career. Personally, the career woman isn't for me. The sad part is that these are the only two types of girls that seem to exist and neither make for particularly good wives or mothers.

    I've had enough with modern dating as well. What I've mentioned previously is exactly my experiences in meeting with women.
  • AthleticMom
    I agree with everything BUT
    dating is fun and doesn't have to have a goal other than that
  • jemjem2017
    well if you don't want to date this 2017 maybe you set a goal for your self and for you job.
  • Froman
    I like this, at least (1) and (2) honestly I think that's a good way to live life not just a year
  • lazermazer
    I miss down vote button for take. And this one is featured? #dafq
  • John_Doesnt
    So you're gonna be alone for Valentine's and miss out on all the golddigging?
  • SlightlyCrazy
    Wow that's a lot of bullshit for just three or for paragraphs
  • Centurion20000
    Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Thank a feminist for that one.
  • Robertinho
    ... well said
  • sovetskii13
    I am so happy for you.
  • pavlove
    lol this is a corny take
  • Guyana90
    Good for you, girl. Hope you have an amazing year
  • Anonymous
    Totally agree.
  • Anonymous
    What about the women who like to play the field and don't take dating seriously? There's two sides to every coin. Feminism is destroying dating. I've had women who I've dated who I've gotten into a relationship with and then a month in , they wanna be single again. Reason why... being in a relationship with a guy was taking away their "freedom". Well aren't I... the guy in the relationship, doing the exact same thing? Giving up my "freedom" as well to have a nice romantic relationship. Then they go back to what they know... "playing the field" and string people along either cause they don't know what they want or they do and are just playing a giant game with the men they come across, which is messed up. We re all human beings and should respect each other and our feeling and take relationships seriously.
  • Anonymous
    Let me guess your pick of men, he has to be 6ft, has to be this or that has to always make me laugh has to be confident and if he complains about something he's a whiny B, and then you get comments from women saying you go girl, lmao, am i surprised no, why because you keep going out with chad thundercocks.
  • Anonymous
    "many men do not wish to commit to one woman and would rather go around playing the field"

    This is a result of womens standards going through the roof. A guys odds of getting with a girl even with him dedicating a lot of time solely to her are still low. His odds of a girl showing any interest at all are higher if he casts a wide net.

    You can blame men all you want but it's women who did something that caused this reaction. If you want men to change women are going to have to change.
  • Anonymous
    this is kind of like that woman who told ellen d. "i dont hate you, god just hates your sin". it's a common religious homophobe slur, to make it look like she's not homophobic.

    You obviously, just don't want to risk getting hurt. otherwise, you'd date
  • Anonymous
    Totally agree with number 2. It's happened to me
    • Because you're a woman it's not that hard

    • Anonymous

      @Teenagekid16 yes because I am a girl I believe that instead of searching for love it will find you. That's not sexist. Wait till your hanging out or whatever and the girl of your dreams walks up and boom relationship. Were you looking? No. It found you.

    • I don't have a girl of my dreams

  • Anonymous
    It's not that I won't date, but just put myself out there and not make it a priority.

    Last year was a weird year. I got a lot of dates and some flings with the most attractive women I've ever dated in my life yet got screwed over the most. I got sick of being able to attract a lot of women only for it to fall through. I think online dating is kind of a joke especially with all the options people have and it affects both genders.

    But I'd be able to get a lot of dates and women tell me I'm cute, funny, etc and how they wanna see me again only for them to disappear.
  • Anonymous
    "The common ideology that I have discovered is that many men do not wish to commit to one woman and would rather go around playing the field."

    You women need to open your eyes about why that is happening. Hint: it is because of you.

    "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?"

    Why do you think that is happening? See hint above.

    "I am tired of wasting my time, resources and energy on men that don't take relationships as serious as they should be."

    As seriously as we should? Men used to take relationships a lot more seriously, because women used to be worth it. Most women today are simply not worth the time, resources and energy for men.

    Dating and gender relations in the west are in a tough spot, and that is only getting worse. Women have essentially removed all their value to men with the exception of sex and childbirth, and the latter has mostly lost it's allure to men as well since we have no parenting rights but are financially responsible nonetheless. That's just yet another losing proposition for us men, so we've had enough of that too.

    What does that leave? Do you think men are willing to make a long-term commitment to a single woman just for sex? Do you think they should?

    If you women want men to be willing to commit to you again, you need to start offering men reasonable value again, like you used to. Today, you are simply not worth it.

    • Mrwoo99

      In other words why dont women invest time impressing men.

  • Anonymous
    We western men are on strike against western women!
  • Anonymous
    "The common ideology that I have discovered is that many men do not wish to commit to one woman and would rather go around playing the field"

    Translation. I keep picking Chad and guys who have tons of options in women and who other women want and wonder why those guys end up cheating on me behind my back or dumping me for other women. I keep acting like I pick men for their great personality when i often pick them to make other women jealous and for superficial reasons like look, money, and status.

    • Found the "Nice Guy"

    • Anonymous

      @eyesofdesire Oh I'm not nice honey but i'm also not a mangina who will tell you that men are all bad and women are victims.

    • Mrwoo99

      Women are full of crap. They get heart broken and cheated on because theyre always either fucking tall jacked douchbags, violent bad boys/thugs, rich Playboy's/high flyers and pretty boy players. Nice guys get fobbed off, called a creep and used. These little whores all deserve to be alone.

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