8 Dating Trends That Are Taking 2018 By Storm


8 Dating Trends That Are Taking 2018 By Storm

1) Ghostbusting

8 Dating Trends That Are Taking 2018 By Storm

Ghostbusting refers to a person who continues to text you , even though you've ghosted them and you're clearly ignoring them

2) Flexting

8 Dating Trends That Are Taking 2018 By Storm

Flextexting is when a person brags and boasts about themselves in a text message to impress you.But in real life, they aren't all they say they are

3) Cricketing

8 Dating Trends That Are Taking 2018 By Storm

Cricketing is when someone deliberately leaves your text messages on 'read' and they don't respond until days or weeks later .

4) Seredipidating

8 Dating Trends That Are Taking 2018 By Storm

Seredipidating is when someone keeps you hanging on by making excuses not to go on dates with you, or they keep pushing back dates.They do this in the hope someone better comes along

5) Pokemoning

8 Dating Trends That Are Taking 2018 By Storm

Pokemoning is when someone collects as many partners as possible. You think that you're their only one ,but they actually have multiple partners

6) Caspering

8 Dating Trends That Are Taking 2018 By Storm

Caspering is ghosting but in a "kind" and "considerate"way.They don't just ignore you without an explanation. Before they ignore you ,they offer some kind of explanation and warning. They do this so you are not left wondering why they aren't replying to your messages

7) Fauxbae’ing

8 Dating Trends That Are Taking 2018 By Storm

This is when someone pretends to have a SO on social media to make their ex jealous, but really they’re single.

8.) Mosting

8 Dating Trends That Are Taking 2018 By Storm

Mosting is a combination of love-bombing and ghosting. It's when someone love-bombs you,by showering you with lots of love and attention.They pretend to be smitten with you,and make you feel like "you are the one ". Then out of the blue ,they vanish.They just disappear from your life without a word

8 Dating Trends That Are Taking 2018 By Storm
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Lmao yea i eventually have to block those who keep ghostbusting me.
    I may have flextexted once in my life haha but i think lots of people do it.
    Omg i hate when my “friends” cricket me.
    I used to pokemon but i had to drop all my hoes when i met bae lmao.
    I actually caspered all those hoes.
    In 2014 i fell for this guy and he had appeared to fall for me. Skyping and everything went good. We had a date set to meet but he told me his phone may get turned off since he couldnt afford the bill but that it should be back on in time for our date. Yea come to think of it, he may have seridipidated me because he ended up mosting me. Then he came back 3 months later saying his phone was back on. I blocked/deleted him from my phone
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Investigator
    1) putting the suffix -ing behind a word doesn't suddenly make it a verb
    2) none of these actions are new, why are you talking about them, as if only in [current year] 2018 they have suddenly popped up out of the blue, like a revelation of social discourse
    3) "fauxbae’ing", "mosting", you're just making shit up. Seriously, "Pokemoning"? I'm surprised Nintendo hasn't yet sent a DMCA taken notice for this one
    4) "8 Dating Trends That Are Taking 2018 By Storm", wow, the dating scene has really gone to shit in the last 10 years, hasn't it? I'm not even in a relationship and I don't have time for this.
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    • Kkaos

      Op is doing a thing, it's been around for quite a while... Bullshitting.

    • ElvenMr

      @Kkaos Ha

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Logorithim
    That's some rough stuff... no wonder dating and finding someone is hard.
  • coachTanthony
    Everything has a gimmick these days and it's getting worse.
  • Pamina
    Haha, I love these names. Especially ghostbusting! lol

    But caspering sounds like just breaking off contact in a mature way, no?

    Anyway, mosting is the most hurtful and especially most confusing one. I would really like to understand what's going on in the mind of a moster. Like, what's the benefit to them?
  • MusicMayhem
    I get number 4 all the time. A girl seems into me, texts me heaps but then ignores my date requests, but keeps chatting. At that point I ghost them. I'm not wasting my time if you have no intention of dating and just want me to amuse you when you're bored.
  • rjroy3
    It's all old shit, with new terminology. Tho I wouldn't put some of this in the "Dating" category. If someone ghosted you, then you didn't have a romantic interaction to begin with. You didn't have real plans to meet up on a date and they evaded it entirely and are now ignoring you. Wouldn't consider that a part of the dating world lol.
  • RealManAdvice
    What happened to meeting at a bar for a few drinks, going back to your apartment , putting some tunes on, having more drinks and getting the job done all night long.. What is going on? What is happening? Why are adults acting like children.. Weird!
  • milettescheepers
    You should be clever enough to know when dating is just messing around. The4es still true love out there and a soulmate trying to connect with people theyre not supposed to be with. Everything happens on the right time
  • JSmuve
    Who comes up with these retarded names? Pretty sure op is just making shit up now.
    • 10dsw

      She is lol. None of these are real.

  • windknowsmyname
    Love is a battlefield, so much pointless tactics just to demonstrate no real communication skills.. dunno know if they can even human. No they dont know how to human.
  • BillyB4
    All this can be summed up in one word: immaturity. Geez, I don’t get how people find it so hard to be decent to others.
  • GinaTina
    this is too good!!!
    but you forgot to mention the social media couple that on social media, they're all lovey-dovey, but in reality, they're just on their social media accounts posting about their lovey-dovey relationships
  • Schrodingerscat
    Caspering was done to me by not my romantic partner but by a person I considered a friend.

    But then it's okay I guess because it was just on internet. Not like we knew each other IRL
  • Isaack
    These are not the games I like to play. Whatever happened to Clue, Catan, or the other friendly games?
  • ronaldo75
    Basically millennial are getting even more lame and pathetic when it comes to leading people on. These are the same losers who will still be single in the mid-30s and will blame society.
  • Kkaos
    Are you trying to get this shit in the dictionary so you can get a commission from it or something?
  • fashionguy17
    This is why dating is tough. People need to learn to be straightforward.
  • veronicalynn
    I'm so thankful I don't have to worry about being in the dating world
  • Idontknow092
    Is there a term for someone who actually lives by these trends?
    • Snakeyes7

      They are supposed to be called morons. I do not know of any modern dating term of what you speak of though.

    • Snakeyes7

      except for caspering. That sounds like being an actual nice person about it.

  • Sinister
    I guess I've been mosted the last few months. hmmm who knew.
  • clampfan101
    “Pokemoning?” rofl Did you make any of these titles up? Anyway, great Take!
    What do you think about Caspering? What’s the best way to say you don’t like them in that way?
  • JessForAdvice
    I think dating and finding someone requires effort on both parts. If one person doesn’t want it that much then it’s not going to work.
  • Likes2drive
    Only heard of one of these terms but either way it definitely shows why people can’t get together anymore with all this going on, no wonder I’m still single
  • torken
    hah, kinda fun

    but didn't 30 Rock coin the term Pokemoning years ago?
  • StrangerByTheDay
    Another strike by @Fitness-Fanatic... BOOM
    I love your work!!!

    1) ghost busting : I hate when this happens, if you don't like the person, just say it loud and clear. Personally I respect the decision and leave her alone
    2) flex ting : this is the reason why I always try to meet in person as soon as possible, and have a real conversation :-)
    5) Pokemoning : this is true but it made me laugh out loud :-D
    8.) Mosting : this totally happened to me the last two girls I have dated :-(

    I love it, really simple and straight forward. Good job dear

  • OpenWine
    most of it is trough texting. I don't interact with girls through texting much, bth I barely interact with girls and it must be my fault cause I'm not bad looking either.
  • _ARPY_
    The explanation was awesome. Specially with the gifs.
  • FatherJack
    It's mostly just shit behaviour here , people with no character or backbone. Just makes me more glad I will never be dating... ever !!
  • Urstupid
    I wonder what our grandparents generation has to say about this
  • Celtero
    Glad I don't date. People are shallow, superficial, and worthless.
  • macix670
    Why is Caspering bad if they gave you an explanation? they just don’t want to talk to you and gave you a reason. So there’s nothin wrong with it.
  • Volvagia
    This gives me a newfound appreciation for being single and not ready to mingle
  • MysteriousDarkness
    These are not new. The thing that is new for most of these is the platform to which they happen. I will explain.

    1. Ghostbusting - Continuing to call someone that has stopped calling you and are ignoring your calls.

    2. Fleeting - Someone making themself seem better on the phone than they really are off of it.

    3. Cricketing - this can only be done with messaging.

    4. Seredipidating - This has always been this way.

    5. Pokemoning - The concept of this has always been there bit the name was not.

    6. Caspering - This was telling someone you were going to ignore their calls.

    7. Fauxbae’ing - People have been pretending to have someone for a long time.

    8. Mosting - It was when person A1 gives and shows person B2 love and affection in person but ignores person A1 when they call.
  • DiegoO
    After having a serious LDR, I rather the old school method.
  • Introvert94
    Never heard of these terms, but I can relate to most or them
  • OfDeath
    I can't keep up with all these terms. Bullet going into the gun...
  • sp33d
    This texting business is clearly detrimental to the already weak-minded.
  • moviedude714
    And most of this will likely remain this way until the sun expires
  • ovoxo_
    OP is projecting what people have been doing to her all year
  • MrMysteryMan
    *SMH, why is this even a thing?
  • OldSchool_Metalhead
    is this REALLY the direction humanity is going?
    • zagor

      Yeah with luck they'll be extinct soon.

    • AJayZa

      I think so... It's sad.

  • MlleCake
    I think that's spell Serendipidating
  • luvstoned4him
    I love this <3
  • candycanehearts
    ekk this is just a list of ways to be a jerk
  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • PrincessProtection
    I knew nothing about any of this lol
  • MonaLee
    sooo funny :D
    and so many new words ;)
  • KuriousKat90
    Mosting is the one most recently done to me.
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    This is amusing.
  • sexyasianboi26
    Lol this is Hilarious.
  • Catholicgirl22
    All seems silly