The Bad Side of Being a Player


I never write these cause it’s a huge waste of time. But ima go ahead and share a view of what it’s like to sleep around. I’m going to be as honest as I can so if you get offended, I don’t really care.

1. Women treat you like an object

The Bad Side of Being a Player

You’re always the side piece and never relationship material. Women find it hard to trust you but they also find it hard to resist you. If you like to have meaningless sex, this is the life for you. Otherwise be ready to be alone a majority of the time.

2. Women never forget

The Bad Side of Being a Player

No matter what you and the girl agree on, she’ll catching feelings and hate you. She might even want to kill you. She’ll also spread rumors and ward off as many women as possible, but you’re a player, they’ll keep coming anyways. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

3. There’s so much sex

The Bad Side of Being a Player

This actually isn’t bad at all. The sex is always great and plentiful.

4. The stalking

The Bad Side of Being a Player

You’re the best she’s ever had. Girls love good dick more than the air they breathe. This becomes a problem when you don’t want a relationship. Remember you’re a player and this is all just a game.

5. You’ll most likely die alone

The Bad Side of Being a Player

The life a player is a lonely one. Between the sex and ghosting, you’ll quickly find yourself lonely and cold. If this is something you can’t and don’t know how to deal with than stay on the sidelines.

so that’s mytake on what it’s like to be a baller. The game is hard, and the better player you are, the more you win. So keep playing playas.

The Bad Side of Being a Player
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  • Anonymous
    You? a player?
    I don't think so babydoll
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  • Logorithim
    These are good points, and all true. They get no sympathy from me, though, because they voluntarily choose to be a player. It's better not to be one.
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  • passinby
    #1 is fine with me and it is true, I like it. #2 I had my tires slashed, I had one openly drunk in a bar with friends solicited having me killed, endless sht. The problem is they underestimated how psycho I am on the defensive. #3 not really, that is a myth. #4 I have a few that will not quit and one that is in contact all the time even when I ignore her and she got married. #5 I don't plan to live long so it will most likely be quick and I enjoy alone.
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  • Carefuloutthere
    I've been involved friends with benefits, situations with a couple of players and you're right, it's not relationship material. It's a sex thing for the both you. You have your fun and move on.

    I'm still on good terms with those guys. I've never had a bad word to say about them. One of them, I still hang out with
    Women don't do go around bad mouthing someone they may have gotten played by, who does that? ( outside of the movies? ) they'll most likely shrug it off and move on. It's all experience.

    She DEFINITELY won't stalk you. You made that up. She doesn't care that much, dude.

    Just because a guy is a player, that doesn't make him the best she's ever had. The two don't go hand in hand.
    Although, having said, one of those guys I mentioned was a huge player ( I knew he was from the start, and we were on the same page, we just wanted to have fun for a bit) is still the best sex I've ever had.
    The other guy, it was ok. Not amazing. I've had better sex with guys who aren't like that.

    If all a guy does is have sex and ghost people, and has nothing else going for him, That's a hell of an empty, life. No wonder he's lonely.
    However that doesn't count for all players, most have friends and a life.
  • DinaM
    Welcome to Ego-Stroking 101. Today, our lecturer is SwoleCook.
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  • VaIiant
    Luckily, you don't have to experience any of this. Cheers.
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  • Soft4u
    I thought you were going to cover some crazy stuff the way you said if we get offended you don't care.
    What you said is true in a lot of relationships, the player part wasn't anything over the top in my opinion. The things you said about girls can be applied to guys a lot more, so many guys are egotistical maniacs with inferiority complexes.
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  • Lostranza
    Lol. This. can't. be. a. real. article. At least I hope not. Its a little try hard tbh. And is player just a euphemism for treating women in general badly because last time i checked it was the player treating women like a object not the other way around.
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  • Ge_inthe_van
    yeah i think most of this is from your imagination and to much 2 and a half men growing
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  • Bluedream13
    3 girls upvote this. Disgusting. It's men like this that ruin women... although one could look at it as just weeding out all the inferior ones... thing is their game is so sophisticated sometimes, it's mind boggling the amount of effort a man will put into a lie to bed a woman. I would just be too guilty, but I've known ones who could live with it... god damn though. I can't handle people like this. They shit on the beautiful world by raping it for pleasure.
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  • IndieGirlJess
    Players, both male and female should be castrated to prevent them from continuing their baloney.
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  • Angelina25
    Okay I literally spent 3 minutes of my life reading this.
    Dude. What kind of books have you been reading?
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  • Colleen89227
    But you’re a Virgin so why are you complaining about this?
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  • Benedek38
    "Oh, poor me, I am drowning in pussy. Please throw me a life bouy"
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    this was like i really bad plot to an after school special lol

    she will treat you lie an object never really care BUT also catch feelings and try to kill you.. ok
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  • TrixiePooch
    I don't know how you finished your take without it freezing like mine do. I get halfway through and it just conks out and it's gone. :( So I say screw it and I won't bother again.
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    • Wally48

      So write all your text on your laptop using MS Word or email, then just paste it into GaG all at once. Really sucks to lose all your work, eh?

  • Hapinus
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  • TheOldeMan
    This seems like such a cover for a fear of intimacy and rejection.
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  • TheBigSoftie
    I'm confused.
    Don't players treat girls like objects? Don't they get with their guy friends and rape the girl together and hi-five each other while doing it? Don't they pressure the girl into doing something they don't wanna do?
    I'm confused...
  • little_bird1
    My friend was a player and the last girl he played killed herself because he ghosted her. He was never the same again.
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    • TomasLyy

      never put your dick in crazy I guess

    • lilill

      That is so sad. I can sort of relate. I've been played and ghosted and now I am deep in depression. I don't think he'd bat an eye if I killed myself. If I could I'd do a Gone Girl and see it for myself

    • TomasLyy

      @lilill wow you're fucking mental too

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  • Nik1hil
    Women find it hard to trust you but they also find it hard to resist you. If you like to have meaningless sex, this is the life for you

    Thanks for the guidance
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  • Tay1410
    It's always the girls that are the psycho stalkers that catch feelings... YAWN. How many times we heard that one.
  • Anon-ymous1
  • Amandaå123
    Only liked the part about him being treated like an object and then being killed
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  • aialex
    There's always a better player, Swole~ If you play others, you should be prepared to be played with <3
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  • SkipStop
    I don't understand #2. Why would she hate you and spread rumors?
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  • Kablooy
    Women find it hard to trust you but they also find it hard to resist you. If you like to have meaningless sex, this is the life for you

    Thanks for the guidance
  • Jason407
    Relationships are trash and you should try and sleep with as much girls as possible. However you should lead girls on. You should always be upfront with your intentions.
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  • D_Bone_Steak
    I would add dealing with shit tests. Even with a woman I want to be with forever and ever... fuck her shit tests. But I'll run into a shit test about my perspectives right off the bat...

    I just tried hooking up with a chick that is also married, kids like me, and a very similar situation. She's actually judging me on what I'm doing as if SHE ISN'T DOING THE SAME FUCKING THING. I mean fuck it... I know what I'm doing is sort of fucked up, but if you're doing it too, don't give me shit for it. Maybe look in the mirror first or some shit.

    I'm dropping her like a bad habit because she's toxic af. ... and that's it about messing with women... ltr or just in general being a fuckboy... Those shit tests.

    I just want to fuck, make her cum so she'll want more later, and deposit my nutt... I'm not trying to catch shit or give anybody shit just for them being them.
  • BlackSwanSings
    These are all fairly accurate. Don Juan died alone. The girls stalk. The girls go as fast as they came when a real long term solution arises. Plenty of sex and no wrath like a woman scorned. Just be up front to avoid the drama.
  • Knighted2170
    Not really all that true.
    Has elements, but it's not all there yet.
  • TomasLyy
    Did you just happen to watch some Michael Bay movie and write about that?
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  • winterfox10
    I have not found the sex to be that plentiful where I live... I live in an ultra religious place though. But otherwise you're pretty much dead on.
  • Chris_Humble
    1. Being treated like an object is hot.
    2. Women will find any reason to hate you.
    3. bruh... don't complain about sex...
    4. That's hot too.
    5. you never know.

    Hate the game, not the player.
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  • Tomsta
    Is there even an upside to being a player? I don't think so players are just people to immature to have an honest relationship
  • ShesAmerican
    What movies have you been watching?
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  • MarketData
    lol @ crazy Stabatha and Field Glasses Lady. Those are real people! I have a friend whose ex attacked him with a knife. Women are scary AF.
    • MarketData

      Of course none of this is connected to being a "player". It's just what happens when girls catch "feelings" for you.

  • Silver158
    Dude, I 'm not a player but i get treated like one. I've had all of this shit bar the "so much sex" part. The rumour spreading is the worst.
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  • dolemite68
    #3 made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂 yes how terrible 🤔😂
  • Marinepilot
    I'd say you cover this very well. Bravo ! Well done.
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  • red07net
    i agree with all but one , and i accept them proudly.
  • BronzedAdonis
    I saw you at a gay nightclub
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  • Old_Man_Of_The_Sea
    Whats the matter with you boy? People don't seem to like you
  • lazermazer
    take was rubbish
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  • Emma_240302
    Tip = don’t be a player
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    • Jason407

      No. If you want sex you should sleep around but I don't agree with leading girls on. You should be upfront with women about what you want.

    • This guy isn't a player. This take is hilarious

  • HungLikeAHorsefly
    Haha so masturbatory
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  • englisc
    6. You realise how much most women lie.
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    • Silver158

      the ones that downvoted to this are lying to themselves

  • Kandy-Kane
    Lame AF
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  • Tomblebee
    I'm sorry for your loss.
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  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • OatsnWhey
    I don’t think you’re a player lol
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