What I think is Attractive in a Woman



Hey everyone :)

I was nominated by @GetzRekt, thanks bro :D

1. Bodyshape/Fitness and Posture

What I think is Attractive in a Woman

The first thing I notice when walking past a girl, or seeing her standing somewhere is her body. I want girls to be healthy, so my prefrence obviously is skinny/fit.

Another thing I notice is her posture, since it tells me a lot about her attitude and confidence.

2. Hair and Makeup

What I think is Attractive in a Woman

I absolutely love healthy and shiny Hair, even better when its Wavy! Its a big part of the overall looks a girl has and I think it should be taken good care of.

Makeup is something I enjoy seeing aslong as its done properly, so watch some youtube Videos on how to do it before you make it worse. :D

3. Eyes and Face

What I think is Attractive in a Woman

I will spend most of my time looking at it, so it has to be a good one!

Eyes are a big part of finding a girl attractive. I think blue eyes for the "Cute-Girl" kind and dark eyes (Brown, Green and combinations) for the "Sexy/Seductive" kind, work best.

The Skin of the Girl has to be taken good care of, since it shows me that she cares about her looks and health!

4. Outfits

What I think is Attractive in a Woman

If the girl wants to be taken out for Dinner or Lunch, she better be dressing neatly, otherwise there's no way that I´ll go outside with her :D

The only time when its acceptable to not dress nicely is when we´re staying at home watching netflix, as soon as we go outside, I expect you to be dressed nice.

Having good taste in clothing is a must for a girl, since I suck at it and need all the help I can get.

5. Attitude and behaviour

What I think is Attractive in a Woman

Confidence isn´t just something you look for in guys, I need my girl to be confident in herself and her abilities. Confidence in general is sexy, end of discussion.

I find the Goofy/Fun kind of girl to be the most attractive one, I want to have fun in a relationship and thats not possible when she takes everything too serious and has no humor. Also a little bit of dark humor never hurt anyone :D

6. End

What I think is Attractive in a Woman

Thank you for reading this and I hope my taste isn't too bad :D

Please correct me on any mistakes I made in the Text, will help me in the long run.

(don´t be too harsh tho, not a native speaker :D)

I don´t know who to nominate yet, so Ill update once I think of someone :P

What I think is Attractive in a Woman
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Most Helpful Girls

  • AlienParasite
    Everything you said sounded normal except for point 4.

    Sounds like if you met a girl who accomplish every requirement but 4, a gorgeous, confident, fit girl who loves jeans, trainers and sweaters... You would dump her. Or maybe you would date her but never let her go outside home? Cause sounds like a girl have to always wear a dress and heels to go out with you, or even go outside home by herself.

    Your taste is ok and normal, but maybe you have a bit of high expectations (is difficult to find a girl that perfectly accomplish all that).
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    • Lovvyyy

      Honestly I agree with him on point 4 as well though. Like, except for make up, you could reverse this whole thread and make it about guys, those are my expectation as well.

  • Anonymous
    Judging by the first picture, you like boob implants as well?
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    • xTom98

      Nope, just using it to clarify what level of fitness Im into. in my opinion noone needs Implants, but if it helps them to feel more confident about their body I dont mind them.

Most Helpful Guys

  • Anonymous
    Very interesting points, here's my opinion:
    1. Definitely, fit body is very important.
    2. Nice hair is also a one of the most attractive factors, but makeup is not, I prefer natural beauty.
    3. Face and eyes are absolutely the most important in my opinion.
    4. Depends on what kind of outfits, personally, I prefer girls in casual and sporty clothes.
    5. Of course, I love girls who have self-confidence.

    Great Take indeed 👍

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    • xTom98

      Thanks 😄👍🏼

    • Anonymous

      You're welcome

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the MHO

  • Buckzor
    Very similar - also not sure why every women here is commenting about boobs, I personally don't care too much unless you have none or they're overly big/saggy. Like really not big of a deal -.-

    Humour not a big thing on your list? Or does that just come down to personality attractiveness?
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    • xTom98

      Yeah I agree with the boobs part, they seem to mean the first picture I guess.

      Humour is a big part, Its what I meant with Fun/Goofy kind of girl under Attitude and behaviour

    • Buckzor

      Yeah I gathered that much, I noticed her overall physique before boobs. Legit face > stomach > legs > boobs, of course unless they're just staring at me..

      Ahhh right, pretty much the exact same as me attraction wise

    • xTom98

      same :D maybe Gym People notice the physique first haha

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  • DizzyDesii
    Im not surprised this is your type but nice take. You make me wanna write one haha
  • JustWorthlessMe
    Pretty funny that some ladies are offended when they are the most shallow by far.

    Just think about how many times the average guy gets rejected by an average woman, then compare that to the number of time 20 average women would get rejected by the average man. (I say would because the number is microscopic)
  • BillieJean1070
    I asked my boyfriend what is attractive in a woman and he said "him".
  • HereIbe
    You forgot one thing that is extremely important to you:

    She has to be white.
    • xTom98

      nope, not at all. If she's fit, has nice hair and a fun personality anything goes really.

    • HereIbe

      Yet, all the pictures were of the whitest of white girls.

      Preference can be unconscious.

  • skateranon123
    Well technically I dont like fit girls as much a skinny feminine looking bodies thew rest is spot on although those type of outfits would make me think she is basic but I'm weird
  • TheBigSoftie
    Nice Take. Now can I add my own opi
    Number four sounds kind of judgmental. I, personally, would probably find myself in a situation where a girl would expect me to dress nice in public and not the other way around (xD) but I would hope to find a girl who just don't care, and I wouldn't tell her to dress nice to go certain places if she didn't want to, cos most days I sure as to hell don't.
    Number one, IRYO, tho weight isn't an issue for me, I don't care if you're skinny or chubby or... ahem..."fat", just as long as you were proud of yourself, which leads me to the makeup. A little makeup is OK, just don't look like a fire hydrant with black spots xD. Or no makeup at all! That's cool too!
    I would LOVE a girl who was very confident in herself, enough to where she just doesn't give a shit.
    The rest are sort of agreeable to me. I would like nice hair, tho I'd be OK with messy, and eyes and face are the most beautiful parts of a woman (mostly the face).
    But other than that, cool take.
  • GetzRekt
    Nice work man 👍
  • ErzasCheesecake
    And boobs, very obviously lol.
    • xTom98

      how come everyone is saying that lol
      I dont really care about boob size, as long as the girl is happy with them

  • LongShlongSilvr
    Perfect. Exactly what I look at. Great list. The girl in the first pic is hot as hell.
    Boobs 🙌
  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • Jemini_Crocket
    Nice take, I like the first girl's waist lol
  • Madkeyra00
    That was pretty good.
  • Silver_
    You're welcome for me reading this
  • Anon-ymous1
    Yep sounds pretty good.
  • Kelly6
    Boobs mostly
  • ThisAndThat
    You got an A+ from me my friend!
  • LimitedBenefits
    nice take sir
  • AdriannaMena
    Honestly, I think ass is where its at 🍑
  • fitemeat
    eyes, figure/posture, legs, abs, ass, then boobs
  • Deukalion
    Number 4 and a slim body is perfect for me !
  • laughinglad999
    all for me
  • Boots2asses
    Face and slim body. She needs to have a cute face.
  • Anonymous
    Attention whores are poison.
  • Anonymous
    This take should be called my designer girlfriend 2.0
  • Anonymous
    I just had a second hang out and sex with a woman who was awesome in all but number one. She was a bit chubby (not too bad) but her attitude was OUTSTANDING. I turned down sex on date one (just fooled around) but she won my over on date 2.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Interesting take... though I admit I find it a little sexist. But there it is.
    • xTom98

      really? how come? 😲

    • Don't listen to her, @xTom98. Nowadays, young ladies throw that word around like we used "dude" in the 80's.

    • Anonymous

      @RetroAlpha I believe it is a bit sexist to like a woman purely on looks. Maybe it’s because I see myself as ugly, but I should hope a man takes my personality and intelligence into account rather than my appearance.

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  • Anonymous
    So, if a woman didn't look the ones that you have for the outfits you posted.. would you still want them to look "put together"?
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Girls like the one in the picture in section number one aren't "confident". They post provocative pictures like that because they're insecure and need gratification and attention.
    • xTom98

      that is heavily inaccurate and you probably dont know what you're talking about.

    • Anonymous

      Whatever helps you sleep at night, mate

    • Right now I can't even wear a bikini without feeling a little insecure because Im alittle out of shape.. If I had a slamming body like that girl I would feel more confident to wear clothes like her and post photos like that because I would want to show all my hard work at the gym. . Similar to how buff gym guys start to weat nonexistent tankttops to show off their muscles from all their hard work. I don't think she's insecure.