Why Nice Guys Finish Last And Always Will


We've all heard the phrase "Nice guys finish last" and we've heard it often. Now when a phrase gets repeated often there's some truth to it. Because let's be honest here nice dudes don't get a lot of girls despite being attractive and smart.

Why Nice Guys Finish Last And Always Will

Marie has been trying to call Damon for the past hour. He doesn't pick up and does not reply to her texts either. He has ditched her two times in a row and she's thinking maybe third time's the charm? He's hot , he's sexy and he's an asshole... But did Marie notice that John called twice yesterday? Her inbox is filled with charming texts from him and oh wait.. He didn't even forget to bring flowers for her on their date. That dude? Yeah, he was never an option.

Why Nice Guys Finish Last And Always Will

In the world of today, guys like John don't stand a chance. Because to be honest guys like John don't offer women the chase. And women love the chase. They're boring. They're easily attainable. They're not hard to get. They do not offer a woman challenge and they're literally at a girl's fingertips.

Why Nice Guys Finish Last And Always Will

Women like struggle. They're not as emotionally weak as you think they are. When women want to date a guy they want adventure. They want thrill and they think nice guys can't offer that in a relationship.

But we've all heard women often say " I just want a nice guy who will love me" and you think to yourself "This is my perfect chance! I'll be nice to her and do everything she wants and be her knight in shining armor and win her heart" and then you get so deep into the friend zone you go crying to your mama.

Because if you believe that she means what she says you don't have the slightest idea of how female minds work. Women are complex creatures. They say one thing and mean the other.

Women are drowning in their own ambiguities. You can never hope to fully understand them.

So what do you need to do? Like i mentioned in my previous myTake. You need to be an asshole. A soft asshole. You don't need to reply to her every text. You don't to call back after you missed her. You don't have to send her cringe compliments all the fucking time. In simple words, you don't have to be too nice. Because you'll just get friend zoned. No questions asked. And then you'll go on your Facebook and post sad quotes and depressing shit.

Women want different. Women want unusual. Women want exciting. And women definitely don't want your boring ass. Because even the nice nerdy girls will go for the bad boys. So try to be a little badass and be a lot less desperate. Because they are 'plenty of fish in the sea'.

Why Nice Guys Finish Last And Always Will

When I was in high school, I had a crush on a girl. She was popular and hot and sexy and beautiful. I was shy, and clumsy and nice. But fortunately she liked me a little. And we started talking on Facebook. I replied to her every text and waited for her messages all the time. And then slowly she started leaving me on read and ignoring me. I tried to initiate conversations but i got one word responses. Well i wasn't dumb as fuck so i thought it was for the best and left her alone. A few weeks passed and surprisingly she came up to me and said "hey". And I was like "hey". And she said " I missed talking to you" and the conversation struck and i asked her out. We went on a date later and that night i fucked her brains out and it was the most beautiful feeling in the fucking world.

But the thing is women will eventually get smart. They will outgrow the jerks and they will finally wanna settle down and want a nice guy to love them unconditionally. And then they will find out the value of nice guys.

Nice guys finish last. It's not that they don't finish lmao. But if you're a nice guy from the start you'll keep getting friendzoned. But it's a possibility that you'll find a girl that will love you for who you are but majority of them would ignore your existence. That's just how it is.

With that being said, I end my myTake.


Why Nice Guys Finish Last And Always Will
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  • CharlieUnicorn
    I think there's a little truth to this but only if we're looking in a very narrow age range. That is, your advice applies mostly to 15-20 year old guys, when mostly everyone is thrill seeking, dumb and self absorbed, male or female.

    I would say nice guys finish later, but not last.

    What generally happens, a guy has this problem but by 23-25 approximately, he's changed a little bit. He has a little more direction in life and is less needy.
    It's not much development, and he's still not very attractive to women his age, but the little he gained is enough to impress an 18-19 year old.
    Or he's more stable and reliable than her peers anyway.

    That's pretty much what happened to most meek guys I've known, who I guess count as conflict averse timid nice guys. They pretty much remained the same way, couldn't date, until there was a legal generation under them. Then they could. I somehow doubt any of these guys spend much time online debating the nice guy-dilemma though.

    Those who finish dead last are those "nice guys" WITH mental problems and unpleasant character traits, trying to crack this when they are 30 or past. They don't realize they aren't in high school anymore.
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  • lightbulb27
    Some truth to it, but I wouldn't go as emotionally far to "being a badass". I know of good guys that find good girls. I know of guys that have sufferred terribly with the wrong ones. Be yourself and true to your emotions for her, development confidence and no need to apologize for being you, be her man, that's what she wants. There's a process, don't overdo it too fast. They don't want someone they can easily control and manipulate, a dog to follow them around, that won't feel good to her. But they do want kindness, them to be priority.

    Be careful of girls that a guy would win over with being an ass and playing games with. Girls will fall for that especially when young and inexperienced. But they can hurt you in ways you don't understand yet and the girls get hurt as well. Women are MANipulators, controllers, and they can trash your heart and mind. These are matters of the "heart". Better I think to find a woman you have a sense of careing for (e. g. love), give as you get to know her and keep and build relationship emotionally healthy. Probably makes no sense to an 18yr old, it wouldn't have to me. But a worthy approach.

    But what do I really know...
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    • killer4212

      I'm not talking about being someone who treats her with disrespect. Or doesn't care about her. I'm just saying to not be too nice of a guy who does everything a woman tells him to do.
      And there's nothing sexier than a gentleman.

    • Agree... and I'm open to thoughts here, but I think that applies through the relationship spectrum... meeting, getting to know, dating, etc.. "Nice" can = needy, or lame. That's bad. Nice and helpful can be really good in relationship balanced with not being a pushover and taking charge and command to balance.

Most Helpful Girls

  • latinabutterfly96
    It’s crazy, but when you define “soft asshole” I just see a normal dude who has some respect for himself.
    When you say “nice guy” I hear guy who is willing to denigrate himself for a woman.

    Change the words. Women want a guy who respects his dignity and doesn’t rely solely on a woman’s approval. And guess what? Men also love self-respecting women with dignity. It’s human nature. It has nothing to do with “females being more complex”.
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  • witherwing
    If by nice you mean boring, then sure. But acting nice towards other people is what most people do anyway. That has little effect on romantic relationships, since it's already the norm to be nice.
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    • HereIbe

      I'm BORING. I've mastered boring. But I'm not alone or lonely. Why? Because I make being boring a FEATURE, not a bug. Here I am, want me or not, here I am, and I won't puppy dog behind you, because I'm too boring and dull. I'll just have my steady employment, my staying home at night instead of running around, my me being me, boring, steady, dull.

      Also, not single, for some reason...

    • I've always found this to be a really stupid response for one specific reason: If being nice is such a basic expectation, you wouldn't be getting with guys who aren't nice.

    • RalphBlack

      @HereIbe You’ve got to master confidence, self control and challenge.
      That will equal interest level to a woman toward you.

      What you tell yourself will become a reflection of how people view you.

      You may be boring but keep telling yourself that you’re not and then act on it so that you can be not boring.

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  • TayTay21
    Cute story, but it doesn't work that way at all. I hate assholes. Hate them and would never want to be with them. I want a nice man, but not some weirdo kiss-ass who's trying to manipulate the world around him by doing things just to get what he wants. Most women want genuine and too many guys are fake, nice guys and self-proclaimed players
    • killer4212

      You clearly haven't understood what i mean by "nice guys" and "asshole" in this myTake.

    • TayTay21

      And you clearly don't understand what most of the women here are trying to tell you. I don't care about your special little definitions of all these different terms.

    • killer4212

      Your lack of understanding of this myTake is hilarious. There's no point in explaining.
      Have a nice day.

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  • JulieXO
    I'm getting sick of guys complaining about not having a girl and assuming they deserve the best chicks because they're nice. Almost everybody is nice. It's quite rare that you meet someone and they immediately come off as rude and mean. If being nice is all you have to offer, it's no wonder that you can't get a girl. Like you said: "Women want different. Women want unusual. Women want exciting. And women definitely don't want your boring ass." Perhaps the guys that you describe as assholes don't reply immediately because they have a life outside of their crushes, which might in fact make them interesting to women. I myself wouldn't want a guy that would do everything I asked and spent all day waiting for my message, that would get old really fast. Nice guys don't finish last, boring guys do.
    • killer4212

      That's what i mean by 'nice guys' here. That they're boring and are too needy. And i dont mean asshole in a way that you disrespect woman or anything like that.
      There's nothing sexier than a gentleman.

    • This is actually really true

    • HereIbe

      Some boys think that if you drop "nice" into the slot, you get pussy in return.

  • ChloeInABun
    I genuinely think young men need more attention regarding their emotions, because there are way too many of these guys who don't understand the first thing about how real people interact and blame everyone else for their issues.
  • Ellie-V
    Nice guys are fine. The problem is that they think being nice is enough to compensate for anything else that they lack and then there are the fake nice guys who just do the most to get their own way like entitled brats.
    • SngBirdy

      "The problem is that they think being nice is enough to compensate for anything else that they lack".
      This. When people talk about "nice guys", they talk about guys who are just nice, and nothing else.
      If you are a nice guy, but you also are a lot of other things. Things that are attractive to girls, you do NOT finish last.

    • sawno

      @SngBirdy Even then we can finish last, its because genuinely nice guys often hold back until they are certain they genuinely love and want to be with a girl long term. So we get into far less relationships but when we do find the right girl we end up super satisfied.

    • SngBirdy

      @sawno You are taking things out of context. When i say nice, i just mean nice. I dont add any characteristics or trait to it. Just being nice itself, isn't a bad thing.

  • sawno
    I consider myself the nice guy in this take, its by far not all i have to offer but its someone i aspire to be. Someone people will genuinely like, with a very uplifting personality.

    As part of this i am incredibly picky with my partners and that indeed causes me to finish last, i made the mistakes in the take of just being a girls best friend and then getting nothing more when i was ready to take the next step.

    I drew similar conclusions from it but not the same. Its not about being a jerk to a girl, its not even about neglecting her needs. Its about showing her what YOU wan't rather then doing what she wants.

    Women absolutely want a men to lead, it makes things a lot easier for them. Don't ever tell her what to do, but show her what you want from her so she can start moving along that path.

    It took me a while to figure out over the years what "Confidence" means since its often used so vague. And no, it doesn't mean don't be nervous on the inside or imagine you get the girl. It means show her what you want from the very beginning so she gets a clear grasp of what your after and can safely follow your lead.

    Just want sex? Pursue sex. Want a relationship? Pursue a relationship. Want to be friends? Pursue a friendship. But don't make the mistake of persuading one thing to then later get the other. It leaves the girl confused and she will have already placed you in the fitting spot in her life based on your past actions and that is indeed very difficult to get out off. Because if she doesn't know you want more, she is not going to fantasize about the potential and won't explore the possibilities unless she is secretly head over heels for you.
  • Inneedofusername
    The story that you told at the end of this MyTake is exactly what I imagine when I hear "nice guys".
    I dunno why, but I imagine them as a shy, clumsy guys who have crushes on women 10/10, often slutty ones. They just want those porn-star looking like women and don't even look at others.
    • Oh wait. All guys want that. Jeez why can't I die already

    • Guanfei

      Because we're desperatly in needs of good girls, the slutty bitches are taking over.

    • I just had to respond to this. When I was young there was a flick called "Lucas". Throughout the whole movie Corey Haim plays this shy nerd who is in love with Kerri Green's character. Of course, she is beautiful and popular. So Lucas, played by Haim, chases her everywhere. All the while, Winona Ryder is trying to get his attention and tell him about she feels about him. He ignores her.

      He never gets his girl but ignores the girl who grows up to look like this;

      Why Nice Guys Finish Last And Always Will

      Men are stupid. And the guys at GaG. . . well. . . that's a whole 'nother ballgame right there.


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  • ConnieS
    Dude, you're making too many generalizations in this piece.
    Nice guys in today's world do stand a chance. They just have to meet the right woman who appreciates a thoughtful and decent man. "Hot and sexy" can only go so far. If he's an A-hole, that gets old - real fast. And nice guys don't decide to become A-holes. You either are or you're not. And A-holes will try to find some excuse to justify being one - which never works. There's never a justification for being a d*ck - that's on you.

    A woman can't help it if she isn't attracted to someone, even if he's a nice guy. It doesn't necessarily mean she likes "struggle". I don't know of any woman who likes that!

    I thought it was guys who liked the thrill of the chase! Because a lot of guys seem to lose interest when they've "caught" the girl (won her over, had sex with her, etc.) - generally speaking, of course.

    Good luck finding a nice woman if you decide to be an (even soft) A-hole. Women are wising up and learning to kick A-holes - soft or otherwise - to the curb. We don't need that "depressing s..." in our lives. 😉
  • Pamina
    You have some really messed up perceptions of social behaviors. Let me guess, you're socially awkward or even suffer from social anxiety?
    • killer4212

      Nope. Not at all

    • Pamina

      Then what's your excuse?

    • killer4212

      Excuse for what?

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  • Tymeflies
    Wait... Isn't that who I've been trying to find all along? A girl that will love me for who I am where other girls ignoring my existence? Seems like a win-win for me and my future wife. "Great guy, girls are friendly toward him because he is awesome and nice but have no romantic interest because he gives it all to me? YAS!" - future wife

    Sounds like a great deal to me. Feel free to pursue your bad dudes. Guys - WE HAVE THE ANSWER!

    (Whispering to other guys so the girls on here can't hear... ... Fellow friends, let us begin our meeting. It has come to our attention that as a man, you must be the greatest guy ever to one girl who is also returning the same affection toward you... And that's it! Oh... Don't forget to continue being a jerk to other girls who are also jerks but nice to those who are nice. Yes, Jim.. We will continue to pretend to flex our muscle cars, big trucks, and other flashy ways to confuse them. Yes, Tony, the thermostat control is still in our possession. No, due to popular demand, we will still keep bbq'ing for any and all events. Meeting adjourned.)
  • PunkinPie
    Both the women in your photos are hot sluts. They're not nice girls and they can afford to be choosy. Try asking out a nice girl - the female equivalent of the two guys you showed in your pictures. A girl who no one ever asks out, who might be too nerdy or quiet or tall or chubby or athletic. Get to know her. You might be surprised what you find.

    Those who complain they are being overlooked and rejected are usually blind to all the people they themselves are overlooking and rejecting.
  • thatguyfromtoronto
    I'm tired of this notion of nice guys finish last. There is a BIG difference between a nice guy and a guy who is spineless. A nice guy can be someone who helps his parents, who helps his community, who helps people overseas dealing with tough circumstances (such as what's going on in Syria) and etc. When I was younger (in my teen years) I would consider myself a nice guy, but a spineless guy mixed with immaturity.

    At 33 I have dealt with so many bitchy, superficial, dramatic girls and I am tired of it. I am not intrigued by "bad" girls, I find them annoying, immature and completely unreliable both in life and as individuals. I completely disagree with your post. Girls/women who want a guy or a man as a challenge or the same women and girls who say dumb shit like, "I can't be with a guy or a man right now because I gotta focus on my career!". I know many women now who are in their 40s and 50s who are still single with their bitchy ass ways and there apparent drive to chase the all mighty dollar.

    Eh, keeping it real, if you dont like it or girls dont like it... oh well.
  • TomasLyy
    no, those type of girls are just like that because they're not fully matured, and unfortunately the majority of girls our age will continue to think like that until they calm down and grow up.
    • TomasLyy

      to be more specific this only applies to girls who think their lives are like movies, or they want to be seen as wild, and adult-like, going to parties and whatnot. If you meet real women I doubt these things wil happen note how I refer to them as women, and to the girls as girls

    • killer4212

      You're right.

  • windknowsmyname
    so here's the thing. your nice people walk over you. what the tell about one thats walking over? huh? yeah so those say he's nice just get in your pants well thats just person with bad motives. but yet y'all for fuck bois who only want just sex. nah im just getting started. *phew* nice guys dont finish last. he chooses to be last. his personality, looks, attractiveness and so called game makes all difference.
  • lanabug
    It's ok to be nice but dont do it just so you can be with a girl. I'm not saying be mean to her, just be you. Dont change yourself just so you can be with someone.
  • HereIbe
    Awwwwwwww, aren't you CUTE?

    Women love good men. The problems are twofold: Not all female humans who have reached the age of majority are actually women. A large number are stupid little girls. Second, several male adult humans are too stupid to understand what a good man is, so they play at it.

    So, you have these "nice guys" (losers who are faking it) trying to get into the pants of idiot girls. What happens in the end, the idiot girls all go crying to each other at the fern bar over some sugary alcohol concoction about how "there are no good men" and the "nice guys" whine online or join the MGTOW cult.

    The truth is that the real women hold out for the good men, and the good men back away from the idiot girls, because they want WIVES and LOVERS, not surrogate daughters with quasi-incest thrown in.

    I am DULL! I am BORING! I do not have the slightest hint of danger or excitement to me. But I've never been single for more than six months at a time once I became an adult. Why? Specifically because I am dull and boring. I'm the guy with the steady job. I'm the guy who will be at home every night. I'm the guy who not only dislikes drama, he simply won't partake in drama. Not interested in me? Okay, girl, you do you, and I'll do me, and we'll have our lives. Want to use me as a crying towel? Sorry, but I'm just sooooooo busy, how about I pencil you in next month?

    It's NOT HARD TO DO. Just be a sane man. The stupid girls will avoid you and the real women will like you.
  • PoliceLivesMatter
    Well, I think the terms “nice guy” and “asshole” are a little ambiguous and vague since everyone is going to have a different idea of what these mean and how would you classify yourself into these categories exactly? I consider myself a “nice guy” and not an “asshole” but I’ve not messaged women with cringe compliments constantly and don’t feel the need to always give a woman I’m talking to attention every day, every time. I’m not suffocating, in other words. Despite this I still classify myself as a “nice guy” because I’m more inclined to be introverted and quiet and I’m generally nice to everyone I meet, sometimes too nice. I also like guns, I do jiujitsu, I can hold a conversation with anyone, I workout a ton, etc. So, knowing all of this, you can see how classifying oneself is difficult
  • WhitePanther88
    True enough. Like most things in life a man can't wait to be handed something, if he wants it he has to take it and knock down any competition.
    https://youtu.be/IzkrKfk4kYEWhy Nice Guys Finish Last And Always WillWhy Nice Guys Finish Last And Always Will
  • JMghow
    Fuck what women want! The real reason nice guys finish last is that they put someone else first. It's your life, live it for you and let them live theirs. If they want to come along for the ride (and have something to offer making worth their while), maybe let them come. If not, do you. Actually, do you either way. You may not get the girl (all the way to the alimony), but at least you got to enjoy being you.
  • RebeccaSJ
    I've always liked the nice, sweet guys. My husband is one. He is devoted to God, to me, and to our children, and he really knows how to cherish a woman. He's sweet. And wonderful.
    • He sounds like a genuine nice guy. Most who call themselves nice guys are just manipulators.

  • GoodGuyGregGGG
    Most of y'all a wusses. And weridos. And hide behind the guise of being a "NICE GUY" and complain luke babies when you don't get your way.
    And y'all try to date above your pay grade or people u have zero in common with.

    • HereIbe

      Dude, I MARRIED above my pay grade. It's a hell of a ride, but I'm not getting off. Man has to WORK for his rewards, and if a man won't put in the hard work, he doesn't get his rewards.

    • Your 46 your generation of men were more manly. My gen are soft

    • HereIbe

      So, then, you get the best pickings...

  • Wolframium
    Women want different. Women want unusual. Women want exciting.
    I am all of that. The problem is that nobody cannot handle that shit.
    You want asshole? Go through my opinions here. :-) :-D
    But one thing. I've come here to disagree, levaing here with one thing in mind: don't answer (that fast). I suppose I get it.
  • GreatnessBack
    You are not wrong, but you complicate a simple thing.
    Best way to not be a doormat: have a life and a goal.

    Most of these dudes have nothing going on, and make women their goal. You can't make other living things your goal.

    Best way to girls: don't go after them.

    Be awesome at whatever you are doing even if it's cosplaying D&D. Chicks dig a guy who enjoys his life.
  • zagor
    Not true. A good-looking, smart nice guy will have girls flocking to him. If a good-looking nice guy doesn't get girls, then he's deceiving himself about being at least one of those. Unless he has a terrible personality or no sense of humor and really is boring.
  • GenericUsername176
    No, nice guys don’t finish last. That’s total bullshit. If you consider yourself a nice guy and find yourself complaining often about how nobody likes you, you’re probably not nearly as nice as you think you are.
  • FýrdracaDócincel
    Girls don't want nice guys.. they want GENUINE guys.
    Oh, and if you're gonna respond to this with "But I AM genuinely a nice guy," yeah, so was I (supposedly)!

    Then I got some self-awareness. ^_^
  • sodaa_popp
    "But the thing is women will eventually get smart. They will outgrow the jerks and they will finally wanna settle down and want a nice guy to love them unconditionally. And then they will find out the value of nice guys."

    Translation: Women begin to understand that youth has an expiration date, and won't be able to sustain hooking up with Chads. After the 'fun years,' many will be ready to settle down and have a family, and there will always be "nice guys" will be waiting in the wings.

    Enjoy Mr. Nice Guys
  • Kemil_Zhoki
    The reason most "nice guys" finish last is because they really are not "nice guys." They are instead thirsty manipulators who think being "nice" gets them punch out points on a card and that once the card is filled the lady is obligated to have sex. Most women can spot these "nice guy" manipulators immediately.
  • Tomblebee
    So girls want bad boys then they want nice guys. And boys want bad girls then they want good girls?
    • Tomblebee

      Oh.. downvoters... huh..
      So boys don't want bad girls to start with.. or they don't want good girls at all?

  • Omar5881
    Tbh if you have to be hot to be a wanted asshole if you just look like John stated above there's no use of being an asshole really , you get wanted then being an asshole helps , but you dont get wanted because you're an asshole , or at least that's what I think
  • Skateranon
    You wanna know the problems with "nice guys " ?

    - They are nice for the sake of getting something (the girl)

    - they might be nice and not good looking

    - they might be nice and fairly attractive but too shy.

    - they only go for really attractive females with no personality ( example: the nerd who goes for a cheerleader)

  • genericname85
    that's so true. cause as long as you think "being the nice guy" will get you anywhere, you won't get anywhere unless you get lucky. so yeah. nice guys finish once they finally stop being the nice guy ^^
  • Poormanscomedian
    Well nice guys dont sleep around, not that they couldn't get a woman for just sex, but they think it is using them and wrong. Guys that are not nice dont care if the woman is hurt or not and have more sex. But if we see a Diamond in the rough , we will chase her. We just see whores and no standards women all the time. We dont go up the ladder of success if it requires lying, cheating and stealing, but we get to heaven , the ultimate success story.
  • Hispanic-Cool-Guy
    I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy.
  • Jan_Classic
    The "assholes" are more charming due to evolutionary issues. The last few million years only the "assholes" were the "survivors" in the natural selection. People who could take food/resouces from the weak and kill the weak. The women who liked that type bring the same babies. And today we are all the offsprings of the "assholes" in the past.

    These days the population growth requires more nice guys than the assholes. It's even opposite: the nice guys are on high demand in the society while the assholes rot in prisons. The bad guys are no longer the evolutionary solution: the civilization would stuck in the stone age with them. So evolution for the past 5000 years turned 180 degrees.

    It's hard to expect the ladies will change their preferences within the next 1 million years, as the natural selection works on quite the wide time scale (provided a meteorite won't wipe us).
  • victoriaxoxo
    First of all holy f*ck the first girl is so hot.
    Secondly, honestly, and no offence to you, the only time I heard this rant is from a guy who only considered himself as 'nice'. Last time I heard it it was from a dude who kept trying to basically buy me into dating him by being super fake and nice whenever me and my boyfriend broke up for a little while.
    The time before it was from this dude that claimed to have loved me since high school who referred to women as 'bitches' and made sexist jokes non-stop. He did write me poems so I guess he is hubby material? According to you anyway.

    No offence but from experience, if a guy is genuinely nice and he doesn't have anyone's interest it is because he is ugly and if he is handsome it is because he is an arse. There is also, but less common, type of guy who is fairly attractive and fairly nice but is so antisocial that girls don't know he exists yet. Like the dude has not left his house in like 2 months.
  • FlyingHorses
    Maybe it's not the fact that he's a 'nice guy' that is putting them off! Maybe he comes across really full on and needy and desperate and those aren't attractive traits! I have dozens of blokes in my inbox like this who probably all rate themselves as just being a 'nice guy' but the fact they are trying so hard when in reality they know very little about me comes across like they are just desperate to have sex with anyone! That is also not attractive! The guys that don't throw themselves at you come across as more genuine! You feel a little bit more confident that they aren't doing the same to every other girl they've ever met! I've only ever been out with guys that I think are nice but the majority of them have turned out to be jerks anyway!
  • red324
    Whenever I ignore a woman she just doesn't respond back. I've never had it where a girl goes crazy and blows up my phone.
    • red324

      Also if you're an average guy doing what this guy said doesn't work. You have to approach girls left and right and hope that maybe one will have her head screwed on straight. After all, this is the kind of woman you want anyways.

    • TomasLyy

      correction, you have to have high cheek bones, a cleff chin, dimples, and a sixpack. thats all you need

  • Lman3000
    Stupid mentality and labeling is why dating in the modern day world fucking sucks, I'm glad I quit dating, everyone is quick to judge and no one is ever happy, we live in a world of idiots
  • rose004b
    Just like we have endlessly heard that "nice guys finish last", we have also heard that "nice guys aren't actually that nice". We never really define our terms to even find out if we're on the same page in the first place.
    I certainly don't associate "nice guys" with virtue, and I don't think most women do. On a subconscious level, I don't think that anyone believes that a "nice guy" is the equivalent of _a good man_ .

    That aside, many men have this idea that girls don't like *attentive* guys and that they're only attracted to the exact opposite: guys who ignore them and who don't care to make any effort for them. Creating this type of dichotomy is just too simplistic.
  • RedThread
    Being nice doesn't make someone desirable. That's expected for a partner. It's like the bare minimum. Nobody deserves anything simply for being nice.
  • BraveHeart97
    Women these days don’t want commitment. Love is dead now. Just go MGTOW and do something positive for other people and for yourself. 90% of women today seriously needs to see a therapist.
    • HereIbe

      Do you know how I know you're a loser?

  • Bananaman177
    I used to be nice.

    Now I'm distant and aloof.

    It's the only way to do it, fellas.
  • ROCKS128
    It was nice by far.
    I too have similar experience, i realised what girls really are & capable of.
    Girls dont understand themselves properly, how can guys understand them without sweat & blood.

    From what i have experienced, that a girl will come to you finally, till then dont waste the precious time of your life, have an enjoyable life, live it with proud & freedom.
    Pof again...
    Being a nice or asshole with a girl isn't an issue atall, dont live for them, put them aside & have real fun, once you get old, there will be permanent changes which we may regret.
  • Gopnik
    be a good guy not a nice guy, there's a big difference between them.
  • Danny_dan92
    I’ll answer it for the ladies, for I have been “both kinds” of guys.

    The reason why girls don’t like nice guys is cause they like masculine men. Men that are nice guys are typically beta males, they want a man that can take charge, man handle them when in the bedroom, be assertive of himself, and overall be a bold dude.

    At the end of the day, notice that it naturally comes off that nice guys are seen as clingy and other guys are more independent. Which is a trait women also really find attractive.

    If you really wanna score sexy beautiful women my friend it’s as simple as this

    Be Confident
    Be humorous
    Be Humble
    Be Bold
    Be KIND not “nice”
    • killer4212

      This was the point i was trying to get across. Thanks 🙏

    • HereIbe

      I've been called "nice" many times. I am also hyper-masculine and quite assertive--when I feel like it. When I don't feel like it, I can't find a single fuck to give and just don't bother.

      Then again, I'm also not single...

  • Smegskull
    TL;DR version people's conscious and subconscious don't always want the same things and those in denial of the power of their subconscious will not want what they say they want.
  • SngBirdy
    I think im as much of a "nice guy" as you can get, and i never had problems with girls.
  • whitehide
    It has nothing to do with that "bad boy" bullshit, natural selection. Back when every humans lived in caves and fucked neanderthals, when everything depended on survival, a woman would want a strong, smart man that was capable of survival, that was able to kill ANYTHING to protect his family. Nice guys have always finished last, because that's just natural selection, and women are the queens of natural selection for humans. Back then, nice guys died. Now, nice guys just have the internet to whine about it, instead of doing something about it.
    • HereIbe

      Let me guess, you've never actually studied biology.

  • DracoLuciusMalfoy
    Girls HATE nice guys. They don't like treated well. I actually made a Take about this the other day. You should read it.

    The fact is that women enjoy being treated badly. How is it women always "go back" to the husband/bf who literally beats the fuck out of them? Women like being treated poorly so they can feel sorry for themselves - it's a weird version of excitement for girls.

    Girls like to be beaten, choked and slapped during sex. They like an asshole guy USING their body. This is what I've learned about girls. Now I see why pretty much every man just wants sons and secretly fears having a daughter...
  • Cask23
    In short, watch what a women does not what she says - don't take her words literally.