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Dating in this generation.

Dating in this generation.

Throughout my year short year of dating I’ve learned that you can be categorized in different zones man or woman. Sometimes you can slip into others but most of the time they already put you there. Here are some of those:

  • Friend zone: this is the person that you wouldn’t even think of having relations with their great for connection (networking). They could be lifelong and could easily turn into potential.
  • Potential: this is a person that could easily be girlfriend/boyfriend. You’re immediately attracted to them they possess those qualities. Stranger. They can easily become marriage material.
  • Marriage Material: this is a person that could remind you of your father or mother qualities. You instantly have a connection. You just know. They are looking to build with you to create some thing and better. They are willing to work and look past your baggage.
    Fuck zone:
    this is a person that you just don’t see nothing with you just wanna fuck. These are your side Chicks/ dudes. And if they stick around long enough sometimes they actually become potential or even marriage..
Dating in this generation.

Well these are my thoughts and dating experience.

Dating in this generation.
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  • AFellowWeeb
    Yeah, our generation is shitty, basically we just have to build a mindset that we either dont date, or settle down for someone that fucked this entire world and you're nothing more than another piece of meat for them
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    • And the fact that you were saying to settle which is not a good thing

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  • 1stranger
    Yeah, you're right.
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