Dating: High School Vs. The Great Beyond

Dating: High School Vs. The Great Beyond

High school was okay for me. Not bad, but okay. I did what I was expected to. I made the grades, and got out as fast as my feet would carry me.

What about friends, you say? Don't I miss them? All those relationships built over the span of 12 years, only to say "See you never!"?

Yep. I knew who I would talk to once high school had ended. And surprisingly I've come to know some people better outside of high school because we were forced to reach out rather than say hello as we pass, rushing off to separate places, and separate circles of friends. It's amazing really. You just fall into it.

What I didn't fall into was my relationship.It took time, and extra effort to fall into line. Especially with college on our heels, and so many obligations to uphold.

High school was easy: When you wanted to see your partner, you picked a Saturday night and you went out. On an actual date.

High school was difficult: When you were in a relationship, you weren't only dating your partner. You were dating their friends and family. It's just the age. No privacy, and a million voices whispering in the hallways about who did what and when.

There is no correlation between high school and The Great Beyond. It's vastly different, and once high school is over, only then do you figure your relationship out.

You'll be with each other a greater amount of time, be given less restrictions within your relationship. You'll realize there's a million things you'd never done, places you'd never been because you're not hindered by the Saturday night date that had dictated the bounds of your relationship. It's a whole new world! What you'll now experience is:

1. Everyone you'd known in highschool is rooting for you because they have three whole friends they now talk to following high school, and you've just beaten the odds and now may be considered an enigma.

2. Old ladies will speak up in the grocery line saying your partner looks at you with love in their eyes, and that you should hold on to that because open love,in general, is a rarity, as is young love.

3. Hand holding IS okay. No pda patrol here!

4. Saturday night turns into Sunday morning. You know what that means. Grocery shopping, laundry, and running errands. All that cute stuff that makes up a very mundane life full of simple bliss with your partner, as you attempt to do adult things together.

5. You date at your own pace! When you're ready for something, you go for it. There's finally no pressure to with old or to move up the process. Every step is to be cherished, just enjoy the ride.

Don't be afraid or your relationship following high school. It'll be the best thing for it, promise.


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  • People are more realistic beyond hs

    • Completely agree!

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  • I'd say most high school relationships don't last since people are still trying to figure out who they are in the world and will change.

    • bo its just that they are immature, prideful, horny, and confuse lust with love... .

    • @flodor99

      That too, it's not as "serious" and more short term oriented.

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  • I realized after high school that I'm going to die alone because now I'm not forced into human interaction, and without being forced, I will never meet anyone.
    That's fine, I guess...

  • I guess in highschool I find people immature... so its good that I have decided not to have a relationship in my highschool years...

    Though I get many opportunities.

    Good take by the way

  • what? didn't understand a thing. back to my cave i guess... .


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