What does it mean when a guy randomly texts you "So nice out" meaning about the weather? Why not ask how my day is going?

I've been seeing this guy for a few months and we talk on the phone most nights but he randomly texts me this morning saying "So nice out."

Is this his way of letting me know that he is thinking of me this morning? It just seemed so random to me and it was hard for me to think of what to say back when I responded. Guys why do you do this?


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  • Being it's morning, he too probably found 'it was hard to think of what to say,' so he just sent this through. And no matter what it would be, he is thinking enough of you just to push an early morning button.
    Send back a "Yes, it is," and "So how are you?" It will let him know that you are thinking of him, and a nice way to start off a great day.xx


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  • "Ya it is. Let's go to XXXX"


    • The only thing is he lives an hour away from me so we don't normally see each other during the week.

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  • @Anonymous Maybe it's his way of trying to get a date with you?



    • We don't live in the same time therefore we normally don't hang out during the week since we both work early in the mornings.

  • Ice breaker + opening door for a potential date...he is testing the waters.

    • I agree. Except wouldn't it just be easier to ask me to hang out if he wanted to directly?

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    • Ya I just responded saying I agree and that I can't wait for the weekend off of work so I can enjoy the weather. Then i asked how his day was going. We text a little back and forth but then he stopped texting. (Assuming he got busy at work which is fine.) I wish he lived closer because I would suggest hanging out in a heartbeat.

    • Good! Try planning something for the week-end!