So he likes me but won't make a move?

So this guy likes me. He is ALWAYS staring at me, eying me.. his body language says he likes me. When we both talk, we both talk 'nervously' but our conversations are kind of short and once in a blue moon. But he has NO problem talking to other people... The thing is, he knows I like him and I know he likes me so why won't he make the move? Like I gave him a gift recently, a thank you for helping me with something.. (it was an excuse to talk to him lol). He was sweet about it and read the note I wrote with the gift, and showed it to all of his friends, he loved it (he showed the gift not the note lol). He loved it and said it was the best thing anyone has ever bought him.

Then I see him today, he sees me.. he is flirting with his body language and says nothing to me. And no he doesn't have a girlfriend. I just want to know why he won't make the move?

Update: he is talking with some people, and he sees me, he turns his body towards me, plays with his face.. grooming himself.. and of course I play the 'eye flirting game' back.


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  • I think he is just very shy. I remember being a shy guy and I was like 98% certain this girl liked me but I guess I thought she was too good for me. We hung out all the time and had lots of fun and flirting like you are having going on. I was terrified to hear her reject me so I never asked. Then one day we were hanging out at the beach a this guy showed up and she introduced me to him as her boyfriend. :( A few days later we were hanging out and she asked me "Did you ever think about the possibility of us being a couple?" I answered yes and she said "I wish you had said something as I really would have liked that very much." So the short answer to my mind here is why don't YOU take a chance and just ask him out to a movie or dinner or both perhaps. Don't end up like me and let shyness be the cause of your not being with him when you want to be with him. I hope this helps because if the girl I liked asked me out I would have said yes in a heartbeat and the feeling we had was we would still be together today. Good luck :D


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  • he could be shy or afraid of rejection, if you dont already show interest back

    • I do show interest. I did when we spoke for the few seconds lol... I did the shy thing back lol "I know.. that is how I am in a nervous shy tone" when he said "aww that is sweet , you didn't have to give me this" to the gift I gave him. I like him looking at me, I am not used to it.. as I got out of a relationship three years ago.