He thinks I'm cute, but won't make a move?

There's this guy, we don't know each other, but we have the same lunch period (high school). He talks to some of my friends, and thinks I'm really really pretty, he told them I'm the prettiest girl he's ever seen and asked my one of my friends my name, he told them, he's trying to talk to me but he's afraid ill think he's a creep. But I don't, I think its cute, and he's gorgeous. He's had sex before, and he drinks; he's basically a partier. But he's really cute. I've never been drunk, or had sex. My friend told him that I'm the most innocent person she knows, and he said I know, that's what I like about her. Why won't he talk to me? What should I do? Should I just forget about it?


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  • Okay... WOW! Interesting!

    That is cute! But I'm gonna tell you this, Don't just look at his looks!

    He likes you for who you are, but you have to know that you're in danger,

    because of the way he acts.

    He drinks, he's had sex... don't ruin your life, even if you're somewhat

    attracted to him. Think: Is he really worth it?

    There are so many guys out there anyway!

    Wait for the RIGHT ONE! Don't feel like you need to talk to this one.

    But then again, it is up to you.

    Good luck. Hope you make the right choice:D