Why do guys choose hoes over good girls?

Why do guys choose hoes over good girls?

Back in November I started at a new job and a guy that works in the building asked my manager if I had a boyfriend. ButWhich I did at the time, I thought he was cute. we all ended up going out for my managers bday and he was there. He told my friend he thought my coworker was cute but that I was cuter, he was just upset I had a boyfriend. We had a drink and a nice talk and he ended up making out with my coworker he said was cute. They ended up sleeping together and shortly after I broke up with my boyfriend. After I broke up with my boyfriend my roommate asked him about me and he said he wasn t interested? Wtf. she just stopped sleeping with him because she never really liked him in the first place. She told me she just used him for sex, she talks about how many guys she's slept with all the time. While I've only slept with one guy (my ex) Everytime I m talking to my manager and he s there he jumps at the chance to say something to me, but i dont know if I should even wait for him to make a move if he said he wasn t interested. Im just confused and makes me feel super weird knowing he slept with my coworker/friend. When I broke up with my boyfriend and was telling my coworker about it she's like you can date *guys name* now. I'm like no you're talking to him and she's like well he liked you first. My manager told me I was i was his first choice. Why would he say he was interested and then just change his mind? It seemed like it was right after he started sleeping with her. Is it because he knows Im a good girl who won't put out as quick? Should I just leave it alone and wait to see if he makes a move? Or do you think he's waiting for me to? It's just really annoying he chose her over me.
Forgot to mention that right after he made out with my coworker that night he pulled me aside and told me he's never cheated in a relationship (I know wtf) I got upset because I told my manager how one of my boyfriends cheated on me, So I thought my manager told him that. I asked if he made out with the girl and he said yeah and I got annoyed and walked away


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  • He was interested because he was attracted to you, but he was also attracted to your friend who was willing to give up the goods. It was easy for him, but she was just a "for the moment" thing. So be glad this wasn't you. Its usually best for girl friends not to get involved in the same guy, so i think you should move on from him. I don't think he is waiting for you. But if you still have a curiosity that needs to be satisfied, then wait for him to make a first move and see what he does. Then go from there. I hope i could help :)

    Also, be aware of how he acts towards you because sometimes, and this is a generalization, guys can assume we are like our friends. So he might assume you are willing to have sex with him just for the night as well, make sure he understands whether or not you will.

    • Thankyou for that!

      I think he knows what type of girl I am, his bestfriend is my manager and my manager just so happened to talk to my friend for a while. We talk a lot about relationships and I've made it pretty clear how I am not the hookup type (told him that word for word)

    • You're welcome!

      Okay, thats good that there is already an understanding!

    • Thank you for MHG!

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  • You mean the same way women choose jerks over nice guys?
    You mean that? I guess the grasses isn't always greener on the other
    side. It sucks doesn't it.

    • I'm not saying girls don't do that, but in my opinion the ones that do that are immature. As you get older you realize you don't want an asshole and actually want someone that will treat you with respect.

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    • Maybe because I like him? Why are you making my question about how you don't get picked for anything

    • I was trying to give an example how life isn't always fair.
      When I was i HS many moons ago I had a crush on this girl
      she would sit next to me in class we'd talk, I'd make a joke
      she'd laugh etc. Then I wanna say two years later we had class
      again she acted like she didn't know who I was. Turns out she
      was just using me to pass the class we had two years prior.
      When I first saw her I asked to be put in the back next to

  • You weren't available when he was looking , tough luck

  • i dont know, sometimes you find a girl you really like and because those usually are amazing they have a boyfriend and one is like typical, may as well whore around


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  • The term is bimbo, not hoe. and guys like hot girls. they don't give a damn about girls being "good girls" thats just how it is

    • He said I was cuter so that's not the problem

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    • @asker women treat nice guys like crap and yet women expect to
      be treated nicely.

    • im not gullible. it simply takes less energy to believe you than to think you're lying

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