What do you think his intentions are,?

Okay so I have a rare syndrome called Russell Silver syndrome that makes my bones a failure to thrive, so im 4.8-petite, and guys my age has never liked me cuz of that, I met this dude at my work he's a door dasher, and he said he just turned 30, I just turned 18 in 11/16, he asked me out one time, and I told him I can't without a reason why, but I said it in the meanest way not trying to, but I realized what I did after he left, so I felt guilty the whole time, so the second time I saw him I explained I can’t because I still live with my parents and it’s not a good time, okay so then the third interaction with him, he told me he appreciates me telling the truth, and that we can still go out and you don’t have to tell anyone, maybe you can move in with me and I’ll take care of you,
I kind of felt weirded out but I didn’t put much thought into it, but I told him that won't be an option and Im not ready, but we could get to know each other through social media and get to know each other, one time he asked when I was on break do you wanna hang out and I said yea, and we hung out in his car but I make sure he didn’t have child-lock on, also left the passenger door cracked, we were talking about our jobs, I told him I hate my job, also the situation Im living in, he made a joke and said I could kidnap you, my ex-wife and I can take care of you. I laughed because I didn’t know what to say, when I had to leave he asked for a kiss I said sure, one time I jokingly told my mom and aunt that a 30-year-old cute DoorDasher asked me out, and they told me he was tryina groom you and you should stay away, the word got around my family and I told them I don’t have contact or talk to him.
When I’m sneaking around with him, having parking lot dates, and hanging with him on my breaks at work because I know my parents won’t let me, also because he’s kinda the first guy that should be interested, what do you guys think about this him?
What do you think his intentions are,?
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