Asked out one of best girl friends. She said yeah, we go on date and said no spark but friend says she likes me?

Ok so one of my best girl friends who is very similar to me, a bit weird, introverted, quirky but really cute and happy. I am so comfortable and incredibly happy when you am around her. So I really liked her for a few years and recently, in our senior year of high school, I feel like I was starting to get signals from her. She was getting pretty physical with me, a lot more than usual. Once when we were alone and we were talking about bras for some reason she grabs my hand, puts it under her shirt and moves my had over various different parts of it and is laughing as I blush and get embarrassed. Then one day I'm at her house and we are lying on each other on the couch just watching TV and it felt so incredibly right and I felt such a strong connection with her. I decide to ask her out and she says yeah. We go on a date to see how it goes and I make a lot of stupid nervous mistakes like getting us lost in central park but she seemed to be having a pretty good time and I thought it went pretty well and then after going crazy for 3 days wondering what was going on in her head I couldn't take it anymore and texted her asking what she was thinking about all of this. She says "it's not that I don't think you are a great guy or would make a great boyfriend. In theory we could actually work really well together but there is just something missing for me. There's no... spark. You are a really great guy and I'm really sorry. So I'm absolutely crushed and depressed for a few days and we don't go further into it, pretending at school like nothing happened. Then I'm talking about this with one of my best guy friends who is in a serious relationship with this girl's best friend and he said that the girl had told his girlfriend who had told him that she likes/d me. She had been in a couple really bad and one emotionally abusive relationship and his along with my theory was that she just isn't emotionally ready for another serious relationship. So now I am freaking out and can't think about anything else and don't know what to do. I see her in homeroom every day and we are co-editors of the school magazine together but we are both basically acting like nothing happened. But I want this SO bad. I like this girl so bad and I have never had a girlfriend and it all just feels so right. I probably won't do anything until December when all the college stuff is over but I just have no idea what I should do or how I should act or what to think at all! any advice, suggestions or anything would be amazing
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New development. I heard from a girl who is captain of the soccer team with her & one of my friends that 3 days b4 I asked her out she told her that she wanted me to ask her out & she liked me a lot. Things have basically gone pretty much back to the way it used to be. Still great friends and we still love being around each other. And she's even still being relatively physical with me. I made a few "smooth moves" and she is talking to me a lot. Not mad at her and still like her. Confront? Or no?
Asked out one of best girl friends. She said yeah, we go on date and said no spark but friend says she likes me?
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