Girls - Do you find small hands and feet on a guy a turnoff?

I'm a shorter than average guy at around 5'8 but it does get pointed out to me occasionally that I have rather small hands and feet. I did look up some measurements and I think I'm in the bottom 10th percentile for guys, my hands are far closer to the average womens hands than a mans!

I have size 8-9 shoe as well. So not too small, but small enough that again, I'm going to be the same size or smaller than some women.

I know height is a big deal for the ladies but could things like the size of his hands and feet matter as well? Its to do with the whole protection thing and masculinity of males being bigger at the end of the day. Would a guy having small hands and feet be a turnoff to any of you ladies?

  • Small hands and feet wouldn't be a problem for me in the slightest
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  • Small hands and feet on a guy are a turnoff
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  • It would be a dealbreaker if his hands and feet were smaller than mine, otherwise its fine
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  • I like big hands on a guy.


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What Girls Said 2

  • The bigger your feet, the taller you are. Yes, it can be a turn off but it just really depends on how small they are. I really prefer a guy to have bigger hands than mind because it shows masculinity. It is not a deal breaker , though!

  • I have very small hands and a size 3/4 foot, so as long as they are bigger than mine, which I doubt would be a problem for most guys, I'm fine.


What Guys Said 1

  • You should be like Michael Corleone, that guy's a personality that goes nice with your height.