Accidentally flaked on her, now she's not texting me back?

This girl and I have known each other for about a month. Was just starting dating. I've been on 2 dates with her, and kissed several times. Long story short. I setup a date 2 (Saturday), which she has planned to take me to. She was very flirtatious on the phone and was giving good signs. The ball was in her court and I told her to text me the time/location and I would meet her there. Once Saturday rolls around, she sent me a text that I never received on my phone in the afternoon. "Are we still on for today"? Then this happened, the text got sent to my iPad and not my phone. I was waiting for her text all day and didn't feel the need to reconfirm as the ball was in her court. Once I saw the text later that night. I called her immediately and apologized, she seemed a little upset, but she gave me a few days when she would be available. She also called me "mister" and "boo" during the phone call.

Anyway now the ball is in my court, I'm not sure how she feels about how I flaked her by accident. This could have hurt me or helped me but from the conversation I really doubt it hurt me that bad. However I think she thinks I'm not as interested as much. I want to setup again and make it up to her. I texting her this " Hey hope you're having a great day love. Lmk what day you are free after work, I want to see u". Although she hasn't replied back all day...

What do you think I should do?


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  • You f*#@ed up. That's for sure. But it was an honest mistake. Do NOT do that again with this chick. You apologized immediately so your alright. Don't beat her over the head with anymore though. Don't even bring it up. I wouldn't. You can make it up to her on the next date. You could go somewhere or do something extra special. You don't have to though.

    • Thing is she still hasn't texted me back..

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    • She finally resisted and made the contact. Thanks boss case closed

    • That's what I'm talking about! Yes!

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