Do girls not really about muscles too much?

When I was in high school, I was a skinny twig and I could never get a girlfriend. The girl I liked was a varsity basketball cheerleader so yeah I guess I was out of luck on that part because she was out of my league. But now that I've lifted for a while, I still don't notice much or a difference from girl's. Don't get me wrong, I'm not like huge but I'm muscular and tone and in shape (still working on that 6 pack). Got nice arms now and chest and a round shoulder so I'm getting there. So I started thinking that maybe it's the vibe I give off. Maybe that's not causing them to show interest despite my muscles. But maybe also while a wearing a shirt, it doesn't really do me much justice since it hides most of the stuff. I didn't and still don't think that my face is all that attractive. Average at most so I've tried to lift to compensate for that. But like I said, I haven't gotten any more looks from girls right now as a muscular in shape dude as I did years ago as a skinny twig in high school and I have no idea why. It doesn't have to be someone I interact with. It could even be a girl that walks past me on the street or someone in a restaraunt or bar.


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  • I think it really depends on the girl. Some girls love guys with lots of muscle. Then other girls don't like a lot of muscle

  • it depends really, girls love muscles, but i know a few people who love the whole non muscle, so it depends on the girl. i personally love muscles :)


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