Girls, Why am I so bitter/insecure?

In my early 20s. Most people think I’m really confident. I’ve had a hard look at myself. I’m insecure sometimes.
Listen I hate women. I’m staying single even if I meet someone. They’re so shallow and evil (not all). I’m a good guy, calm with some humour with interests.

I’m good looking 7-8/10 is the feedback I’ve gotten. I receive daily looks from some girls. I’m guaranteed to be super rich (for reasons I’m not going into). I’m very lucky, Slim not skinny, but building muscle nicely. Also very tall 6ft2. Well dressed. Very highly educated and ambitious. I also have a big penis 7.2 inch long and thick. Im talking about all this as these are the things you crappy shallow women care about today.

Yet even then with all these things it’s not good enough. When I had tinder every girl reply’s to me like a robot. Women have no personality to offer. I would only have dated a girl I find beautiful and kind and independent but I think that’s fair and simple.

I’m a virgin (wouldn’t change it), I just wanted to find an amazing girl to get into a relationship.
But most of you women are next level shallow, like you have nothing to offer me it seems. Most of you couldn’t even tell me one thing interesting about you.

My ethnicity doesn’t work in my favour though. Where I spend time my ethnic group is so rare so I’m left with white/Hispanic women. I guess interracial dating is still not ideal but I think it’s still considered a bad thing?

Maybe it’s narcissistic but how could a girl not want me? Honestly I can’t explain how shocked I am like sometimes I question myself like have I got my ‘identity’ wrong. But I haven’t. I self reflect and am critical about myself. Overly critical inside. I’m trying to learn to block women out of my life, I’ve gotten too far and succeeded too much to waste time.

Also. You’re girls. You will not understand, you’ve never been a man just like how I don’t understand about women.
It’s justified to feel like this
It’s not justified
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Girls, Why am I so bitter/insecure?
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