What do girls notice in guys that guys dont know about?

Im an 20 year old guy and wanted to ask all women out there, that what you notice in us that we dont know about.

I meant to ask what things you look out for except the way he talks or looks..


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  • This is quite a broad question and we wouldn't know what we notice that you don't notice haha but anyway the first thing is his personality, the way he acts around his friends and you, if he's a jerk and a show off then I won't bother to even look for anything else. The worst thing is when a guy, attractive or not is rude and up themselves, no girls like that. Aside from that I notice the guy can who make eye contact and smile & a guy who doesn't flirt with every single girls, he can just be nice and have a civil conversation. But girls depending on their relationship with the guy can notice lots of things like a hair cut or change in behaviour, depends what you mean really. We can also notice if a guy is trying to hard with anything, to be popular or funny etc. I mean is we can easily tell if a guy is showing of to get attention, which is okay but not when they do it excessively.


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  • Well the first things would be looks obviously, no matter how shallow that sounds. You can't know their personality just by looking at them right? So I'll just make a basic list of what they notice in looks...

    Height (tall) ♧IMPORTANT♧
    If he has beautiful eyes
    Hair (apparently girls like guys with blue/green eyes with dark hair, with me being the exception)
    His smile♡♡♡(we love guys with cute & amazing smiles that just melt our hearts)
    Muscles (not too skinny, not too muscular. Just fit. It would be nice if he had abs and the v but we understand that you're not a celebrity)
    Broad shoulders♡
    Fashion (a lot of people in the us consider mens current fashion gay but thats fashion. You dont have to dress in a tux and everything but nice would be great.)

    ♢♢♢♢Other important things THAT MIGHT BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN LOOKS♢♢♢♢

    Their personalities (an ideal personality that girls love is: sweet, funny, caring, loyal and honest, protective but NOT OVERPROTECTIVE, and affectionate but he still has to somehow be manly among all those things.)
    He doesn't flirt with other girls. (Loyal)
    Girls really like those little things guys do to them like.. letting her borrow your jacket, or holding her when she's crying, giving her a cute nickname, when you act like gentlemen, stuff like that. There's a lot of accounts on instagram on those kinda things. So in other words.. be sweet.
    I also personally think (and most girls agree with this) that guys who love you for your heart are the best. Nobody likes a guy who judges on looks. Girls are all insecure about their weight, face, body, etc. MAKE HER FEEL PERFECT. <<thats the key. Make her feel loved too. Actually, let her KNOW she's loved.

    That's basically all a girl wants. Remember, if you have a nice face but a bad personality, the girl's eventually gonna get tired of you.

  • I don't know what guys know these are the things I look for initially...

    I notice how I'm looked at.
    How you treat others.
    How much you drink.
    Your smell.
    Whether you hesitate during a conversation like you have to think about lying or not.

  • I look at the way he smiles when he's talking to me. His confidence, if he comes off as confident I like it bro a certain extent. I also check how much he stares and what he stares at but that's just me.

  • it's kind of hard to say. I need to see him and know him and then decide on it. In general though, I'd notice the way he laughs, eats, and the way he just moves around. Like he could be brushing his teeth and I'd observe him. This might sound creepy but in general terms, just the way he acts, like his personality towards others and his actions around girls and all.

  • I observe his behaviour, his eyes & smile, personal hygiene, his body language, the way he talks and looks at me, and his manners

  • I wouldn't know what I notice that you don't notice because I don't know which things you do and do not notice.

  • the way he does certain things

    • Yesss we can tell if a guy is gay before he realizes it by doing that. He goes instantly into the friend zone.

  • Well... first thing I notice at a men is his behaviour. His words and also what he wants from me.

    • all men want the same thing form you , it is just a matter of how openly they show it and/or the manner or behavior they us to go about getting it

    • @1932ct not really

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