My boyfriend hasn't texted me in a week?

As the title says my boyfriend hasn't texted me in a week, I've only texted him twice but he hasn't responded. Is this normal for guys to do?

I've also tried calling him once but he didn't answer


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  • If he is a 'boyfriend,' and has been giving Himself This title, then No, sweetie, it's Not "normal,' and should Raise a Red Flag in your School book--------Book of Etiquette.
    You need to have a little chat with this chump as to Why he is putting you on his Pay no mind list. And to Not even 'Respond' to your messages I find is rude and crude.
    You need to be firm with this pup, stand your ground, and get to the bottom of Why he did this to you. Perhaps there is more to the story than meets my eye, but if it isn't Anything you have done to be punished like this, then he has no lame excuses for making You--------Number Two.
    If you stand for this, you will surely stoop for any poop he decides to throw your way in the future. And if there is something else More that you find to your 'Distaste' with this 'so-called boyfriend,' give him his walking papers and send him on his way. If he doesn't want to learn any New tricks, let alone manners on how to treat his sweet, then Let this sleeping dog lie.
    Good luck. xx

    • Really kind of blurs the line between friend boyfriend, doesn't it... when it comes down to simple stuff like getting back to people... would a friend not reply, would a boyfriend/girlfriend not reply... you never know

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    • Thanks for letting me know... Although he says "vacation,' for a boyfriend, he should have told you he was at least going to be gone.. That in itself would have been courteous as to leave you in the damn dark. I can forgive 'No cell service,' but I have a hard time in why a guy who says he cares about you, would just pick up and go off with no notice. Have a chat with him anyways and tell him Not to let it happen again, for you were worried... Glad you're okay, sweetie... xx

    • If you rang his phone and it rang normally and he didn't answer then he is lying about something.

      If there is no service it will either ring 3 times and go to voice-mail or it will send the 'Number cannot be reached tone down the line.'

      Sounds like a red flag to me. Very suspicious. Try and remember what happened on the line when you rang him.

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  • wtf? give him a serious talk to end your relationship. Not worth it for you if you are being treated like that

  • heck no, a whole week? ring his ass n ask wtf is up


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  • did he die? because that should be the only reason why he hasn't replied.

  • No, this is not normal. My ex did this, and that's why he's my ex now. You need to talk to him. If it continues, then you need to move on. He shouldn't be taking you for granted like that. Good luck.