We went on our first date... and barely talked?

I went on a first date last night with this guy that I met. We started texting in May but by the end of June, we were texting every day regularly. We met through friends and he lives about 45 minutes away, so this was really the first time we were by ourselves. I decided to take him to a local beer place that serves craft beer because he loves beer and I figured that even if it went badly, at least he'd get a beer. When he picked me up, it was clear it was going to be a little awkward. He barely greeted me and didn't get out of the car. As we drove, we small chatted a bit, but he was obviously very nervous and wouldn't look at me. Once we got to the place we were eating, I found that I was really the only one asking questions. He asked a couple small ones, but he never directly asked me about my family or interests. I thought by acknowledging his, I would make him a little more open. It did help, but overall it was a pretty silent date. After talking a little bit, it was obvious that he was a major introvert, which is unfortunate because so am I. Although there was a lot of silence, it wasn't really awkward. It was a comfortable silence. Afterwards, I just felt like we hadn't really accomplished anything. I had a good time though overall. After he dropped me off, I texted him asking him to let me know when he arrived home. When he got home, he responded and we talked about how our nerves both got the best of us. He said he had fun time and suggested we should do it again. I'm just scared that maybe the second date will repeat the first.

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  • Look, even if it repeats, at some point you will get more comfortable with each other. :) It's normal to be nervous, it happened the same with my ex-crush on the first date, because I am shy and he doesn't talk that much unless you ask, so it was a bit awkward. Don't worry :) I think the fact that you both were nervous, means you like each other. You can just have a laugh about it next time and if it happens, just laugh at how you talk so easily through text and maybe you'll get more relaxed. :)

  • Hmmm he's not Mr. Right for you?

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