Does 'you're too kind' mean friendzoned here?

She's been having some back problems. After mentioning it to me a couple of times I've messaged back the other day saying I found some braces I use to use and looked up some massage techniques (being a physical therapist) if she'd like some help.

I got the ' awww doofgoof you're too kind :)' along with how she's gone and saw a professional earlier in the day etc.

When I hear the mentioned phrase, I've always ran for the hills knowing I've been friendzoned. Is it any different here? We've always been flirting, teasing and definitely signs of interest there and this is the first time I've probable shown a nice gesture to her on top.

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Thanks all. I made my intentions known from the beginning. I'd initially asked her out but she was not interested but over these months things have started to change. From the outside, we're the two that people have noticed getting 'cosy'.


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  • You're definitely over thinking. Saying "you're too kind" is basically just a compliment. It's no different from saying "that was/is sweet of you" or "you're so nice" or "thank you". It has nothing to do with being in the friendzone.


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  • If you like a girl ask her out. That's how you avoid the friend zone. Playing "friends" with a girl because you're too shy/afraid to make a move until you're "certain" that she'll say yes, earns you a first class ticket to the friend zone. Just ask her out, then you'll know where you stand.


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  • Ask her out already. Then you know

  • Yes, in my opinion.

    If a girl likes a guy she's going to seize any opportunity she can to advance things with him.

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