Why is she following me like this now?

This girl at work has been like following me out to the parking lot like every time I leave for lunch and leave for home in the afternoon. She also sometimes times arriving to work at the same time as me and we'll walk in together talking. She has a boyfriend and I have a girl friend so it's weird. She used to walk and talk with my buddy all the time, I thought she liked him because she was always talking with him and nobody else really. Now I never see them talking anymore and she is like all up on me. She will leave down the stairs like one minute after me all the time no matter when I leave now. Like she comes out right as I'm getting in my car to leave. It's so weird what is she trying to do?


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  • I think she like you, but she see's that you're in a relationship so she would rather not get too close. So its either she likes you, she wants to be friends, or she's just on some stalker like shit.

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    ~Please help me understand my problem

    • That's the thing though. She didn't do this for like 5 months, she was always talking to my buddy. Now they're not talking and she's looking for attention from me? What's with that? Why did it take so long then?

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  • You asked this some months ago...

    • I did? What was your answer?

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    • Oh I am also sure he got jealous. The weird part is how after I told him they are talking again and she backs off me. ?

    • Wow, I think she wants you both.

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  • I think its all coincidence here.

    • I feel like it happened wayyy to often to be a coincidence...