Why do women ignore me?

Since I was in high school, I feel that women go out of their way to ignore me. I'm kind of a shy guy and can reserved at times. When I meet new people, I always smile and introduce myself. Anyway... here are a few examples of what I mean:

-In high school, my friend introduced me to a few of his female friends at lunch. He introduced me to them and we all said hi to one another, but they started to tune me out after that and acted like I wasn't there.

-One time I was waiting for the bus with my friend in high school and a girl (that we both knew) came over to talk to my friend. She totally ignored the fact I was there and wouldn't even look at me and kept talking to my friend.

-In college, I was working on a group project (me, this guy and a girl) in class. After introductions, the girl completely ignored me and only talked to the other guy. When I kept trying to talk to her to make suggestions about our project, she acted like I wasn't there.

-Ran into an old friend at the college bar, and he introduced me to a table of girls he was hanging out with. They all said hi to me, but completely tuned me out after that.

-Yesterday at college graduation, I was standing in line waiting for everything to begin with my friend. A girl that we both new from class came up to us... but she only started talking to him and completely acted like I wasn't there until he talked to me directly sometimes and would make eye contact with me only when I said something.

I'm not a bad looking guy and I have a nice physique and good fashion sense. People say I do look serious sometimes, but I talk to people, I have friends, I laugh, and I smile a lot. I don't really give people a reason not to like me, especially if they are not trying to get to know me.

These are a just a few examples where girls have totally tuned me out. Have any other guys experienced this? Why do women do this?


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  • I think the only circumstances I would ignore someone like that are for instance, if the person doesn't look approachable or if I was being shy.
    Also, make sure you're not actually surrounded by assholes before you assume there's something wrong with you :)
    Now, can't you think of any times where you actually did get attention from girls?


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  • There can be two possible reasons for this:-

    1) Maybe you're too nervous around girls, even though you may not show it. But they can usally pick this up, so they ignore you.

    2) They all just happened to be the 'wrong' type of girls.

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    • Good old Patrick Star.

      On a serious note, I'm not ugly. Women completely ignore me... but guys always approach me and tell me my fashion game is on point. Even my professors tell me that I look handsome and that I look nice.

    • It could be the way you carry/present yourself. I can't possibly know because I've never seen you in person. Girls pick up on stuff like this though.

    • Then let's hang out, man XD!

      I'm not sure. I make sure my posture is upright, my shoulder's are pushed back so my chest is sticking out slightly and I walk slowly and with purpose. I have been told by quite a few people that I walk with swag XD.

  • Honest to god bro, I feel you.

    I work out (Not for female attention), I am reserved and have been told that I look very serious. I think it may be that we look serious. And Not approachable.

    • True, but I've fixed that problem. Whenever I go out, I just put on a simple smile. When I'm walking, I'm putting on a simple smile. When I go to the mall, I get approached a lot by vendors trying to sell me stuff (and I see them sometimes skip over people who don't look approachable)... and men who walk past me always compliment my style. I'm not sure why women always do that to me, to be honest.

  • they've been ignoring me whole life and it sucks when they decide to sit next to some old man than me

  • Do you keep up basic hygiene, that could be a reason why they ignore you, and have you done something that could could give you a bad reputation?