Girls, Why do women ignore me?

I'm 25, kissless virgin who's never been on a date (and I went to college). I have tried multiple dating sites, but literally every single girl ignores me. I've tried tinder and I swipe right on everything and never got a match, I've swiped right on bumble and never even got a match, I've tried match and was completely ignored there, I've tried OkCupid and managed to get maybe one back and forth for like 3 or four back and fourth messages before being ignored as well. I've tried meeting people at bars and clubs and wait for it... I was ignore there. I'm never crude or an asshole. I don't get it. Why do women hate me. i honestly wish I could remove the desire for intimate relationships because I feel like I'm going to die alone. Some times I hope Trump does nuke the entire world so I don't have to feel the pain of loneliness. All I feel is emptiness inside me. It's like the only "girl" who shows me any sort of I interest is my little kitten lol. Maybe I'm just ment to be alone.
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I've just been popping benzoids to keep me numb from all this. Drugs are the only way to numb the pain
Girls, Why do women ignore me?
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