Would you date a past cutter?

Would you date a girl/boy knowing that she used to cut?

If you found out your boyfriend/girlfriend used to self harm, would you stay with him/her?

  • Yes, I would stay with or date a past self harmer.
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  • No, I would not stay with or date a past self harmer.
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  • Definately, we all have our issues, if she knew mine I'm sure I would'nt look righteous in her eyes and as long as she has changed it ain't a thing,


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What Guys Said 1

  • Personally, I tend to be drawn to people like that, I mean people with either difficult pasts, and or problems. And if I were dating someone who was a cutter or had even got down or something and ended up cutting, I'd try my best to comfort her and make sure she had at least one reason never to harm herself like that again. And as a somewhat relivant thing I'd see the scar/scars as another way of being sweet/affectionate to her kissing and touching her scar(s).

    But hey that's just me, I hope this answer helps. If not, maybe it'd help if I get you a more "normal" answer, if a guy is going to love you he'll be able to look past the fact that you did that for whatever reason and love you for being you and want to help you and make each day you're together that much more worth while.

    • That's all good, except the part about kissing touching her scars, some girls don't want you to look at them, sounds like a fetish........

    • Some, not all. And to a degree it is, I find scars appealing; I know I'm a very queer person. And if a woman were to be shy or w/e about their scars I'd find that attractive, not in a sexual way, yes I know that's very weird of me.

What Girls Said 2

  • Yeah, I wouldn't not date someone because of their past self-mutilation.

    I'm heavily involved in the body modification world. I would see it as some sort of way to help. My friend was a cutter when I first met her. I didn't drop her because of what grossed me out and why I didn't understand, but with a guy I would date, just like I did my friend, I wouldn't shy away from them for what they do.

    If they were still doing it, I would try to stick around and help them stop, show them there are better ways of getting agression, depression, excitement, out, instead of just cutting. I will be there for them and let them know that there are bigger and better things.

    Finding someone to care about is looking past their scars and flaws and seeing that person within, even if they do need a slight push.

  • I'm the only person who wouldn't it seems. Just too much baggage for me to be bothered with. Tbh I don't tend to go for emos (they are usually the cutters) and yes people will hate my answer but w/e. I don't want someone that used to be f***ed up because it could happen again and there is no way I want to be involved in all that depressing sh*t.