Am I blocked? Plenty of fish dating site!?

I have been talking to this guy on pof dating site last time i did was 2 weeks ago. I haven't seen him online for awhile now and usually he would come online :(. I can still see his profile, pics and sent msgs to him. I heard if you dont see sent msgs to him your blocked. So not sure. I hope not. Im not even annoying. i give people their space.

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  • From what I remember using that site... If your sent messages disappear from your sent folder, he blocked you. I don't remember if you get a "user has blocked you" message from that point on when you send something. I remember sites claiming the message was sent because when people find out they are blocked, they may just make a new profile.

    • Im not blocked after all. I saw him online last night i guess he just doesn't come online much. Im surprised i got yes lol from polls. Because i said i can see his profile, pics and sent messages :).

    • I did read that you cam see his profile and pics when blocked. But the sent messages would disappear if he did block you... Unless the site has changed, I notice the site has made more things on spay basis since I have been active on it.

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  • You might be blocked i read up on it , possibly either the person blocked you
    for some reason or possibly Plenty of fish blocked you here is what i found

  • I think you're right.
    I've had sent messages disappear, and it means they just don't want to hear from you again. You're blocked.
    You also can't contact anyone more than 14 years older or younger than you at any time on POF.


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  • From what I've heard POF is a crappy-ish website