Girl I started talking to on Tinder randomly stopped texting back on forth, advice needed. (I asked for her number and she gave it to me)

So, started using Tinder a couple of weeks ago, mostly for funzies. I got a match from a really pretty girl, and I started talking to her. It went really well. I told her I was going to be attending our college's back to school night, low and behold she was going to. (I was hosting a booth for my student org) She said she would stop by but never did. I saw her walk by ( at the time I wasn't 100%). I sent her one last message on tinder telling her to come by, didn't hear back till next day. She said she was too scared to meet, I asked her why and she said she is really shy around guys. We talked for a little bit, and I asked for her number. She gave it to me and we texted back and forth for a couple of hours. The conversation was going super well, she was using smileys, and was invested in the conversation. I then asked her, what she looks for in a guy. (The idea was to lead into a phone call -_-, cause I hate texting). She just randomly stopped talking to me. That was yesterday afternoon. Left her alone and still haven't heard from her. Advice? Everything was going very well from what I thought... seemed so random. Should I text her in a couple of days? I don't want to be needy, it just was so random. From hot to cold like that.


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  • Wait so Tinder is for more than hookups? You can just meet people to chat? Lol

    If she completely stops replying it seems that she's just found someone else :\

    • I use it for non hookups. I'm just trying to find someone that I can connect with.

      Not all guys are looking to use women.

      Next time you meet a guy remember that he might be one of the rare ones that actually wants to get to KNOW you for who you are.

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    • When I first started Tinder, I thought I was walking into that, but there are legitimately cool people who use it. You have to use your Facebook so people are a little more legit than say something like okcupid. It is worth checking out.

    • Have you met anyone in person from it?

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  • Sounds like she is playing games with you. If you shoot her a text, she'll most likely not reply back to it.

    • So how should I proceed then? Count my losses and run? So strange, she seemed really warm, never seen someone go cold like that. I sent that last text night before last, so wasn't sure if I should strike up a new conversation or just wait it out.

    • Oh, if it was just last night, then yeah just wait it out. Don't start a new convo just yet.

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  • Tinder is used by LOTS of people. So its very likely that she found someone whom she feels is better to talk to than you, so she stopped texting you. It as simple as that. Apps like tinder are just a gamble.

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